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Preserving Eggs Fresh

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Turn water upon slacked lime, in quantity sufflcient to cover the üme. In a short time a scuin wil 1 rise upon the surface. 'l'lien drain offihe wliole wa'.er, and add fresli, and repeai the operation until no more scutn rises. Slir up the lime and water, and put in your eggs so tliey ire completely covered. Tliis wholly excludesthe external air.and preserves them in tlie finest order. I ave now eggs which have been kept in tliis way eigïit nionihs ; and on being broken, cannot be distinguished frpra tliose which are fresh layed. A huly wlio gave me ihe rtceipt, ,-tated ihat she liad preserved thein peiTecily good in tliis way tor two years, The repeated Shturalions with water seems neoessary to destroy the too great causticity of the lime ; otliervvise its strong affinity for the carbonate, the material of the egg shall, causes its