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We often meet with men vvho wear t!io specius appearance of candor nnd honesty, who make xpedieticy the basis of their actions ; claiming to e the pinneers of reform ; bot are ever crying, not too fast. It is woll, iny they, to encoiirage and stnblish reform ; but we should be carefol not to 'et in Hdvance of the spirit of the age. This mode freasoning mny have answ-red, when ignorance nd barbarism aproad their dark influence over the nations of the enrth. But in this age of light and tnowledge, to hold sucli a sentiment is inconsistent n the extreme. Circumstances demand decisive nnd energetic action, and no true American will alter. When our country is on the very ove of loliticnl reform- when freedom or slavery is to be he dioico of the nation - wheo the old party bonds aro fast giving way, and the spell whose false influence has so long held the people in delusivo expecation by feeding their imagiDation with the idea, that this, that, or the other extraneous quostion would meet the ultimatum of their wishes, has been dissolved. When the thcories that have been adïered to with so much tonncity by all partías, have become obsolete by general consent; or havo given ilace to questions of more i'nportance, which are novv agitating the public inind and calling for general and decisive action. This is a timo most inappropriate for men to talk of expediency, compromise or any scheme to lul] the public mind into security. When the whole of Europe is aroused to the cause of freedom, will the freemen of our United States hesitate to step furward into the ranks and contend for that which is dearer to them than life ? Wo can no longer by parleying or opening an occasional fire, hope to effect anythino;. This mode of variare has proved ineffectual. We must attack the enemy in their trenches, hand to hand, we must decide the contest. Then let us meet the opposing force manfully, and settle the question in dispute, not by the point of the bayomet, hut by tliat which is far more effectual, the Ballot-box. This i's the potent instrument in the hands of our government. And who is the govcrnment ? who but the people who fonned and sustnin this confoderntion ? And are they bound to nliide by laws or priviliges which they have conceded, when they have become oppressive ? Lnws are but the acts of men, sul.ject to change nnd revisión, and that power is vested in the people. - Then let the true Democracy of the North assert tbeir righ'ts, nnd the victory is achieved. Let us no longor listen to those wil proclaim j-ou are in advance of the times - yours is a good cause, we should tike to see it prosper, but your rashness and want of policy will defeat your object and lay waste the glorious instiüitions of our Republic. Pause and reflect ! did snch counsel ever advance reform ? Never! Those advocating such sentiments will never become reforméis. Actuated by policy or interest they are ready to meet every advance with their if's and but's, and are more to be fearod than open and avowed enemies. They mistakethe age in which they live - their hearts have never boen warmed with the spirit of '76 - the spirit which 'nas recently actuated the bold hearts of those dauntless champions, who so fearlessly advocated the right of the people, when the mob and Southern despotism would have trampled the n under foot. We cali upon the freemen of Michigan to come forward and sustain those men in theirposition. If we do not wish to give the reins of government up to oppression, Iet us second Halo, Giddings, Palfrey and Ashmun, in their glorious attempt to sustain their rights nnd ours.