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jMortgHge Sitie. DEFAULT hai iug been ma Ie in the payment of certaio raouics se in-cil tb be puid by uw iudentnre of Moftgage beuving Jt th djy o) Qetubcr, iii tlic jrear uf nnr Lont mie thousand êfjht hnndred and forty-five, exeeated by Oiwiffilon Brown nfConvis, Calli nu; (■ ui :tv and Statr uf Micbigau, tci Crnjamin F. tliaman and Juhn f. H'mman, iif Bellavne, Eutu couii!v, uud StHte Bpiresaijj wh"'cu s;;iit in ntgage was re,,,i.i.,i n théoffiueof ibe Bra;9torof [leetle in snctfor i in. ou i'i ■ eighteutb diiyof ! 1845. i bonk lol on folins 177 and 178 - aud on which thcro is line -m tli" darj In reof tbc turn cifthree hiiudred and ilit Jiitlar ftnd tvvéiity-five ets, t'or ih.TecDvery ol' wiiii :i n pro :aediugal kw oruqnity have been itwtituted. X itire is hereby given, tliat Ijy viiuv ol a power of sale in laid raortgiige eoutuined einwes lliereiti ilesoribed bs follow, viz : All that uertain traót ot parael nf lnnl. lyine and beina in the towunhip of Couvia iilbreeaid, viz: The east lul! (J) "f utlieant quartor (J) of section six (li.) tliu a mili i il (4) of the wi-.-t bi'ffjy oftho saiitliaist qnarter () ofgéction s:x [(;.] bgetüer with the appurteuauces ihefftn betmiging, wtll Iw "lii :it public anctiou to ihe bighesi bidder", on ilio I8th day of8eptembe' next, al tea n'clock in the foreuoou, at the Coart Hone in the vilbtgu uf M irsliall pureuaut tu tho statuti; in sucli case made attd provided". BENJAMIN F. IIINMAX, ? M m. ,„„,,„ JUIINF. I1I.NMAN, JMortgageoi DaU-J .Iiine-Ji. 1848. ll-12w itenüy Made ElohiitL, AT WHOLESALE AND RETA TL.' HALLOi.'K & RWMOND lmve now on haud a ery large itoclt of Fiishiohjible Ready mude cloltmig, reeontly manufacturad, ml i'i the bat tnaaoer, and wliicli they me prepnred to scll, iit holosnle OT retail, at Uie lowest cas!i pnces. Ainmig their heavy ■ m iv be t'iuiid :i general assortmaut of all deaeriptioua o!' G iviuouts, suitnliie Spri aiid Barnmer wesr, sach as Bno Oashmerette. Tweeil, Orap de Ta. Summcr Cloth. Linen, and other S.ick and l"weeil Cuuts. Onsaiinore, Twh1, Plain and Fancy Liiifii.aud varioii-; other stylei of Pantaloons. Bnper Sati, ÍSilk, Bombasine, Fancy Merino. Marseilie.", &c. &.c, Vcsi. TogetUer with a vcry lurpc nssortmcnt of cfaaap, lnnibli; clolliing, "; .. : ■ ■ : m. Juvkels, V't sb, Overalls, &c. Sic, lor Spring aml Sutnraer wear. All !n waat af ready made cl'itliing, of any di scriptimj, are respecifutly invited to cali aud examine tlieir stock at lbo well lciiown ' ClothiiisEinporiiiui," corner ól Jeffersou and Woo Iward Avo ..Vet 11 STATE OK MICHIGAN, ? Co inly "fC dlioun, ss $ SHEBIFKS SAIíB n BXBCÍJTION.- By virtaeof rne e e liíion is -:p.l out oftliO i'ounty Ccturt in and for the t "■: f Culh mu, to mo dlrected aud ileliveredi in fnvornf Rirliard H. Hall, aad aguiust tlic goode itud chattels, (uul waut ihereol' then t' tiic lands and teiiemeutH) ol' tlie (lefënrtant namod in saiJ executioii, I have levicd apon ílic fi)lluwÍQg described real estale, viz : Tlie west half of lot twenty-fuur of range of blscka oumber ane iii tho village of Ilittlo Crcek. Also, all tliat certaiu piecc or par;el of land, knowu and described aí l'ollow-i. to wil : Begiuniug al :i itake outll fii'ty one (51)degro3s west seventseo aud twuuty-six luiiidredíÍJá chains from the iutersection of Mum aad .Tefferson Bti'etts, in tlie villago of Battle Creek, theuce south fit'iv-onc d;:'iecs west along tlie-ceutre of tlie National Seud, w cafled, two and nfty-abt buudredths chauia - theuce north thifty-nine oegreea west mx chaina - thunce nottb i Bfky-ouè degceeest two and filty-one liiindrcdths chains - theuce south thirty-nine degrees etta! rxebainsto tin: place of Ueginning, containiug one and íit'ty une hundredrt acres, le the saaie mire or less - tngetuer witli tlie Gxtures and iippurtenancea belang' lig lo each piece or parcol of land, whiüU I shall cx□ iga lor sale ut public anction or veiidue ai tha Conrt Hxuse iii tha vilfag of Mi;!ii!l i luuty aad State aforesaiii. on the ?th day of Ang. nest belween the lionis o' uiao o'clock and tho settiug ol' the un ' d iy. ('. I'ICKKV. S , By E. CLALIK, Depnty, Dated .I'li. 1 3 1 't . ll)f,.v ÏV--TAKEN UI by tlio ubscriber on tbe 7th dairof yy.lmio, oiusorrul bure, witii hiii'l fout wiiito, wnite strip; in tli" fjreheaJ, A!an one 1í;!i' by mire, m.uie in! (all black, star in the forebood. wi th a pnvia 011 cn liind lc", siipnnsod t bj fr.)in eiglit to ten yoai's ohl. WM. H. HAttMOX. Einttieft, .Iiino 2 1. 