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Kalamazoo, May 5, 1848. Fkiend Hussey :- While I am in tuis pleasan1 village of the burr-oaks, it muy not be uniiiterest ing to your readers to have a litlle chit-chat with one of your promised correspondents. Blessings on the tnan who bad enough love of nature lelt iu his heurt to preserve the beautiful trees that now adorn th9 place. Those bur-oaks, that now look so scraggy when they put on their summer robe, lend nn indescribable churui to tho streets and yards. - As the weary footinnn passes under their doep ahnde, gazes upon their sple'ndid foliage, and hears the song of the gentle bird nestling araong the boughs. hs feels indeed to unito with me in bleseing the hand that preserved therefrom the woodma.'i's axe. A busy town is this. The nrrival of tlie cari of iha Central Railroad ; the arrival and departure of the Western Stages, some tive or six in number, at about the hour of 7 o'clock, P. W., togethei with the usual business of the surroundiug country, give to its streets a very üvely appearance. The Railrcnd will soon, however, be cornpleted so far west as to take uwuy much of this sliow and bustle, over ■ which tho hotel keepers will grievcisly moum, for thereby they have tiieir living. The rea! business of the town will be but litte affected by this " Westward ho!" of the non-horte. The hand of impvovemeiit is vory busy bere; bliek blocks ure rising up on Main Street, very respe;t;ibln in size and linish Col' n country village. One Steam tlouring "nill hus lately been put in operalion, and anotheris building, nd a miniature volcano, in the shapeof a blast furnace, has jnt coininonced bolchiug forth fire and tinuke and melte.d iron, not quite as sublime as Veeuvius, bilt a gooi! deal more usef l. Tho bighest judicial tribunal of our State, the Suprome Court, is now in session hera. It is a fine lookiug body, aud speaking alter tho manner of Fairbanks' palent scales, a very weighty one. A majority of the court are new men upon the bench, nnd a fair opinión of what the court will be, can hardly be formed as yet. Quite a number of questions relating to the coustruction ofourcouuty court act have been brought up at this session, and if I am not very much mistaken, whonever these questions are docided, ourastute legislators will fiud that it was much easier to make tho laws than to eplain them when made. The late Chief Justice, now Governor Ransom, was present dwing a portion of the sittings of the court. Was sorry to loarn tlirit, at an eveuing party given by hun to the court and bar, wines ati ]iquors were furnished to those who take sucli stuft', and nll were urged to drink. Will Temperance principies ever provail while men in high places set f uch exntnples ? 1 fear not. A fearful responsibility rests upon men who, with official influence nnd station, uphukl so detestable n practico as fnsliionable drinking. The Sons of Temporáneo have narted n División in this place, and I have no doubt f rom th spirit of tiloso eugaged in the enterprize, they will soon mako soakiug unfnshionuble even in Kalamazoo. But enough chit-chat for once.