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THE GREAT ENGLISH REMEDY Li UK UOUGH8,, Aathma, niid Consuinpti.m! i ihe time has come when Conaumptioa mav be claased vviili the curable djseaseï, ïlie most fearfu malady of couiflry ïas heen cónquered ! The most mal uf all (üsases haa ylelilcd at lust to the skill o man. Bucban's CUragarlan Baisam of life, will epeedüy and cei-ta.nly ottre Coasumption, even in its nios hopeleaa lorms, nnd m all ordwary diseasei of the phest and Luiigs, itis the most perfect and admirable remojv to the civilized WOl'ld. The Hu garlan Batsura was first discoveid by Dr. liucnan, ot Loudou, Euglaiid, nud has been tesled for 'x years by ilic most pminent T'hysicians in Great Britain, and on the of Europe, wbere ithas provod the Great and ouly Bemedy. It has receiilly been intioduced into the United tates, under the immediate supreu!e,.deiice of the inventor, and now ütterlv sweeping Consiiin])tiun from the land. What Innocnlation is' lo Sraall IJox., the Hungaiiau Balsam is toCoiisumytion- au insitrinonntablrebamer ! Gliemis:, Physicians, Medical SocMtias, and the prent body of Oonsümptive patiënte, every wliere adinit tlmt the most important work of tlie age has beeu accomplithed- Consatription Can be cnml. it Ims been introdiiced, all l'aneceas, Expecinniii.s. have been discarded as nselfs - all yatemj oí lnha'atioii. Vapor Ballis Tar8moke,OhaaeofCliinate, c, have been reiected and ihe wonderlVil iwoduot of the Hunrarian Gum obtaiued from üw ■■ M.-lsou-a," ï,-ee of Lile, is now uuivcraally receiveil by "Consuininives, as the Onlv source uf Hope. Lel no sou witha severe and obstinate Uougo, Iiiil.imaiK.n oftlue Iiung, Astbma, orany of the syiibioiiis ol Cousnmpricm lost. ;l moinct of 'time in seekliig celier from ths QBBAT BNGLJSH KEMEDV Delaysare dangeroaa, and iU pretend.-d remeiIh-s i -e not only useless, but falally delusive Bvwry family in llie United Staies shoUld ie snpplied wi,h Bachan'a Hungarian Batsamof Life, not o.ily to couatefaö the oonampt(i of the climate, but ta be uaed aaa preven d vb n cine in all cases ofCukls Couihs, Setting of Blood Pam in the sido and Cbest' Irtitaöon aad inrenea of the kungs; Bronohilia Difflcnlty ol Ui-eathinr,'. Hectic Fever, Nigbt iwoBts Eni aolatiou au.l Qneral Debility Astlima, I.iHueuza, VVhoop. mg Ooagh, and Oroup. l riw gcsat fc.eri oíOr. Bttctian'g Balsam is tliis- tliat in iill c:isi;s of l'uliuony Cuiisnniiitiuu is .'iv.;s [mmedi. uto Belief. A Bingle bottle will revea! itiMtoniahipg viitups, and 'ipeii ut once tlie foundation uf Hcullli und Btrausth tu thH ifflicted. tSFPrice of the Balsem only ouo dollar per bottlo, vvitlifull directions, DUaertatíunon Consinnptiun No. nes, Bhd crBlifioates of Remarkuble cures, &. 1-6 l'"or Sale by A. T. HAVENS. To PliysM-iüiis. Y OU CAN 6nd at the ApojhecariBB Hall qninioe, Iodine, siil!i. morpbine, iodin iron, Acétate morpb liv.l. potasa. i.-nii.-,iil vol.M-iüii, Wryohiiiue.sowjaioxide iron, ralicine, fon-ooynato iron, and al) other tlnin ;it any olherstorein wes Icrn Mirh.gsn. j xAYLOR CL.ICK1VOKS SUGAlt-C OATE Purgativo Pilis. Cured within the last year over 200 ,000 persom wto had been laboring under the most aggravated comjdaints, and given up as hopelest cases by the most eminent physieians. AtETiPi r di I Laü ARE tliu fitst and ouly medicine everdiscovm-ed that will lositively Cure Headache, Gtddiness, Bheu-' matum, Piles, Dispepsia, Scnrvy, Smallpox, Jaundice, Pams in the back,Inward WeaKnes, Palpitation oftbe ''('arf' Risnigin the throat, Dromy, Astbraa, Fevers of all kinds, Female complaiuts, Measles, Salt Bheum, Heai tburn, Woi-ms, Cholera Morbus, Consh, Consnmp. tion, lts, Liver Complaint, Erysipelas. Deaf'nes. Itchings of tlie Skin, Coleto, Nervous OompkinU, and a va"'■ "' "tlier diieáma arising from impurities oftbe" Blood and olistnictions in the organs ofdigettion. Ithas been clearly pioved that nearly evcry disease townichthe human framfi is subject, origüiate li-om Impuritiesofthebloodor derangements of the Diges tive ürgans and to secure liealth, we must remove Ulo obttroolioai or restore the Blool to its natural state.