1,815. ll-9w INDI NCÜRE b'üRTOÓTH ACHB- warrauted freo from bII ): ni, ;iuá to be i suri: and liutiü" ctu1 for tnuth-auho. nud tho presurvátibu of deoaved teeth. - Kur salo ít the Drug Siore of A. T. HAVENS. rov e! ! h roïm: : : NEW E S T A B L I S H M ENT. rniIE DNDBRSIGNED üaving oponed i storo mie L door Sist of W. H. Clemaa's, raapactfnlly invite üie att'juüo:i ui Üie St'v h'iyini; ciimmiuity to au ex amiuitiou of tli ir Stoelt l)ifiro pnrctuuiug euewharo. StJivo. Stove pipo afiü n geuei'ui ass.irtinent of Tin nd Jappauep ware Icepi constautly on h md. Ruttle Orek, My 1. 1841 CJLiCfiJíOR' - SI GAK-COATED PBgatíivrc Pilis. Car al within the laH yearocer 800,000 persona u-Iki liad, bren lahoring under themnst ajgra Vdlcd complaiuls, and, giren v.p as kopeless cuses by the. most eminvnt physicians. JUPA &U CAR COATL .MM ARE tho iirst and ouly lueuicnie evortliscovereil that will Positívftly Cine Headache, Gijüiness, Rln'Umatiimí Pile; Dispepsia, Scnrvy, Smallnox, Jauodic, i'aius iu the bacU.Iuwiiril ■Mk, Palpitation ot Üie [ieart, EUhigin the tbroat, Dropy, Astlima, Kevers of all kinds,' rímale coinpluintR, Níeasles; Salt Rhcum. Heartburu, Worm, Cholera Morba Caugb, Coniumption, Fils. Liver CompliDiH, Brysipelas, [eat'in?ss, Iu-hof the Skin, GoltU, Norvous Complaiuts. and a variety of othér diseasea nñafng IVom raipnrities of tinr.inipil mul obstnictions in tlie organs of, digestión. It has beeu cleurly proved that nearly every to wliicli tl' hunrirtn tramé ia Wlbject, origínate trom Inipniities of the blond or derangmeuU ot' the Digestivo Organs; and to secure helth, we must remove the ui) '.rnciions or resto1e the Blond to its natural state. - Thie fact is uuiversalty knöwm bot ptofris have sneli ■ averaúiD to medicine that. uülens the case is ursien'. thev préfer tlie dt3c;iise to the cm-c. utitil au impairi Constitntiou, or a (U ofsicknexa rebukia Uiem for the f'olly uf l.heir condnet. Stili they Uncí gome excuso ; lor heretofore, medicine in alinpst all its form was nearly astïng ;i il wa's noni.'íiv'ial. nnw, liowover, the evil ii inost efifcctually rontovsd I tor Clickner's Vosetabla Purgativa Piils, bciug cninpli.'irly enveluped witl i coating of pure wlike sugaT (whicli is as distmet froin ■:;il ragredieuts BK ( mit sbc'.l t'rom the kei nel. ) ï I im taste of Molkiuu.. - But are ns ciisily swallowéd as ::iis of caudy. Moreovcr Uiey afiilier uauseate or gripe in tlie sllghtest dègi'ee, whicli is ojcassionoil ly the far.t ilmt, lln;v are convpounded on scioatitic principies aud ojierato eqiially uu all tho discased iarts ofthesystem, iustead ofconfiiiing themaelves to, and racking any paiticulnr región, (wtíieh is the grent ihü) adiuitted evil of every ötber known purgativa.) Hesce, they strike at the root of disease, remove all irapure humors iVoin the body, open tlie ports exterually aml ntenmlly. promote tiie Insensible Perspiration, obvíate Flatulency, Ile.nlache, &:c. - aeparate all foreign aiul ol)iio.inus partióles írom ibe cbylo, so tliat Ine blood, of which it is the origin, must be üionmjihly pure - 30i-ure u frtfl and hoaltliv actiou K the Hsart, Langa and Livor, and thereby Bastore Health. Even when ai' otlier means Imve failed. Tlie entife Inith ofthe abovi an be atoertained by tlie trial of a kíuu'!'' bnx ; and their viitues aro so [oiitive atld oeruin ui reiorinf Health, thal the propriotor biuds himselfto retuvn tin paid fnr them in all cases wlierc they do 110 Ldve universal satisfaction. ty All letters ot'iniiiiry or for ailvice must bo addreaseil (post paid) to Dr. C. V. CLICKENi: l. Xo. è( Vcsey rt. N'e York, or his anthbrized agesta tbroughout the country. N. B. ttemeinber Dr. C. V. Cückneucr is tbc inventor oFSugurCoated Pille, and that notlling of the sort was ever heurd of.nadlhe introducsd ihern in June, 1843. Purchasera bIiokIíI, tberefore, always a ': for OlicknerV Sugar Comed Vegetable Pilis, anti taK' no otfaers, or they will be nrelr tlie vietims of a trmil. - A. T. HAVENS, Agent, Kattle C, STATE of MICHIGAN- The Circnii Conrt lor the coilñty ol'Calli'nin - In ClianciTy. At ae?stMi of said court, li"l.l al Marshall on the 271 li i!ay ot' April, in the vea rune Ihotiii&nfl e i glit hun d red and í'orly-eg!it Freecnt Hon. Goorde itfHcs, Cireiiit Jude. ORLANDO PATEE, Complainanl. GIDEON F. SMITH. BBTSBY DUTCHER and SOLOMON DOTCHER, DelendantR. It ulMlaclorily appearirig (o ihisCunrt ihal Betsey Dutcliur and Solumon ümcher tw o ol the liefeiidaul;. in lilis cause are non-residents and that