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Let's Rock, Woodstock!

This summer is the 50th anniversary of a lot of BIG EVENTS! So naturally we had to dedicate a badge series to... THE SUMMER OF '69! And no, we're not talking about the Bryan Adams song. We're talking about that actual summer! All sorts of things happened, but we're going to focus on the festival that puts the Fyre Festival to shame... WOODSTOCK!

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Having the exact same issue with 4. We found the number of lawsuits through a google search, but that number isn't showing any codes 3 pages deep into the catalog. :(

Like people have said, I am not able to figure out number 4. I got an even number (like one of the hints) but when I search the number in the catalog it doesn't show up for a very long time. Any hints?

For those having trouble with clue #4:

If you look at the "Aftermath" section of the Woodstock Wikipedia article, you'll find the approximate number of lawsuits there! Search the number in the catalog and your code should be with the first result!

I hope that helps!

June 28th is the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots that began the current gay liberation movement. If you are focusing on the summer of 69, then I would hope you would include a stonewall badge as part of the series.

I'm not finding anything in the things that show up when you search the "other guys" name. Is anyone else having trouble with it?

#3 checked the set list, did not see any other EXT COMMON Americana song performance....any help?

I had great fun solving this badge! Loved the funny descriptions and capital letters parts. Very interesting to read and learn about Woodstock. Thanks!

I looked up the farmer's name for #2 and went through all of the results and there wasn't a code?

I've answer question 4 correctly, but it didn't give me the credit. So I can't move on to get the clue for question 5.

I did a similar thing. The name I thought was for the first clue was actually the name for the second clue. Try looking again for a different fourth name for who started Woodstock.


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