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New Stories to Go

Sun, 05/19/2019 - 1:35pm by evelyn

Stories to Go Summer LabelDo you know about our Stories to Go collection? These bags are a great way for kids to get a curated selection of books on a single topic. Each bag comes with approximately ten picture books on a topic (some bags also include a DVD). The bags check out for four weeks, and you can put them on hold to pick up at any branch you like!

We’ve recently added some brand new themes:

  • Coding (Learn to code! This kit includes a book to help parents learn to code too!)
  • Summer (Get ready for ice cream weather!)
  • Starting School (First day jitters, be gone!)
  • Look & Find (For I Spy or Where's Waldo fans- discover a new world of searching books!)
  • Our Earth (Newly updated!)

We’re also introducing bags that tackle topics that can be tricky to discuss with kids. The following kits are built to spark conversations:

Stories to Go are designed to be accessible to a variety of ages. Check one out today!

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