tliey reside in llic iSiatc of üliio - Oi niulion ofAbner E. Camp bell, Solietor lor ihe Comiilairiani, it in ordired lliat i lie RHtrl d . ièniliints, lielsev Duioher nd Solomo Duicher caiisft their ajjpe irance ;o be e n ten-d wilhin lliri'e monilM Innn I h dn1? ol' thi order, and Iliat in cusí: ol' tlirir i)pi;arnnne lltey cause Uieir answer to Ule complainant'd bill lo bc filed and a copy thercof'to le xvrved "n ihe COmplainaiH' Solicinr witliin, tn-pnty dnva ili'T pervioe ol s popv n' 9id Uiil and ■ otion i lus order; and in ttclatlll li.ere'ii lliat the 8ic! bill be t;ik-n a.s eonl'esseu by tiie said deitndiints Betsey Diilcher and Solomon DaO'ber. And it is lurllier ordiTed tliat within fventy days the said tomplainaot m a opy ol' tliis ordur to be publmhed in the " Mrohi)an Libertv Press" a news!aper publislied al Battle Creek, in the i:ounly ol'Callioun, and thai tlic said publicaUon bu conti nuud in faid popar ut least on-e in eacli weck lor si. weeks ín nocession, or llial lie auea cnpy of t li i -s ordur lo b' peíHonilly served on the said delendants Betuiy Dutclier and Solomon Du'ciier at leaal twentv days bel'ore the time jbuve prescribed f "r app'-n ranee. (A tfue copy) JO1I. MEACI1KM, Register. Ahnkr E. CiMPRF.i.i.. Si)lic:itor lor Cnmplainant. 5-6 cw 'I'niloriiig Establishment. TUE SUBSCftlBÊR huving opessil a hop lor business in tlie village of Battle Creek, 011 Jeftersoii st., iienrly opposite the Baltle Creek House, wönld re&pectl'ully anuounce lo the citizens nf the vcv and Burrouudiug couutry, that hc is uow prepareu (ut pperatioas in the Tailóriug Business. Haviug ihc oHperience of mnuy yeirs in the trade, and ly ihs nibstnutiitl matHier aud elegance of' siylc in wliicli hs 'n iv iii liis work, hu tnistB li'; s!m! bo aMn to RatifttV and piensa thusn wlm may lie disposM lo test liis aktH f'H" themselves - and, therefore, solicit-i a ehtae of )u!i!ic patronage, ['articular atteiitiapi wijl le poiJ to the falBlment of engHgementa us njearthc time as Pnces auapted to the timen, and the reoeipts for payment i theenmmun ciirreiiuy of tho couutry. Cuttin done tn order. J. S. MEACfJAM. B:ttlo Creek, June 10,1048. 9-3m Tf m swk. asa - riVE CANTÓN TEA COMPANY has been popular_L ty knowii for m.iny years. Tliis ia the largest and aldea Tim Bstablhthinent in Araeiion. The public havo huil t'ull pmoroftUeir iutegrity mdrednonsibUity. Tlieir scrupulpx regard to all principies tnat teud lo elévate the diameter of a tafee Iioms.. is wel] nnilerBtontl, and haa ilro.nlv Bocured thcm:i conaeclion, prol; i ! I v , laryi-r tliau ill otliei' Tea Eitabliahmoiits V!. and thcy consöque'ntly ate détermined io m-11'1Vi. porpr, more fhgrut and erfeot ft thoprioès, ia the'aggregat9f tii m a.i y h rU86 in liie world Kvery packiwe, (in addition to it-i contaiuing FÜLL WEIGHT, iudependant of the wrapper,) beurs the Btainp of iH'atiHiüa and eleriuice, and the Teas therein aru su tboroughly secund from lightaud air, thattheir ([ualiiyaud power wil! reirnin wnimpaired in any climate. A. T. HAVENS, Agrnt, Batt'o Creek. 4 Tiib Factory. THE SUBSCRIHER takcs jilonsure in informing tha public tliat he luis resuraed tlic business of Tulj nrikiug ïintl 13 reinly to aupply the public with jirticles of liis nnii'ifiif.tnro on as i.'enou;ible tornis as any otnor entabluhmeuL in the State. He propmet t mannfactare aotliins bui Waah'Tub, and lie will gaarantco tbnt all wüikslitll in; of the bcitqnality, Thepatrouage ol'tlie publia is olieited. E. DAILEY. BatitvCréek May. 19 ISfR. J PI 10 USO X lias oporcí-d a ílinp. one iloir East ol , Broks' Hardware store, Main l-, Bí'ÜeCreek, tur iliu in ■.mii'jciure und sale ol' llit; varions descríp, linh ófBdo ■ nil Shoe.j. PaHienlur ttntftH will he given I" Lidies' Moroco waikin;; .■-hoe, Gailcr, Ol(era and 'ips. The lirst ijiiality of stocli iinly will be u''d and tlie IichI ol' workm.n employed n iis m-inutiici iir. Persona dvaifOUfi o' a Hrt rale fit and i durable ariiclu will please K!Ve ''''" íl A" the above kcpl oon-Lantly oí hand and made lo ordur. HUe watiied n exch-inge lor t:ash rr work. Re ■ ci)ll:'ct the niiuiber. One d'r Bast ol'ilaouksBattle C-eek. Miy 13, 1648. 