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Tea 101 with Arbor Teas


Tuesday July 30, 2019: 7:00pm to 8:30pm


Downtown Library: 4th Floor Meeting Room


Join Arbor Teas for an introduction to the wonderful world of tea! Over the course of an hour, taste five different types of tea (green, black, white, pu erh, and oolong) while learning about where they are grown and how they are made. Space is limited at the cupping tables and will be first-come, but every attendee will get to taste each tea. Learn to enhance your tea tasting experience while engaging all your senses. As a bonus, Arbor Teas' Organic Apricot Black Tea (featured in the Summer Game Shop as the AADL Summer Game Blend) will also be available.

Arbor Teas is a family-owned organic tea company based right here in Ann Arbor, Michigan celebrating 15 years in business! Their daily mission is to find the world's most fantastic organic teas and deliver them to customers as sustainably as possible. From their exceptional collection of organic and Fair Trade Certified teas, to their Carbon free business practices and backyard compostable packaging, Arbor Teas' passion is steeped in a desire to do worldly good and their vision is to remain organic to a tea. 

Tea 101 with Arbor Teas



Hello! The teas will not be for sale, but the staff can answer any questions and show you how to order their products. If you're not playing the Summer Game Arbor Teas has a special blend for 'sale' in our shop! Our online shop is where you can spend the points you earn when playing the game. Meaning it's actually FREE! Hope you enjoy the tasting tonight!

This was a really great event! I learned a lot about tea that I didn't previously know. I'll definitely be reading some of the recommendations on the last slide.