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Burliugton. April 29tb. 1848. Dkar Sir : - 1 liave received two copies of tho Michigan Liberty Press, nnd I 111 higbly gratified with its appoiuance nnd spirit, nnd foei it n duty and privilege tG SüStñín t. T!" times require such n paper, for thore is not n secular paper in the state that is ;ilile to give n proper exposé of the government nfiVirs except ti true lilierty pnper ; t muy be snid of uil tiloso papers, how chii ye teil the truth (rilo recoive honor one of nnothcr. Tho Lord is doing won. Iers in tlie world for the cnusp ofliberty. Thrones, Pi-iiicipnlitioS" and Powers of the old ■voif') triinbling on theirbiise. n nutioii is being bom in s djiy. Tl) groans of fiilling kingdoms and empires ci;ual-' undpr th weight of their own political ayd inonti eyils, adraonishes us thnt the Lord reigus in the eartfa and will judue the nations - Fr.mce hns stonislmd tha ivoild, thf spnce of half n cmituty since the unbnppy Louis the 1-lth wns drivcn from the throtie, Iirs givn to I' ranee inuch light in regard to th rights of man and the scienco of governinent. The grpflt. nnd noble principies put forth in the circular of th French minister of foreign ;ifT.ii is, gpeaks volumes in favor of the oppresred people and justly detnand tbe respect of aU eivilieed invtions. Tho present determiontion of thn Fronch nirtiun to emancipHte 11 thiir slavee, should put the United States to the blush. O how humilinting to spe na American Senute refusiag to approve of such un ncti nn net in nccordance with the spirit of our govelhtnent. and religión. Such lurpriëing incongruity in oi:r luiers, must inevittitily provoke the righteous indigniifion of the honest yeomanry. The libirty party is the only pany. thnt under God enn save this ustión ; nll men of diseenmipnt can uow see thnt botli Whigs and Demócrata stenl the livoery of liberty men to "serve the Devil in." The time is drnwitig nigh when we shnll see wb;nt the lond protestations of the radical deiiiocn'',s of New York will nffect nt the Bultimore Convent;„)n. I must at present condemn the P.jaition of the radicnls in not requiring nny tst of the candidnte for the presidency, except thnt he should sign any bill thnt mlght pnss. There mny be sonie one obtninod in whoin the south would i ave conlidence, nnd for the snke of kneping up the party mny yield thrir position and all come together likp Pilat nml Herod, who mnde friends thnt they miglit crucify Jcsus. The victory over oppression is not to be obtnined without mnch patiënt e(1irt, nnd tlipn the nccomplishment of such nn object is more justly nppreciatfd. Tho signs of the times me favorable to our cnuse, the liberty hunner is unfurled south of Mnson's and Dixon's line, to the gient dismny of the slavo holders, nnd we inny expoct n gloriousresult. when the war shnll wax wurm in África. The mnrch of trulliisonwnrd, men mny obstruct tlie passage of n strenm for n senson, but ufter u littl whilo they see the result, the water resumes the accustompd chnnnel in spite ai n!l the feeble humera of men ; snch is the power of wnter, nnii who 9)mll successfully oppoM the truth, " Gjeat is the truth nnd it must prevnil." Wilh most nnlent wishe9 for your success in yonr present enterpiise ns Editor of the Michigan Liberty Press, I subscribe myself, your fiiend nnd brother,