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CJjlCRNOHIS SLCAIC-tOATED Purgativo Pilis. Cured within the last year over 200,000 persons who had been laburing nndcr the most aggra- vated compainfs, and giren up as hopcless cases bij the most eminent physicians. ARE the first mul liuly MfUictiieéVOTilwoBvered that will l'ositively Cure Ileailuch-, Gtdiliáess. Rheuuatísin, Piles. DtspeÁña, Sénrvy, Smallpox,' Jaundice, l'ains in the beck.ïnvrm-H Weakneea, Palpiwtion ot the rteart, Htsiugin the throtit, Drtipsy, Athi Fevers of ill kiniis, l-'emole coinpTniüté, Msisles, Nalt Rheum. llrüiilmni. Worm, Cli lera Morbita, Cqngu. Cuuanmption, l-'iis, Liver Cuniplaint, Eryaipelas, Deafness. Itcliiiigj if iho S'.un. C ilcla', tíervoua Cumplarat, aud a vaety af irth dUensrs arirfng from imwiritie ofthe BIciikI and obstrnbtious iu tlie oi-gans f digestión. It lias b -en cleuvly pmveil tliut uearly c-very disease lo which Uie huauui frame is suliject, angiuate from [mporitie of the btoo or denmfreinoiits of tlie 8igestivi- Ol-íhus; and tó Becdre heaitn, we muat remove tlie ibtrrtcttona or testore tlie Blond to its natural state.- Filis fact isiiL.iíersally Jcn.wiii lint peopte lime BUCh ,11 nversiiiq W medicioe that, nnless tha eage ia arsent, they préfer tlie disenae to tlie curí, nnlil ail hjpaired C.nistitiitinii, or ;i fii ofsickiiessi-elmkes lliem lor the lolly of their cöuSnct. Still they liad oran excuse ; lor beretofore, mud cine in alm-wt oU its form was neurly ,s disgnsting as il was beneöciaL Now, bowever, tbe „vil is most éffectriwlly removed : fot Clickiier s VegetaWo I'i.i-giitive Pilta, belng crrmplebjly eliveloped witli a coatíug of pure white entgar (wliich n distuict trom li.e iaternaj ïiigrediaata is a nut shell l'rom the kernël.) Llave 00 taste of Medirme.- But nre as easily swallowed as bits of caiidy. Mbraorer they neithfr uanseate or gripe in the sTightest degree, whieVi is oioasiioned by the fact that, they are eomponiMled on scientitac principteí and opérate saaaUy on all tM üfaaed parts ol'the system, instond ofooufining tbemwlTM to,,MW rnckiag any particular región, (wïiich is tbe great and adinitted evil of every othet Unown pnrgative.l Henee, they strikegt the root o[ diaeme, remove all impura Immors from the l",lv. open the porta extwmUv hnd nternally, promote the IiMeaïiWe lv.-spnation, ouvwte Flatulency, Mendacbe, C.- eparate all foreigji and (buoxions pmtiolea from the chyle, o that loe l'lood ofwhichit s the o, -in. must be ttaorOughly pur( - bo cure a free and healthy totion to tha llr.ut, Luuga and Livef.nnil thereby OeMcin Health, Even when al otlier have piiled. The entire trntli ol the abov, ,-an be aoertaiued by the trial of a single box and their virtnes are so [unitivo and certaiu ni reatonnp I lealth lliat the propiietor biuds him.selt tu retii'-n th nrmeypaid for them in all cases wlicre they do no íive nniversal Uisfaotiou. ■ ÖP" All letter f ioqniry or lor advice nvist no pudrewed (pool pnid) to Dr. C. V. 0L1CKENER. Nu. 6f Vosey t. New Ybrli, or Ui's authnntod agent throijguout ilie cumiti-y. N 11 ttemswber Dr. C. V. CUickuaiiar u tlie inventor of Sagur Oiwtted Pilla, and that uotUiug of the sort was over heaüd of untU ue iutioiluced theni 111 .Tune. 1843 Purcliast-rs ahoiiKl, tliarefore, alwuys as,; ïot ClU-knei-'s Su-nr Coatttl Vefgetuble l'illi. ud teKe no 4)thers, or thoy wUI - mi !■■ il. - victims "I n 1:hi4.- TIIOSH 1M)I ll i'tí.l i i l.l ' r..l. - 'I U V. 'Alt piO.130 uot wate t'ir the buil to rin , bel'üi-e caliing to llie Capuiius Otlico to Settle, Battlo Creek. April. 