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Not The Retiring Kind

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Louis Harris isn't just under the hood, he's in the engine compartment of a Large truck, heating up some manifold bolts. That doesn't really seer necessary with 90+ temperatures outside, but Louis knows if you just put the wrench on them and you break one off you've got major problems. So you heat 'em up and cool 'em down, and eventually they just break loose. Of course, Louis has been working with cars and trucks for about 55 years and you learn all the little tricks of the trade. At an age when most people have long since retired to the rocking chair, the paper and the TV, Louis is at his garage on Miller Avenue most everyday. In a space known as Louie's Service, owned by Calvert Construction, he works on cars for customers, friends and relatives, doing mechanical and major body work. At present restoring two vintage vehicles with sheet metal. From scratch he forms fender panels, rocker and door patches. Louis has had auto repair garages at a variety of locations in Ann Arbor over the years and still loves his work. Come October, Louis will turn s. Not bad for an old mechanic from Alabama who started off timing rotors in sawmills when he was ten or 12, right Louis?