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Feeding Calves

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Mr. Editor. - I have noliced several arlicles in ih; Cultivator upon rearing calves. - I will just eive you my plan wit'i results. Fccd and grniclh of a Calved Jan. 19tli, 1845 - vveaned at six weeks oíd, and weigbed 330 pounds. One quart oí Indian meal, and one quart of middlings were boile) togeilier and mixed vvith eiglit quarts skimtned inilk, evith which lie was fed morning and evening, witli as mucli hay and carrols as he would eat for three week and five days, wlien lie weiglied 276 pounds - gain 2 1-13 pounds per day. He was then fed with 2 1-5J quarts India D meal boiled, without the middlings, for 18 days ; weighed 326 pounds; grain per day, 2 7-9 pounds. Meal inen-ased to 3 quarto ; (ed 22 days ; weiglit 377 pounds ; gain ñl , or 2 7-22 pounds per day. I do not wriie this boastingly, for it may be bealen ; bul if any of my broilier farmers have a niind to try ihe piocess, I do not hesitate to a?suie them in advance, thcy will not find it as gieat a humbug as mnnuring potatos wiih 4 barrels of poudiette to tlie acre, or usitig a penknife blade instead of a shovel to put the manure n their corn bilis. Oyster Bay, L., I.