1848. K. R. OSGOOD Ileal the Sicfc, THE proprietors, fnll of confidetlce in the virtuei of Dr. Sonle's Sovereign Balm Pilln, wlii'cli havo gnin ;d fov themselves such au enviablu reputation in th hort space of five years they have been boforo ths rnblic - the ïnany bdres ofdisease they liitve perform:J - some of theputients having been cenfined lo tlieir beds for raonlhs and years, are tiuly istonishhig, now challenge tlie world to produce their eqnal. For long standing Dyspepsy and habitual cfistiveness, they have Dever l'ailed, win n taken nccordiii); to directiona, to effect a cure or give permanent relief Olil Liver coinplainls, Jaundice, &c., can be cured by the use of these Pilis, as they operate dircctly upon the liver, and cause it !o perform a natural and healthy action. For suddmi attacks in childien - such as coldn fever, wonns, &c. - for gravel, ïiirumatisin spinal affectiona', eadachi-, qougb and colds, they h;ive proved au iuvulable remedy. íkvkh and Agüe ano Chill Fevkii. No medicine yet discovered lias proved so effectual ïicui'iiig agueand lever, chili fever, &c, in the Westrn States, as the gcuuine sovereign Balm Pilis. We litro nevcr known a single case, when tanen accordïig to directions, wliere they liave not efleoted a cure n from one to eiglit days. They cleanse and puriïv tlio !,Vol. and are, thereforo n ellectual remedy for Scrofuln, Ervsipelas, and all lueaaes arisiug frpm mi impure tale öi'the blood. In nervous debility and fstnale cumplaiuts, t,hoy üive wornod wonders. They qniet the nérvea by reHoving tlie canse of nervons irritntion, and gradually itrengtbeH and bring p tiie wiinle systc-m. By way )f idvice to femalês nfflicted willi tli'e above disease, we wiinl.l say that large doses of any kind of catliartics u-e ilwiiys injurion. Tli.'se pills shoáld be taken one u a dose, every night until a cure is eüected. (So C'iiculars. ) These I'ills were first introdueed in a noisiess mmi'P.1'- .N" gaiidy show cards, or long apvertiseraent lied with ceiüficates from persous that riever lived, wave resorted to, Imt were left to work their way iuto pulí! ic favor on their o vvn merits. They are purely Vegetable, mild but sure in their op. eration,[and përfi-ctly safe for youug and old ofdebiltated constitutions. Tliev never leur the bovrels cos tive, wbicb cannot besaid olany other pill nowin usc. Gieat care has been taken in selecting and compounding the medici na which has always been supriulended by Dr. Sou Ie in persoH. For fuillier directions, certificates &c., see the New York Botanie Ibstitate. published at Euclid, by Dr. E. L. Soule & Co., whicb may be hnd of agents eratis. BcwnicofCounlcrfcila! As there is spunous pills in circulation, called Orier.tal or Sovereign Balín, be snre to see before you bn7 that the name of "Dr. E. L. SOIJLE & Co." is on the face of the boxos. None others eau be genuine. Wb are not aware that any one who is making a spurioua M-tiel has yet dared to make nse of ou'r name f bul some of them have had the inipnidenoe to imitate our boxes and copy our Circuláis, Certificáis, &c. UuleM the public aro careful when they parchase, they wiü b deceived. The genuine Sovereign Balm VñU ran be had wholesale and retail of Dr. E. L. Soule & Co. Euclid, ünondoa Co. N. Y. .1. O wen & Co., wholesale and retail agents: Also, sole by agents in every town in the country, aud by A. T. Havens, Agent, Battle Creek. 