5 JUST RBCKIVUp ('rom Ni-w YorU, a splcndid as. poriiuent of U:ljei and chiliiren Siraw Honnets, consisiin in part ol Tuscan, Pedul Braid Lace, Fancy Bruiíl a:ul Split Siraw. ALSO- A lnt o' bcantiful new ntyle Rilibons, not forgnt'in; a clioice aHurUHonl of prinled LawnH, Org:indy Muslin nal Suolch Ging'iam uftlie finest iiiiality- ehoap Cor oash. 5 BROVVN & BREWSTEK. THOdB INDBBTED tu the Bubscribef, -11 pleaao not vvatfi tor tlip bsll to rin , bofore oalbing bs the CaptuiiiH O. Hbo tn Settle, BHttlo Creek, April, 1818. OSGOOD. Qliull lime, coartaatly nn hand for salo at .1, A ' fN Jtfmht A C1'' . .nivp f hop. Ttmtle Cr"-U. 90 UNRÍVALLED ATTRACTIOIÜ AND&EEAT BARGAINS! C. WAKELKE & Co., Aro now receiving nt their Store, in the BiicU T!loe!. ncnrly opposite tlio American Hotel, nn ontiroly new nnd ganeral nssorlment of MERCHANDIZE, consisting ia part of the fullowing articles- ISrn-ul Clotlis, LruviLs Dross Miills, Hals Caps. K;mcy Cassimeres, yhawls, Boimets, Polmand Legliorn Huta, Satincm. Slieetings. Graci C.uxl Asaortment Of Surumcr Blue aud Brown Drillt, Toa. Ooffee, Gouds, Bnggi Prfnts of all l'rices, Kiniuc'cv .' Tobacco Cigars, Qinghams, - Scotch, American, Cotton Yarn and Wfirp, Orockery, andEnglish. Booto mío Shoe. Nail, Afnll OineliRm, Ledie' Slips .t Tica, Glass, &c, Szc, l'iuneila 'ÊootB, &c, Cotton Batllo Wadfling, &c., ie. &c, HARDWARE, PAINTS, OILS, DYE-STUFFS. The stock is entirely new ind wéll selected, and houglit ut such ratps is will enable the subcribew to srll very oheip, dpfying competition. Those who want atiy aiticlo in their line, will do well to cali, as tlie iiiduceinmifs offeríid nre unusual. Any qnantinj of Wonl and Country Produce wantctlfor tchicñ thc HigJtcst Trice u-'ill be pata. Buttl Cici'U.'Ciilhoun courity, Michignn, June, 1848. 7-Gin JAMES A. BA1LEY, m SHOE ANO LEATHER DEALER, ÜATTLE CREEK, M., Keeps constaiitlv on handoud for salean y, sortmeiit nf anieles in liis line, consistingol f BOOTS, HOES, LUTBBB. fffl Trimmiogí, &e-, &e-, and fe 'nle chesp. Jr:; ■.'; The subscriber woukl rewiectfuKy say to ;'; . .se who desire a GOOD FIT. and a tasty W& Fasbionablc Boot, or Sboe, í-i; fi'ñ And iit 1lie siinie time duruble, that he is pn ?V pared t. oxéente ordnrs i;i Boh i maanera8 j-s TO DEFÏ COMPÜTITIOJÍ, k. HaTÍng the bost of material and every 5'.:: SJñ ity iicfsary to eratlfy thc particular triste of K g SÍQ every indmdual - m sheirt to suit tlie mos i'liiii-. Biiop, Mhíii st., opposite Riick yjn -; Bbck. Hides wanted, tmd the higUoet pried S j ;, ■ W ÍSTAR'S BALSA OP WIL CHERRT. The Grcal Rcme.dyfnr Lung omplainU and all Affcctions of the Respïratory Órgans. Y13 WISH tobedütiiictlyuiicier'tood that eVery eertificate and statement of core performed by Wistai-s Bdsam of Wild Chery, which we Btrictly truc. We givc naines nnd dates, aml invite the closest aerutiny, and challenge the most rigid iuquiry usto the autbeuticity of our statement- knpwing Ml woll that i kuowledge of fucts, as to the great snperiórity of the medicine, is alone ñeceasáry to insun: its use, in prefereiice to any otherremedy, ora'-y physician's prescriptioiii This ís atroog language. For n prooi' of its u-uth examine whal folluwi : Mr. Jineph I. Yuuugtove ;- Sïr- As a duty I bwe to the cominunity, nnJ pn'rrtoalarly tho nfflicted, I w state that I lmve beon foüuuin!rr of ycars Irtboi'mp: rader diícnso aml wcikucss óf tliu Hmst, which caused meto coiiüli a great deal, ukI produced a ctinseqnent ; lebility olmy syetem to sucha deiree tliai t was with dimcalty I coulil walk, tn do which, even j wat a hort diatance, I experiael great fatigas. I lail varioiis medicines recoramended to me, which 1 ised without aiiy beheficïal effecto wliaWver, nntil I aroenred a bottie f Wistar's Balssm of Wild Cherry. I iheuseofone bottle Bffin'ded relief, oniirclv relieving ne ofcough. and restoring my lungs to healthy action. The use of it for a short time iucrensed my general ien!th and strength to such au exteut t hut I was strougir and more heaïthy than i had been for raanyyears ttcFura. From tlie tnal 1 have made of tne medicine 1 1 can coutijently reamneaend it as a powerful touic. and and a cei'tain cure for affections of the lungs unl;s3 it mav bc in cases of consumplion, obstinate .nd of long standing. JAMES A. LEWIS. Mai-ch 7, 1340. Bowling Green, Ky. CQNSUMPTIVB PATIBNTS ! i Will please read the following statement from the ! risba Crazette. The inorednloni are invked to read tho "ollowing uoto from R-.:v. Mr. Coldron, whoso diameter . for tmt i and veracity stands abo. e siispicion. and have tbeir doubts dispolled as to the sopaariority of Wi lialsam oi' Wild Cherry, over all ollier remedies 1 fove the public of the same character: Corydos, lud., Jan 23, 1848. Itisnoless a duty than a pleasure to state, for the Ixwefit of tlie afflicted, that I cousider Wistar's Balsam , of Wild Cherry, a