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Charles Manley And His Slave Primus

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The Whigs of North Carolina have ! aled Mr. Charlea Manley, of lialeigh, for the otfice "f Govurnor. We spont ten !ays oi1 more in a log calin witli tlns genlleronn, at the Sult S'ilplmr Springa, in Virginia som1 years ugo, ainl slmll liever furgrt liim or his man Primus. They wcre friend m the cross reliiiion of niüsirr ttjid slave. We scureely knew whichto nlinire most; ihe mnster was a st-liolliir, a gentleman, and most ngreesble companion ; the servwnt was intended for all these, and failod onlv so íar as he was uneducuted and a slave. The unnatural relations existing ; between these men was relievcd of its incident evils as rrmch as tho lughest virtues and r lic kindest and inost benutiful mutual regards could possibly effect. Superficially, the attitude of servant and masler was stnctly observed. It was announced in everv iict, and word, and look. The profuuiul deference of demeanor and vigilant alacrity of service which aniicipated every wish and aided every j tion oT the almost wnrshipped master, showed huw perfeedy mie generons soul rnay be j ed in another, and how near to a religión a( beuutifiil idolatry m:iy reach. And itwasnoti less inleresting to witness tlie delicate and eve.n respect'ul kindness and Citreful j ration, as constuntly exhibited l)y the masler! lo his Inimble friend. Primus slept in llio room with liim, be.ciiuse the lodgings given to the servnnts were not comfbrtable ; he ato all his menls there, at the cost of nine dollars a week, extra, because the servanls had to scrarnj ble for their victuals at the boarding house; and when letters from home were brought in, Primns's very soul wag in his eyes, till the ' honschüld news, the children's healih, and the mistres's message to himself, were all rehearted. It was indeed very beautiful ; yetoverj all the glow and gush oí' leeling on both sides, tliere hung the restraining influeneo of the acknowledged bondage. Thfiy were born together. had played togethe-, and, in maturer years. had wept and rojoiced together, over a thoiisiind participated interests of their j mon life. At the time of the Southampton itisurrection, Primus was made overseer of the : plnntniion, to watch over the safetv of bis ter's family, and pledged and risked his life j u)oii h's fidulity. The story, as Mr. M. gave it to us, exhibited t'ie highest heroism in ihi! une, and tho noblest trnstfulness in the other, i.ndicatitlg th-j respoctive excellencies of both. Yet, notwithstanding all tliig, and all the con' fidi-nces of moro than thirly years of tried friendship, Primus liever been tanght to red ! We could not then feel that we had fathomed the mvstery of theso meti's inner üf'i!, i nor have wo yet rnaslered its philosophy. Mr. M.mley ivhs to us one of the few to whom our ; i best regiirds have been given at first sight ; and ihü very abandonment of his individual . tence by the servant, was relie ved of hs theoretical degradation, by a freedom of the hearf. wliicli seemed toconvert liis slavery into a devotion. Stül it wns a mutilated existence ; and tlio dominion exercieed by the master, niarred ilie integrity of hia virtues, Slavery is not in the liarmony of things. It is tlie very essence of sin, and all inflicted bondage is a war waged Hgninst the highest. life of man, and at once a uuurpalion and abuse of llio prerogalivp of God. Whtrever a faciihy is givcn, its frttedom is implied. God never guvea power witliout a clüirter for lts hirgest exei-cise, consistcit wil li tlic functions of tlie w'iole Lting, and wlioover in anv way nmiilates anuthcr's lift', is in open rebellion againrt tlir sóvereïgn will of Heaven. All mitigation of the condiiinn, all amelioraiion of the evil tlial lea ves no tillo oí 'its essence in existence, í'ailá lo jnslify just as far as t faüs to destroy tlie elemental wrong. lf Primus is not yet "frecamong the dead," we entreat Mr. Manley, as we would entreat and exhort a friend, to restore hia brolher's birlhriglit, which lie has pu-xhasod with a mess of pottage, and allow the Father's blessing to ! reach the soul for which it was intended. -