1 t'.IHMOlI (O tllC PllbllC. Dr. Herrick, bme determinad to protect tlie public from mpoMtiun, and to preservo llie reputation .f his beantifa) a-d every yvhere popular Sqgar Coated I'ill; also, to exposé oertain moUicine-mongersresuling in different p;nis of the ootintry, wbo claim 'o have a atoat tbr coating pilla witii sugar,aaka u careful peniáal of the olio wil] g letter: - THE GREAT ENGLISH REMEDY FOR GOUGH8, Colds. Arthraa, and Cmisumption '. ïbo time lias come when Consumption may bn ilussod wilh tilt curable diseases. The most fcarful mnlady of onr couutry hag been conquered ! The raoat fatal of all diseases h;i3 yielded at kist to tlie skill of man . Buclian's Hqngarian Balfain of life, will speedily aml crtainly cure CoDBUtfiption, evon in its vnoat hopeletf l'orms, nnd in all onhaar; distases of tlie chest and I. " ups. it is the most perfect and admirable remei3y lo Ihe civilizad world. The Hangarian BalMun was first discoverd by Dr. Bncbnii, of London, England, and lias been tested fur si.x Jpvn by iho most eminent Pliysieians in Great Brituin, rtrd on the continent of Europe, where ith.ii [ji-oved tba Great ;nnl only Remeilv. It h)3 recuntly been iutiodtired into tbe United States, niuler tile immediate suprentendence of the inretrtor, and is now litterly sweeptog Consmnption from the land. Innociilation ig' to Small l'ox., tho Hnngarian BaUain is toConsutntion - au iasurmouutiibtrebarrier ! Chemis;s, Physieians. Medical Societies, and tho great body of Consumptive patiënt?, every where admil that the most uii)oit:utt work ol' the líe has been acconiplished - Consmnption Cau be cured. VVlierever it has been iutroduccd, all I'anaceas, Expettoiants, Svrups and Drops have beon discarded aa useless - all systema of Inhnlition. Vapor Baths, TarSiiKike, Chances of Climate, &c, have been rejected and the wonderful prodiut of tbe Iluiit'aiian Gum, obiiined from the " Melsonga," or Treïe of Life, is now uuiversally reeeivod by ('onsumptives, as tho Ouly gource of Hop, Let no persou nmictjd witli a severe aud obstinate. Cough, luflamiiliön of the Langa, Asthina, or nny of tho symptoms of Cunsuroptión los a mnment of timo iu neekiDg relief Trom tliis GHEAT ENGLISH REMEDÏ. Dolays are daüssroui, mul all otlier pretended remedies are not only useless, bat fatally delusivo. Every l'iimily i the United States sliould be supplied witb Buchan's Hungarion Galsam of Life, not only to counteract the eoiKiunptives ol the climate, but to bo used BS a preventiva medicino in nll cases ofColdfl, Conghs, Spilting ol'Blood, l'ain in the sido nnd Cheat, Irritalion and MtrensM of the Lungs, Bronchitis, Difficuliy of Broathing, Hectic Fover, Niglrt sweuts. Eiuaciatioil and Ghineral Debility Astlima, lufluenza, Whoopiua Cough, and Oronp. The greal i.erit of Dr. Bucban's Balaam ! this - that in all cases of I'uluioay Consumptiuu ia gives Immediate Relief. A single bottle will reveal itsastonisliiug virtue, and open at once the foundation of Health and Strength to thé nfflieted. EyPrloe oftheBalsam only otie dollar per bottle. with full dircctions, Dissertation oi Consumption, Notices, aud crelilicates of BemarknWe caros, 4. 1-C in Kor Sale by A. T. HAVENS. JVcw Arraügmeat ' ga MUKE 8TOVES ga. JöÉa and .css 5yT LATER I'ATTERNS! !! Va ■ THE UNDERSIGNED take pteasUreia otl'eiing to tba ilubllc ii more oamnJete stock ot'new uU leauiilul slyles ol'CuiiUiug :ind l'ndor Stovoslhan lwve ever Delire been uH'ereil in lliis market, togetlier wilh a genaral saoruiieut of' Hallo w Ware, Coppcr, Tin Sliect [roo, Stuvc Pipe, &c. &c, &o. Tlie attëntmi of tho rtove bnying commnnity is respeclfully solícited toan examinatiou of erar stock boforo inirthasinc. SAMOBL S.r.L'RrEE. .Marshall October Í!. 1818. To Pbyaiciani. ■yOU CAN fnid nt llie A[Hlirc;irHs Huil qüMlne, IoX diüè, sulpb. mo'rphine. indine ittiö, Acetn'.e morph livil. potaM, piperine, oil vulerian. stryehniiie, sBSquio-v de irem, suliciiie, fe:Ticvnule inm, and all ollier vurietiesof nilnine,chejper'lhaii iit any other storci n weMrn Mi.-bipin. J. TAYLOR. ltemoval. rIMlE Tailoriiig Establiilimout of WiHiam Roe M NnoL veil to McC'uinly'a Block, ilio conier store, wbero ho will be glad to wait on his old customers and all nerones ivho may favor hiin with n all. 3