great blessing to the hamAn race - Having tried it in a case of severo afflietjonof theluags. I Qohesitatingly reanumeiid it to those similarly afflicted, as the best remady [have ever tried, aad une whieh cured me wbeu PhysiciiuM Baid I ïnustdie, and hen I thoii"ht mvself that my time to ilepart was nesr at hand. WILLUM COLDBON. Tfaere is n ditïerence between ;' Wistar's Balmm of Wild Charry" and all othor preparatioiis of Wikt ry. The true and geuuiue Balsnm, as sold by uu, contaiiw. btsides the extract ofwiUl cherry bark. other medical agen ts of great character and effieaoy m the curo ofcouu'hs, colds, and genere.1 diseases of the eins; and inug. lint all important differesce betweeu tliM medicine and 11 otlters of the kind is that Wistars Ballam cures, whilo other remedies give only temporary relief to the sufferer. SoldbyJ. ü. l'ARK. (successor to SANDFORD & l'ARK.) Fourthand streets, Ciucinnati, Ohio. General A geut for the South and West, to whom all orders mustbe adreksed. A. T HAVBNS, Battle; Oomstock, & H al sey Marshall; I). A. MoNair. Kal imazoo ; H. A. Goodyear Hastiugs .! Uiveu a Co. De r .it. 9 ISIS. ?■ 'iMËËMSËËÊÊ 1848. II U - T & UOBY, STOiUGE, FORWARDIXG & COMilIISSIOX MEllCHANTS, VunkooM, Fooi of Hules Srcct, Uelroll. Agente for Troy rnid Western Line. No transbipment ut Allwny or Troy PaOFRttTORS. - Rice. Olapp & Co.. No. 31, Coenties Slip. New Yorkï r. S. Bterobery & O"-, corner Front and Doek slreets, Buffalo. S. J. Newcomb, L. Wlmif, Boston, R. Robïuson, PÍ6r, Afbany, Agents. Algo, Agent for the Waf biugtuo Liu. PRopiUEToi-s. - James Grilley & C'!, -1!) Qnny st-. AlbflDy, [kaao .lennnc, 12ó Brnad st., New Yorn, Conts & Fuïjjer, No. ID Central Wliarf, BiiíKilu. Agenta. Liberal Cashachrance taadeatiU timeopon propwty deatined 6w Baateru Markets, or lor salo here. 2-tf Apotliccaries Hall TH1S well known rlionp etablibment i stfll iu blast ui oM gtand n Eagle Block- now mon al] men presente, tuat liere is the place where i good aasortmeut of para, uiuulnltcriitL'cl. genuine medicinef may be found at low prices. Here may be found ala i tena, sreoa and black, of Boperioi (nnifity, splces, ginger, chivo, mace, citrem, ie. Sec., together with paiut? uib, jy-Btuffs perfumary, pen kiftves, trinkets, foys. steel beads, etc, etc, ai] of whichare snlil cheap,chap ebeap. At tha Hal] may ba fouud n general assortment of the most npproved aud efficiënt pstent medicines, for the ooré bf wvera, agnet, cough, cbH, eonianptian, pi'es. wouuds, bruUcx and putrifying sores. In a word, for the cure or relief oi all the illa whic.b Hesh is lieir to. Shonld nny beYuitÜlesB, letthem cali; they sliall have the PROOFS. N. B. Don't misüikc the place- 'tis iu Eagle Block next to Bucklfv's corner. public Xolicc. W BARBAS mv wife Sosan ha (Ataiaed articlef at düToiciit place unknown to mu for which slie has úsed credit and thereby nvolved tne in debt to large innnnnt. This. therefore, is to forbid all persons mnt. ing lier on my acoouat as I will pay uo debuof hsr con tiactiug niter this date. RICHARD [X] GCDSMARK. Bidlorc), .Tune .r, lü-ia. 8"3w %, T()IU.ACKSMrni.S - Anvto,YÍce'Stedgeand jTAbind ham mar, sorèw platei, aud sir i. ■ - ntr-o r'ir.'K Vp i ::. Ifï 48 Ctieap Drug Store. THE SUBSCRIBER has leeu enlarginfr his store, and receiving large uldijiim to hisstock i r : ■' ils. nuil i now prepared u vil upon all his uld customers, and as ïnany new ones as please to give liini a cali. Yihi will Bnd every nrtiela usually kept in a Drug Store, inctading I'ainis, Oils, Dye Wooda, Patent Medicines, nuil t grent variety oforticles in ibis lepirtment. logetlior with a In1":."1 stock of School Bouks. DOOKa for town librarles, Bbinfcsaud Blauk Boocb, Letter, Fnobeap and Wrappiiig Paper, fancy Stationtry, Jewelry' Musical [ustnxmeut8 &c-, &c. Thia is agehoy oftlie Cantón Tea Company and familiefl oan be sapplied with a chnioo article, nnd at a l:)v piico. All kindfl of Groccrie eau le found liere, aud tlie prices are jast rigbt to suit thoso who wigh to bay eli" -- Hhyaicians, Merchante, Fedirrs, Farmers, and in shorl all can tnake money b) calling,aa I am determinad not t.i be UNDEK8OLD, either at wlioleaale or retail, by any similar establishment tliie side of N'cw York. A. T. HAVENS Baltic Creek, April, 13, 1848. Iloivell Tcmperance House. TIUS Establtshtneut, Sitoated nearly nppositc tlie Court House in the viflage of Uowell, has agaio coüh: uta lïu1 hands of its former proprietor anti occupjut. vh.) ís now prepared to accomm idatc a portion ut' the travelling public in a quietan. 