- 1 lus fact is univeraaUy knywn; bat people have such an aversión to medicine that, unluss case is urentr they prefer the disease to the cure, ïinlil au impaired Constitution, orafil of sickness rebukes lliein for th folly oftheir conduct. Still they had ome excuse ; tor lieretofore, medicine in almost uil its form was uearlv as disgusting as it was beneficial. Now, however, tliö evil is most effectually removed ; for Clickner's Veetable Purgative l'ills.'being completely enveloped v.ïth a coating of pure white migar (which is nsdisünot from li-e intenial insredients as a nut shell from the kfniel 1 I-lave no taste of Medicine. - But nre íis rasily swal_ lowed as bits of candy. Moreover they neitlier 11.1119eatc or gripe in the slightest degree, wli'kh is OTOWwoned by the fact that, they are coinpounded on scientlfic principies and opérate equally on all the disuased parts of the syslcni. iiisload ofconfinins tliemselves to, and racfcing any particular región; (wMcb is the grem and admitled evil of every other knowii purgative.1; Henee, they strike át the root of diseasc, remove all impuro humor from the body, open the ports cxteruullv and internally, promote the Insensible l'erspiration, o'b-riate Klatulency, Headache, &c. - sepai-ate all foreign and obnoxious particles l'rom tlie chyle, su ihat liie blood, of whioh it is the origin. must be thoroiigldy pure- secure a free and healthy action to the Haart, Lungs and Liver, and thereby Restore Health, Even wheu all other means have failed. The eutire tiutli of the above can be ascertained by the trial of a single box; aud their virtues are so positivo and cërtain in restoring Health, that the proprietor biuds himsellto return tlio moneypaid for tliem in all cases where they do not give universal satisfaction. Í3T All letters of infiiiry or fur advi,ee must be addressed (post paid) to Dr. G. VCI.ICKENER. No. Gti Vcsey st. New York, or his antlioiizod agents throueliout the country. N. B. Bemember Dr. C. V. Clicknener ia the inventor of Sugar Coated PilU, and thal nolhing of the sort was ever lieard of until introduced them in June-. 1843. Purchasers shonld, therefore. always ask for Clickner's Sugar Coated Vegetable l'ills. and tHKe 110 others, or they will be máde ihe victima of a fraud - A. T. HAVENS, Aseut, Rattle Creok. Ileal the Sick, THE proprietors, full of eonfittence in the virtues of Dr. Boide's Sovereigu Balm l'ills, w'uicli have gniu ecl fov themselves such an enviable leputatiou 'm tlu short spaoe of yeara they have been beforo tha public- the many cures of diseaae they bave perförtned- some of pniients haviug been confintd to their bed for months and yeara, aiv truly fisloujahiiig, now challenge the world to produce theic equal. Forloigtaiiding Dyspepsy ahcl habitual costiven; ss, they have never lailcd, wlien taken accordintf to directions, to effect a cure r We permaueut relief. OM Liver complaints, Janpdice, Xt-., can be prmaiu-ntly citred by the use uf these l'ills, as they oporute (lirectly nj.on tlie liver. and cause it !o peHbrni a uatural and healtliy action. Forsudden attacks iu chiklren- such as colds ft.v0worms &c- for gravel, rheumatisni