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The cuse of severnl persons who were on board í the l'earl - the vessel recently seized and brought , buck to this citv - appeals to one's heart. It will , to yours, no doubt, ns soon as stated. Grace Russell is a benutiful giri of eighteen, of slender ' tution, intelligeni nnd cnpable - is now in Richniond, ' and can be had for six hundred and fïi'ty or seven hundred dollars. Her inother resides in N. York , - an extiaordinnry woninn - who endured everything ns a slave and in securing her frendom. Her ' hemt doats iipon this duughter. An uncle of Grace 1 offers to lay down three hundred dollars - the fruit , of his hard tidustry sinco he beenme free - and a generous friend in New York pledge.9 himselffor the balance. I trust her freedom will be secured. ' Ellen Steward, sold by Mrs. Madison, can be i deemed for four hundred and seventy-five dollars, although removed from the District to Bsltimore. ( She is a sprightly active girl, of fifteen. Let me . ask the good women, mntliera and sisters, to pity ' the poor child, redeotn her and give her a good ' practical educiition at the Nortli. Will they not delight to do it ? Her is overwhelmed with ( grief nt the late of this the last child of fivethat slavery has suatched f rom her arms ! Last of all, I will mention a most interesting family group, ' sisting of four brolhers and two sisters, by the name i ofEdmeston. The brothers are allcapable, , trious. worthy men. Richard, thethird son, leaves a wife and five children, who me free. But such a hlow ! The wife sinks under it. He was Mr. ' Secrefary Walker's coachman, and so highly pstefirud by the fmiiily of his employer, that Mr. Walker as soon as lüchard was loilged in juil went and pucchaeed him, to niake him free. Ho was bv agreeincnt to take him out the next morning. Buttlje traders broketheirpromise to Mr. Walker, and swindled Richard out of his expocted freodom The sisters are thirtoen and fburteen ycars of agfi - -wliat are called benutifnl girls. It will cost about fifty-eight hundrpd dollars to redeem this whole family. One gentleman, in the city of New Yurk, with rare disinti'i'estedness and liherality,has already sent. his drnft for tune hundred dollars of this sum. The father and inother of this family bought ttaeir fret-duin years since, and by toil and economy havo acquired u pretty little hoalestead. They are willing - dosii'B to give tlie last penny fut tlie release of tht'ir children. The brothera-in-luw who bought tbeir wives, daughters of this family, are ready to do tho same. The poor niints, who also paid demiy for lhems"lves, will put in the last mite of llieir liard earnings! But. are there not great heurts at tho North, which will leap for joy to co-operate in the redemption of these brothers and sisters ? I cannot doubt it. Like the noble mnn, who lias already sent his nine hundred dollars, there are others in New York nnd elsewhere, who will bo prompt to fullow his example. Whatever is contributed will be sacredly devoted as the donors may direct, in securing the object hore stated. The mnnly attempt to secure one's freedom mankind regard ns the highest deed uf huuinii virtuo. These persons havo a strong huid upan our mlmirntion, ns they bave npon our sympnthy. Let us wholly reject the dogma, thut money is lost which is paid lor slaves. Every dollar tuus paid is il most eli'ective sermón tn the oonsciences of the guilty. Slavrry in tliis country is a great national crime, as it is n doop local anti personal injtiry. It can only be put nway by mutual sacrifiqes and cooperntion. My appeal is not at all to technical Abolilionists, hut to all tnie-heaited men and wnmeti in the city and country - every where ttamogbuat the country! Lot him speuk anil net at once, 'i'hero is not an liour to be lost! C)ne day or one liour mny be too late to secure the object Let me ask the publication ollhis statement in all public joürnala tViondly to the object, and bospeak the friendly eo-opevation ot tlien conductora. W. L. Chapijn, Washington, May 18, 1848. P. S. Funds may be sent !)y lotier to W. L. Chapliu, J. 13 gelow, Ksq., or soini; Muinbor of Congress, Wnshingtou, D. C, and tlioii' recnipt