1 comfortablu manuur This Rouge will lirkept ns formerly uponstrict Temperauce principies withoutnn exclusive refsrance tothe profits of the business op:;rations. The subscriber foclssssurcd from tlic very liberal support this house bas formely receired, tbut his eflbrts in tlie canse of Teraperance-wRl bc fully rewarded, his motto is stitl "' liiberty and Tornperance" E. F. GAY. Howell tivingstong Co. May 15lli 13-1S. STATE OF MICHIGAN, i Comiiy of Cathoun, ss. WHE REAS, Hernán Coplea lias this d.iy presentod his petition. ilul y verified, to tho Probate Court for Siï'ul uounty. prayiu.ï fcir reasous therein set furth, that he may le appoiuteu Administmtor of llie estáte of Stephen Greenleftf. late of Battle Creek, deceased - notice is thertfore heroby given, that the cousideration of said petition be postponed nn( il the 30th day of June, instant, ut one Ócloek, I'. M.. at tlie Probate office in Marshall, where all persons interented ca;i appear and show cause (ifany therebë) why ihe prnyerpfaaid petition sliould nut lig granted. Aud t 8 'i roby direofod thattliisnotice he pnhlished in the Michigan Liberty !Ye.s, a nevv3 puper priuted and cirtilatiug in said oounty-, fur tbree weeks successivi y. prior to the tim ■■ of heaiiug in the premises. II. A. NOYES, Jtule of Probate. Dated at M irsliill, fi, 1843. H-3v IHilIinery. ga MRS. PIF.RSOX has recently opened a MillinedËÊt ry Esta4lislimcnt on Main sfreet, at the dweiling CöL housa fonnerly occuj)ied by E. L. Stiilson, Esq. Her present stock was oareially Bclecteti this epiin in the city of Mevv York, and consists of ClihiesiPearl, Rice Straw, French Gymp, Petiil Straw, Neopolitan nnd Florence Braid; a variety of silks for bannets einbroidereil rillons. strow friuge. anificial borders, face trimnuugs, band-boxes, &c, all of the very latest style. Dress nwking in all its various branches, and according t(ï the latestfü iliioo. Platea of Fashious will be received regularly fróm New York. Bonnets altered or dressed over neatly and Kpeedily, at moderate rates. Battle Creek, June 3, 1348. 8 " Iïo?l Vonv Horses?' THE SUBSCRIBE K wouid iiifonn nddle and and Hnrness buyinjr public, that i" '" on hand. t i.-, Coastaotly manufactoriiig,Siu.ldles, Harneas, Bridlw, Halters, Tr'uuks, Trunltoes, Valieces, Carpet Bags, Wbip, jfce.', &c., wlricti willbeherehfterSolü for Cash - and t'ashonly - at prioes down, down, down so low you will ihink :o stole the stock, or that their is somo mistake about it. Cali and see. Dont forget your Pocket Book.Shop on Main St, oppositethe " B. Creek House"- Sign of the mammoth Collor. Battle Creek, pnl, 18 18. R. R. OSGOOD. Carpentev's Tools. AGOOD nsgortment will be fouiid at the hardware atore in Baltle Creek, consistingof broad axes, adz's e. s. and common augurs, long md short jointers. jack planes, smooth ditto, nollowBand rounds, skew and rabbit planee, brads, match planes, base ditto, grrcian ovatoSfSash planes, plcoxghs, aaw seis, (a oew arpíele) bruce BJid hits, augur bits, steel squares, innrked to 12ths, slick new mngnff, scotch üyay áud hindostau oil stones, all of which will be sotd cheap. AilminÍMli-ntor S:ilr, TVTOTICE is hereby trivsn thatby virtae of an crder of 1M Sale ïiautöJ by tho Judge ol Proba!" of.dte County of Calhoun to the andetsigned, adininistrator cf the estáte of Thomas Willson, deceased, late of the Township ol' LeRoy in said County - I.shall sell ut public vondue to the hÍL'hcst bidder, at tlie lï-ittle Creek liouse in ibe village of Battle Creek in the Cüunty aforsitid on tlie lt, day if July next between the hours of one and two o'clook in the afternoon of that day, the folio w■ng deecribed real estáte to wit: Six Lotaoa Block Six in Erfst Bttle Creek in said Connty being the four lí.ist Lots and tne two lyiog soath ol lots lutely owued by one Edmuiid Astley. C E. PACKER Admioiêtratot. Datd May 17; 1843Invaliuible Coin.jRHíon SIX Locturuson Cauie, Vreventionand (Jure of ConBamption, Asthraa. Diseasei ui' the Heart, and all Female Disenses. v;34 Pigci, 23 eugraviug. Paper 50 ets; bound 75 ets. Mail toanypart - postado 9 1-2 et. Bhóuldei Braoea and Cbest Expanders. $ü. Mail to nny part. SO ets. poitage. Inlnüng Tubes, Silver, :i. by mail. letter posta gs. Abdominal Supporters, narfect, Í : to 10,foral! Ruptores, Fallingof the Bow èls and VVomb, and Wi' ik Blek. and Clu-st ; sent by ExpresB every where. For Bracos w Supporters, or Rupture Supporters, give height &pfn head to foot, and eiren ml'eienco of person next the surface, jnst nlxive the hiis. If Raptaré, mention which sidë. Agouts wanted for the sale of the above goods. Address Dr. S. S. FITOH, 707 Broadway, .New York, post paid. Kcb. 2 1, 1848 Family Ilibles SO ARRANGRD that the books, ch-tptors. Src. may be read aa i:io conueeted history. Also. commercial audfaucy e-nvoli prs. tissae, perfurnted and l i 1 1 e t paper, Napoleon and his Marshals, and Washington and his Generala, &■., &.