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Annual Report 2017-2018

Banner image for the Ann Arbor District Library's 2018 Fiscal Year Annual Report

Annual Report FY2018

the Ann arbor district library board of trustees

  • Jan Barney Newman
  • Victoria Green
  • Jim Leija
  • Linh Song
  • Colleen Sherman
  • Ed Surovell
  • Jamie Vander Broek

Director's Note

Picture of Library Director, Josie Parker

Public libraries cannot be all things to all people, but we can be, and are something for everyone. Whatever brings you into a library building, to, or to an AADL event at Rackham, Vet’s Park, LIVE, or Crisler Arena, IS the public library.

We are not bound by what libraries have been. Libraries are no more static than the thoughts, theories, and ideas contained in the hundreds of thousands of books in the AADL collection. Your ability to explore those thoughts, ideas and theories are boundless when you consider all of the ways that we can learn in and outside of the library using all of its resources.

The AADL is yours to explore. We don’t need to know how you do that, but our numbers show that you do. We couldn’t be more pleased.

- Josie



ann arbor district library was open to the public

353 days in the 2018 fiscal year

Picture of a library card

164,345 Registered

9,159 New cards issued
this year


Program Attendance

Graph showing 140,150 total attendance count for library programs

Door Count

Graph showing 1,851,354 total door count for the library system. Downtown Library: 562,251; Westgate Branch: 555,591; Traverwood Branch: 336,044; Malletts Creek Branch: 225,916; Pittfield Branch: 161,552

Visits to

Graphic of a computer screen


average page views per day



Graph showing distribution of item circulation by between adult and youth/teen collections. Adult collections circulated 3,685,785 items; Youth and teen collections circulated 1,986,303 items. Total circulation was 5,672,088 items.

System-Wide Circulation Transactions


Adult & Teen Collections

Adult Material System-wide

  • Books208,886
  • Compact Discs51,001
  • DVD44,987
  • Magazines19,866
  • Audiobooks14,958
  • Blu-ray13,074
  • Express Shelf2,630
  • Language Materials2,252
  • Tools & Other2,269

Youth & Teen Material System-wide

  • Books159,253
  • DVD14,804
  • Audiobooks5,170
  • Magazines3,416
  • Compact Discs3,374
  • Tools & Other1,040



  • Property Taxes$15,613,343
  • State Penal Fines$228,869
  • State Aid$221,238
  • Library Fees$178,270
  • Grants & Memorials$134,808
  • Other$112,680
  • Interest Income$39,215
  • TOTAL$16,528,423


  • Employment Costs$8,795,379
  • Materials$1,588,619
  • Purchased Services$1,241,697
  • Capital Outlay$968,932
  • Rent$684,237
  • Operating Supplies$515,313
  • Repairs & Maintenance$468,209
  • Programming$459,237
  • Miscellaneous$67,912
  • TOTAL$14,789,535

Gifts & Memorials

JULY 1, 2017 THROUGH JUNE 30, 2018


  • Susanne Admiraal and Patrick O’Brien
  • Leah Atwater, in Memory of Louise Hauenstein
  • Catharine Brandon
  • Beth and Avi Brandvain, in Memory of Barbara Klein
  • Kathryn Detrisac
  • Loreli Dickinson, in Honor of Kathy Brennan
  • Lynn Dunkley, in Memory of Corinne (Corky) Lincoln
  • Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library, in Memory of Gene Wilson
  • Jason Gideon
  • Kari Gluski
  • Nancy Gordon, in Memory of Corinne (Corky) Lincoln
  • Brandon Hagan
  • Linda and Steve Jacobson, in Memory of Barbara Klein
  • Jason Matheny
  • Nancy Muehling
  • Shannon O’Hara-Haworth, in Memory of the Arbour Family
  • Margaret Peacock
  • Brendan F. Quinn
  • Sharon Quiroz
  • Nancy Sayers
  • Ruth Erika Schafer
  • Michael Silver, in Memory of Marcia Michael
  • Norma Smith, in Memory of Corinne (Corky) Lincoln
  • Neal St. Martin
  • Jean Steppe
  • Rana Grossman Tonti and John Tonti, in Memory of Garrett Halpert
  • Donna Winkelman and Thomas Easthope, in Memory of Barbara Klein

Adult, Digital, and Special Collections

  • Doug Cox
  • Tom Finholt and Stephanie Teasley
  • Janet Knapp, in Memory of John P. Knapp
  • Emily London, in Memory of Jim VanderSluis
  • Richard and Nina McEachin
  • Al Murphy

Gifts of Art

  • Nancy Heers, in Memory of Wendel W. Heers

Karoline M. Holtrey Endowment

  • Alex Farha

Ladies Library Association Fund

  • Ladies Library Association

Ben Price Memorial Fund

  • Jeanine DeLay and John Lawrence, in Memory of Ben Price
  • Susan C. Humphrey, in Memory of Ben Price


  • Friends of the Ann Arbor District Library

Secret Lab

  • Tom Finholt and Stephanie Teasley

Washtenaw Library for Blind and Physically Disabled

  • Julia Hardy
  • The James Kaerchers, in Memory of Charles Mark Gilson
  • Kingdom Focus
  • Michael and Jacqueline Layher, in Memory of Charles Mark Gilson
  • Judy and Darold McCalla, in Memory of Charles Mark Gilson
  • Martha Phillips, in Memory of Charles Mark Gilson
  • Kathryn Steinaway, in Memory of Charles Mark Gilson
  • Billie Jo Tweedy, in Memory of Charles Mark Gilson
  • Donald and Christine Wilcox, in Memory of Charles Mark Gilson

Marcy Westerman Fund

  • Robert and Josie Parker, in Memory of Scott Zeleznik
  • Jim and Bonnie Reece

Youth & Teen Programs & Collections

  • Susan Bourrie
  • Ronald and Anita Delph, in Memory of Bradley Pelegrini
  • Juanita O’Donnell, in Memory of Beth Potashkin

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