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'other Great Interests'--gen. Taylor

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One of the most plausible and effective arguments brought by the Whigs agninst the Libe-rty party election, was that our candidates had but " one idea," - that of opposition to slavery. So far, said tliey, we approve of him; his views meet ours exuctly : but tlien there are other great interests that we are uriwilling to sacrifice, even for the anti-slavery cause. Give us a candidíite as thoroughly antislavery as you please - the more the better, - but pledged n favor of a prntective taúflf, distributinn, infernal improvements, &c, and we will give him our cordial support. And then they would ntter great swelling words about the abiflluta neressity of having a Presidential candidate thoroughly comrnitted upon these oreat lead irg measures of government. But the Liberty party tenaciously persisted in putting man first, and tariffs aiterwards; and the Whigs took their chojen course of ranking tariiF above the rights of man - anj lost botfl ! But now what a striking commentary do we beliold upon this VVIng doctrine of 1844! The signs of the times pretty clearly indicate that Gen. Taylor will be the candidate of the Whigs for the next presidency - ihat he will receive their support generally, and probably be elected. VVell, wlmt are his views upon these "other groat interests," so indelibly inscribed in the creed of the Wliigs? Listen and learn : - Are you in favor of a protective tariff] "I shall be governed by the constilution of my country." - Are you in favor of internal improvements 1 "I shal! walk in the footsteps of Wasliington and Jeffc-rson. ' Are you a Whigí "I have never voted in my life - do not belong :o ny party - shal) make pledges to none, and be the candidate of none!" And last, let us ask a question, which the Whigs have failed to ask, or if asked, has not been answered, even as explicitly as those above: - Are you in favor of circumscribing and abolishing slavery ? In the absence of words, let actions speak : - " I am a largo slaveholding planter, and my interests and sympathies are naturally idiïntified with that class. I have hunted with bayonetand bloodhound the poor Indian from the everglades of Florida, that even this poor dreg of the home of his fathers might be added to the dominion of sluvery, and no longer svrve as a liidingplace of the flying fugutive : I have overrun the vast provincos of Mexico - laid waste her towns and villages - put to the slaughter her men, wonnen and children. and prepared the way for dooming her boundles plains, in all time to come, to the groans, the blood and tears of the American slave ! Is not this