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Summer Game 2019 GAME OVER Gala!


Saturday August 31, 2019: 3:00pm to 5:00pm  Add to Calendar


Downtown Library: 1st Floor Lobby

For Whom

All Summer Game Players


Let's take the Summer Game out with a bang with a building-wide puzzle, badge coloring, a free photo booth & delicious cookies.

Get your last day of Summer Game in and get a chance to meet other Summer Game players!

GOG 2019



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After gasps at a 100,000 bid on a cat picture, who'd thunk it would not be enough!? Well, now I have enough for a two cat picture next year!

Congrats on another well-prepared comprehensive Summer Game!

Now for my last entry for daily reading for the season, before midnight!

Hi, May! The live auction will be mostly art, some photos, some drawings, some posters. There will also be a silent auction for some stuff that we have in quantities too limited to put in the shop. Don't ask what these are going to be, May, because I won't know until that night!

Does the auction only use points from this year, or past years' points as well? I can't remember and I'm admittedly too lazy to go through and read all those posts...

Hi there, no worries, thanks for asking! Your auction balance will work just like your Classic Shop balance, so it will draw first from your classic shop balance and then from your 2019 balance if you run out of classic points. Let us know if you have any other questions about this!

I was very happy with this event- Although it was frustrating you could only win one Item in the main auction It was a lot of fun and I am very happy with what a I won. (A picture of a cat for 130 thousand points- surprisingly the most expensive thing there)

Yes. I wanted the vineyard picture, which had only one or two bid and I could have/would have easily outbid but held out for the cat, which I went over my highest bid limit at 100,000, which I hit my head with a reality check on where that was going. Then I had un-buyers remorse and wished I had just gone for the vineyard. My aunt is 100% German and has a vineyard and we always shop the Summer Game shop for her holiday gifts. Oh well. My child said we will just take a picture of one of our own three orange cats and make our own picture! They aren't German but oh well! Maybe that auctioneer will come back last year. I think he enjoyed his first Summer Game un-money experience and I'm just glad we were at the library and not a real auction trying to get hay!

Thank you so much for summer games and live auction. It was so much fun. The auctioneer was just amazing and made the event super fun ! I hope there will be live and silent auction next year too! Thanks again for amazing summer games.

When do we find out if we won anything in the silent auction? When will we see those points deducted?

We maxed it out to near-dark, finishing out our last badge at Lilly Park. My child is depressed it is over. It is our seventh year and we should have a successful debriefing plan by now but are open to alternate suggestions.