$., jast reooived at the drag ore of April h', i:;i;;. A, T. HAVENS. Estray. OTRAYED or stolen, from the Town of Rnttle Creek, O oue Erench, one two year old Colt, brown color. The Horte isa sorrel, nine years pld, with a roue bead. heavy mano and tail, heavy limba and a fasl I racker. Auy one gjiving information through tlie i'oiU Office wlit.-re said horsos inav be found. ehaül re.-eive a liberal reward. DAMEf, DEAL. arslial Ho:isc, by h. KINGSBIJRY. Marsh all, Mjchij Ki N ii ■'- nnd S i o fs Js?Jis J y of V Y f COLLEGE OF IJEALTIJ, 907, Main strett. Huyalo A'ü York DR. G. C. VAUGBN'S Vegetable Lithontriptic Mixture. rniIIS celebvuted reniedy is constnntly increasing in X fame by the many cures it ia rnnkinpr all over th world. Il bas now becorac tho ouly medicine tok FAMir.r DSE, and is particttlarly reenmtnonded for DR0P8Y: all stage of hi complaint irmnediately rulieved, 110 matteruf how loug standing. See Pampblet lor tcstimony. GBAVEL, and nll discaecs ofilic urinnry organs: for these distreesing coraplaints it stands alone: no otber arliclc cari relieve yon ; nnd t;'" cnres tmtified towiil conviiicc the most ceptical : Livor Complaillt, Billioii" diseases, Kever and At-ue. To the Great West especialI., siid wherevei" i' ie cotcplaints prevai) 1'uU Bied;ciup is offered. No matorinl :iïcnt. uo dclsterioni rompomut is a part of this mixture, it cures these discases witli certaiuty and celettty, oud doet nol leave the ystem torpid. Sec Fsmphlet. PILES, a complaint of a most pninfol chámete)-, i iinmedimely rel ie ved, nnd a cure followa by a few df use of tliia article : il is far befora a:iy olher prepnratii i for Ihia disease, ór lor fi:iy other dliease origiuating from impur" blood. - Se pamphlff. DEBIIJTY OF THE SYSTEM, wenk back. wcat. iicss of the Kidneyg, fi.c. av nflnroation nfsr.nie. is itn mediately relievé'd by :i few Hnys itae of thi medicino; and a cure is always tho rerelt of ita üêe. It stiu-.ds af a certain remedy for buch complaints, and ttlso lor dorangeroeut ofth lcranle frame. ir.egiOaritles, rapprei"i mi-, painfnl menstraatiuns. No lias ever been oflered except this wliich wouM touch this kind of drranpoments. It may b relied pon as n sure and effective remedy, and did we feel permitted to do ctnnld (ave a thougand tMBMsas proof of cures in tiiii dutrening class of eomruainte. All broken down. dcl)ilitited constitutions trom the effect of roerenry, will find the br;iciiiï power of the artirlo to net imtnediately, and the paisonous mineral eradicated from tbo EBüPTIVE DIREARES will find tlia alternativo properties of thia article to purify the blood, a'ul drivi such diseases from the syeiein. 8e pampWct for te3timony of cures in all diseases, whichtne limits of nn rulvertisement will not permit to b named licrc. Asreiitpive tlicm away ; they contain 32 parres of certificate of hiph charncter, and a stronger nrray of tbc proof of the virtuee of a medicine, nevèrappenred. It is ono of the peculiar features of this article that it never failn to br'iiefit ia any c;is8, and if borie and miisclc are left to build upon 'let the emaciated and linsering invalid HOPE ON", and Reep taking tbc medicine as long as there is au mprovcmtmt. The proprietor would cautioa tiie public aprainst a rurnber of anieles wllich come out under the head of Sarsaparillas, Syrups. Ze. as cures for Dropsy, Gravel. &c.: They aré good for nothing, and concockted to gull tiie unwary; touch them not." Their inventora nerer thought of curing 8Uch dis 'ases lili t'nis articlo had done it. A particular stmly of the pamplilet is e.-.rnes.i]y solicited. Airoi.ts and :i1l win) -II llic nrtlcir aro n,u tn grotulously. Pump in :in oi.bntili-, nt$2t lioz. doattt oacb - tb larircr holding fi oz. more tlüin Iwo small botllc. Look out ana notget imposed iijion. F.vory liotlle "Vaillthn'i Veïetnbl Ltthontript'c Mixture," blown upon Ibe glnss, ihe writtrn lgntitilrrof " G. C. Vruphn" on thf fliroctions, at, 1 ■' (ï. C. YhuítIiií, Ruffnlo," sinmped on tht rorle. No otlior arn genuino. Prisparcrt' bv Dr. O. fl. Vaurhn. and soitl al thn. principjil Afile. 