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Summer Game 2019 | COMING SOON

Tue, 05/28/2019 - 10:03am by richretyi

Summer Game 2019

The Summer Game starts June 14 and runs all summer long until August 31! Get ready for another summer of reading, riddles, codes, and prizes. Stay tuned for more teasers on the upcoming Summer Game.

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Why is this your summer game not being advertised on the main library website? I even did a search on the library's website, and it only turned up summer game 2013 and summer game 2011! I had to go to Google and search there in order to find this. Seems like people who don't know about the summer game won't learn about it this year at all if they only visit the website.

Don't worry, when summer game starts you won't be able to miss it. We don't push it much before Summer Game actually starts because it's confusing to new players to want to play and not be able to. Once the game turns on it will be everywhere!

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