spinal affectiou, headache, cougb and colds, they have proved an uvaluable remedy. ï evïb am) Aolk Chili. Kkvhii. No medicine yot discovered has proved so effectnal mcurmg agueand fever, chili fever, fec, in tlie Western States, as the geimine soVereigu Balm FUS V„ Imve uevcr knomi B ingte case, when tinten riccordjng to dircctions. whera thoy liave not eft'ectod a cuie m irom one to eight days. Ttuyoleanseand parify theWood, nm ne, litetetoTt an etieclaal remedy for Hcroftila, Eryèipelas, and uli diseasea arising Oom au impiu-e tuto of the lilrod In aervems dcbility and femajo cenmUinta, thev have worKod wondei-s. Tliey quiet the nérvea by remonag the canse of nervous Initatiöir, aiid eradualW stiengilion and bring up the wliole system. BV m. otadviceto females afflicted with the nliovo d'íseascwe would say that largé doses ofany kiml of e;ithavt'iei are always mjnrion.. These pills should be tuken one ata dose, eveiy night uutil a cure is eftected. (.Seo Circulars. ) v Thaje Pills were first introduced in a noislnss mannor. No gaudy show cards, or long P4vertisement tilled with certificates IVom persons tliat nevar lived were rewrted lo, were left to vvork their way int.' public favor on their own merits. They are purely Vegetable, mild but siire in thfir op orai.,,,.. and porfecfly asfe for yonngaod old ofdebilitated const tuüons. Thev never leave the bowels cos tive, whith cannot be said of any other pill no w in Us Great care ■ lias been taken in selecting and compoundiug the ne vvhich has always been suprii.tonded y ui-. Boule in perêon. ■ For rurther directions, certificates &c, see the New ork botanie institute. published at Euclid by Dr E L. boule & Co., which may be had nfnsents "ratifl it. „:,,■,. „i ■„„„,, ,(.,s: as there ]s spunous pilla in circulation, cnlled Oriental or bovereign Balm, be snre to sce befare yon buv that the name of" Dr. E. L. SOULE & Co." is on th lace ol the boxcs. None oiliers can be genuino. We are notaware that anyonê who is making a spuriou amele has yet darod to make use of on? name: I.m rntne oTtbem havo had the impnulence to imitatè oui)oxea rad copy our Cireulaw, Certiticates. &c. Unies. EeeVa "Ve Carefl11 wheu they P'lrell;ise. they %vill be The pmiine Sovei-èign Balm Pilis can bu had wholed6SÖoNY Dl"' E' h' SUle & C' Eu'Ud' "On' J. Ovven & Co., wholesale and retail agenta : Also ole by agents m every town in ,he eouStry, and l,v A. T. Havens, Agent, Battle Civk. i Cumian te Hm Pnblic. Dr. Herrick, beüag detennined to pi-oteet tlie puhlii be,,ut,tul ar.d every whei-e popular Silgar Coate,! Pilis; also, to eertain medtoinMDongers redding in different parte nf tlie conutrv. wUo claim In havo "patent foUou.'gio'uë.V-"1 SUSí"'aaks " P-1 thè U. S. Patent Office, Jan. lfi, 1846. D. Hïrrick- Dear Siri Your letter of the 5th, iustant, Mas been reoeived. In answer to your faquín wh.-theranv pate„t has been gn.ntec) fbr n pill matea witli : sugnr, I io lufijrw yoo that no .vconl ofsuch patent can be found in this office. Respeotfuilyyoam, KKML'M) Bt'RKE. ilu" "'""e letter, i ivi 1 direct li-oni tln Patent Of hce, shows up these gentlemen, and tbeir déadly nonIn.nis, ,n no very enviable li-ht. Fnrther ia minecessary. a. T. HAVEFS, A-ent. To the Public. BBIFQ obligad by ill-health to discontinue the abare ' banneaa.aU unsetrted nccouato must be rransed without ,1,-lav. T vvill be fo.nul tü il„. sl,„P „f fifiii ! ,',!',, '' w ' "" 'nv t"ni"1' contracta tbr work will be 1 JOHN CALDUEI.t.. jb j i Ev E LHY amlfancy goodi at thecheop - Drug Store of _ A.T. HAVENS. I SSOéVB "' 'lhllt ""f t'mir shilling Tea. -an bcfouud tuc L'henp I'ni" I K1" A T. HAVENS