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Truth Alone Is Beautiful

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There is an uñate principie in the human licnrt which causes men Ut love Irutfa and regard t as sometliing peculiarly valuable, beau:iful and majestic. The images of a lively i'ancy or ihe fairy forms of tlio ideal world, may delight Cor a moment tlie restless mind ; ()iit truth only can iinpart a peace whioh partakes of its nwn dignity, simplicity and eternty. Those who are oliarmed with finely wroughl tales of imainarv joyg or vvoes, and and are wnntto foed ihe immortal intellect with "airy nothings," feel too painfully the insufficiency of fiction to snpply the deep neuessitieg of the soul ; and tliough sucli seldom becnmo ihe lovers and defenderá of truth, they are accuslomed to regard it as a treasure, which alone of all treasures possesses the inherent power of imparting a lasling salisfaction to its possessor. So spontaneously does the lova of trutli ■pring up in the heart, that no sygtem of error, however studied and speoious, would meet the aprolmtion of mankind, did it not assume the garb of reality, and present itself to the in quiring mind as the object of its search. Truth, then, may be regarded as having an original abode in th hamn toni ; Wlien we consider trulh as nn emanalion from Deitj, an attribute of the Eterna!, as destined, in the progfress of time, to revolutionize tlie world, and restore man to his pn'sline similarity to his Maker, it is not stirprising' tliat a siient awe and admiration shonld steel over us ; and while we contémplate its prandeur and purity, that sublime emotions should present itself to a rational being, as alone beautiful.