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Still More Of The Covington Tragedy

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The horrors of tlie tragedy nt Coviqgton, have notypt been nll told. Pmental love itapp"nrs, was an important ingrediënt in it. The Cincinnati Herald in addition to wbat we have bet'ore puhüshed, says : " We learn tlinl tlio llave innn nnii woman concerned in the Virginias tragedy over tho river, were to be sold down the river, while the child was to stay behind. They were much opposed to going down the river, but would have been quiet had tlie child been along. The trader pioposed tliat they should all como together, and itay together till they were sliipped, when the child could be taken back to Grnnt county. The slaves were not infonned of this arrangement, and only discovered t by accident, as they were placed in jail. Thpy tlien resolved upoii the drendfnl deed, and the mother cut the throat of tho child herself, ïhe husbnnd cutting her's, nnd thcn attempliiig to complete the gi'cat sacrifico by the immolation ot hiuiself." The Cleveland Herald of last evoning, had nn indignant articlo in relation to the rerent. slave tragedy nt Covington, In the couasa of which the editor exclaims : '■ We free Americans, treat thf1 foreign slavetrade fit piracy, and shield tlie domestic slave-trade liy fM'. We nang the fuieign slave-dealer at the yard arm, nnd elévate the dotnestic dealer inhuman flesh and blood to the highest offices.'