21T7. Miin treet, wholnsule :nrt ri'üiil No tti-misnriWMi tolf 1ters Hlllnai post paul - orlers frotn regularly cntiPtiliURtl ALrfint exesptml: post paid lotlers solicitiiigndvice, prouiplly alleuilad to, gmis. Officia devotüd i-xclusivi-ty to tlif sale of this article- 133 - san st. Ne York citv ; 235 F.i-scx st. 5ali-m MáRs.; nnn1 by ths principal Dr.ijjists througliotet tho ünitod Stale aiid Canad fis AiMits. For sal by 7to,dcl A. T. HAVENS. Battle Creek. G & J. G Ilill anrl J. O von A Co.. D't.: M.ivnnrds. Ann Arboi; F.. S.impton Ypsilanli; J. Breckford Suliuo, Mich.: F. SrrTü Poncord : Hall. Smitli & Dnnham. OmraLakx; D. C. Whiiwooi D"Xipr; T. Wheelork. ADiion; W. Jacksou.Lpraii i A. C Goodric1!. PaPaw J T.Claphnm. Ri'r-w.n; Brnn êt Scott. Schonlcrafi ; J. C. Irfinmare, Hiln J L.Tobvft (.. iniiort; andO.H. Ilyd, Marshall. J, V. OWEN", TravHIÍDjr Ag't. Cirocerics at Wholesale. The subscriber offor3 a veiy large and wrll seiocled s'ock of heavy bc cb 3 jü J.-t. 3ac Tors 5 9 At lowesl possibie pnces, and on tlio mostaccomm daring i ring. Aiso, a Inrge and fnll new stock of DYEWOÜDS and DYE STUKFS, and Woolcn Manufacturer's iílafbínery, Wilh a heavy und carefully neleeted Bssortment of' Piiintii Oil a ii tl G i a 9 j. Also tbe following genu!ii ORL'GS & MEDICINES- 200 ou'.ices Quinine 200 11. Gum Opiun, (hott 30 do Morplmie cropj 25 do Indine 50 do Calomel, (Eng.) 40 do Hyd. de Fot 2 bbl. Caoiphor 10 do Strychuine 5 do Bnlphar 2 Cases Rhabarb 5 do Epsom Solti 1 do Jallnp 5 do Glauber do 2 do Magnesia 2 do Creim Tartat 2 do Borax 2 do Castor Cil 2 do Liquorico 10 do Alcohol 2 do Sup'i. Carb. 1 bsle Sennu Soda 2 CRBK.h Sal Suda 2 do Tartarlc Acid. 1 case Sal Roehelle. THEO. II. EATON". 80. Jefforson Avenue, Detroit, adjnining K. & M. Br.nk. f3?" REMOVED SINCE THE FIBE. 8 200,000 Cásh Capita!, Wilk a Perpetual Charter. The ï'ihp Firc IiiNiirmicc Co., of Ilnrlfard, (l. THTS Company bas been in successful Qperatinn lor more t han i qnarter of n crntnrv. ani from itnprompt anti honnrubl.) mode cf ailjastirtg losscs. bat oever been dishonared at borae r abi'oaJ. lt h:is puid, witbin the last two yeare, $4,üG0 for lo#ses sustainnd by fire ïti thi.s connty. Volieies issued, insuriug against the loss or dumag by lire, on DWEWLLIKG HOlSr, HANliF ACTQKItl STORES, M1I.LS. FÜRSITUIII, WÁRlt HOUS55, prodvce is STonir. cncnriiES, mul nio:i nll kiiuls of Insurablo I'i'opcitv, a'. I,QW CATES. Any loss wh'ili thin coinpnny inny sn&iuin on rislcs taken at hia agency, will le liborally ailjustod by tho agent lirre, accordm'g to tbc usagres of the best Fire componies in tlie coantry, nnd wilh promptnes6, in nioney qarïeut in tho city oL Pow Ydrk. Tliis camptny has never cbutestod a loas in the cit.v of New Yor!;. In ease diflerences slionlcl ariso tonching any Iofs or damage, the company h pledged, by a resnluiioii of tlie Bourd of Directora, to submit the tamo to arbitrators, iiulilierenily cliosen. oratthe npinion oftlieliisured. TdOS. K. BRACE, President S. L. Loomis, Becretary. t1" Application for Inaii raneo, or tlic renevvalof poL ires. anil all business connected with the ofBco, May be made to the subserioer. duly appoitited Bgeut, witu full power to rec.eive piopoRaÍ0 and iscue pólices ou. tenns as favorable as anv office iu ilie stntn. JOSEl'H C. KRINK. A pent. OfHce, No. í Court HouseMarshall, Dec. 7, 1817 To Phyuiclan. "yOU CAN fnid at the A.pothecariei Hall qniüine, Io-Hiine, sulj)h. morpliiue, indine inin. Acétate mnipli hyd. potass, piperine, oil voleriuu, stryebnine. rstpt.o:;mIp iron, salicine, ferrocynato irnn, aiul ali ollier vtirietiesof mediciue,cluipr thaa at any otilar stovei n western Michigan. J. TAYLOR. Scliool Bnoks (T1HEY DO SAY thnt Havens b9 the best foolucitp, X letter and billet paper, and that ho sella books lower tliau at any other eotabliahmctti in town. Callan s for yourselvpi. Tí ttc lnblic. BKIFG ibliged by ill-hcaltli to lUsooutinn nbövo business, all nu inu.tbe ar without delsy. I will be fouud at the sh.up' of ."'aihau Durfde whoreall mv fartneT contract fbr work will lo folfillod. 1 JOHNCALDW.1 Item oval. THE Tniloring Establistjmeutof W ■ rcv, ved to McCamly's Bkxik,,the uwiwr Bre, ivliere he will be glad to waiton bisold wistoipersad all new ones who m:iy favor liim with a all. School Books. aüHLS, Steel Pon. Pen-Hölilerj, OISck, Blue kI Red Ink, Wafere Salteg-W'az, Letter Staaips. &■ lor ait ciii'ap at tbs Al'OTHECARlES llt,l„ Eaglo Biook I ixzbOl&G'S. J BWRI.ll V nmlf:mev eoodsnttlloe