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Elitist? Are charismatics elitist? Do they think they are God's special chosen people?
It is easy to see why charismatics might face this criticism, according to Kevin Ranaghan, a leader of the movement in the Catholic Church.
"Vital religious experiences tend to be very joyful – whether it's the K of C (Knights of Columbus) or Ladies Altar Society," Ranaghan said during a press conference during the Midwest Regional General Conference on the Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church.
Ranaghan said charismatics have a tendency to want to share their experiences with everyone and “see everyone involved. When a strong spiritual renewal movement comes along, people feel threatened. It is normal for charges of elitism to flow from a fear of being gobbled up by God,” said Ranaghan, who is a leader in the People of Praise charismatic community in South Bend, Ind.