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Fortune and Glory

We like searching for hidden things and we bet that you, dear Summer Gamer, do too! Like us, you probably want to grow up to be just like the HOLY GRAIL of all fictional archaeologists, INDIANA JONES! Am I right?! That's why we're going meta with a series all about treasure and treasure hunters for all our fellow treasure-lovers out there! Good 'ole Indy taught us that Archaeology is cool (and complicated) and not all treasures are made of gold. In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Indy swashbuckles his way to a rather plain-looking artifact guarded by a VERY old knight. Search the catalog for the name of that artifact to find your first treasure...uh...code!

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I am stuck on clue number 4. I have tried searching sable fedora, sable, fedora, felt fedora, wide brimmed fedora, outback hat... none of them are getting a hit. These were all found on google... Am I even close?

I did find it! It helped for me to designate the format to "books" and then search the simple term in the catalog.


Indy spends much of Last Crusade rescuing and then helping his dad, who was kidnapped while searching for an artifact. Check the wikipedia page about Last Crusade to figure out what that artifact was. Then search for it in the catalog.


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If you're still stuck on the second clue, try doing a google search for "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull story writers." Don't forget to use those hints! And thanks for playing!

I need help on the 5th one. I typed in horse but I still can't find the code for a music cd. So I really need help plz!!!!!!


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