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606 Foreign Students At University This Semester

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606 Foreign Students At University This Semester

Six hundred and six foreign students are enrolled at the University for the spring semester—an increase of one student from the fall semester, Robert B. Klinger, assistant counselor to foreign students, announced today.

Klinger’s report showed several changes in the numbers of students representing the various sections of the world. Far Eastern student enrollment showed an increase from 243 to 266, due chiefly to the rise in Chinese students from 114 to 152.

Students from the Latin American republics showed a loss of 20 students, from 116 to 96. The British Commonwealth of Nations is now represented by 106 students instead of 112 while students from the Near East show an increase of one, from 72 to 73. Europe and Africa show an increase of three, from 62 to 65.

64 Countries

There are 64 countries represented this semester, Klinger said, as against 65 last semester. New countries represented by one student each are Algiers, Macao, Denmark, Goa and Transjordan.

A few of the individual countries show an increase over the fall semester. These are: China, 114 to 152; Turkey, 30 to 32; Norway, 6 to 8; Netherlands, 5 to 7; Jamaica, 5 to 6; France, 4 to 9; Hongkong,4 to 5; Nicaragua, 4 to 5; Palestine, 3 to 7; Bolivia, 3 to 4; Hungary, 2 to 3; Switzerland, 1 to 2; Pakistan, 1 to 2; Algiers, 0 to 1; Macao, 0 to 1; Denmark, 0 to 1; Goa, 0 to 1; and Transjordan, 0 to 1.

The countries with 10 or more foreign students are China with 152; Canada, 83; India, 75; Turkey, 32; Philippines, 26; Brazil, 14; Colombia, 13; Venezuela, 13; Egypt, 12; Iraq, 10.

No new countries appear in this list of 10 or more students, while five countries which had more than 10 last semester have less than 10 now, these being Greece, Iran and Mexico with nine each, Cuba and Peru with six each.

If French Morocco and Algiers are included in the figures for France, the French would number 11 students, Klinger said.