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The Forests Of Oregon

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It is more especially in the forest that the grand, ihe picturesque, the sublime, the beautiful, form the most singular and fantastic combination. From the loftiest giants of the forest down to the humblest shrubs, all excite the spectator's astonishment. The parasites form a charaeteristic feature of these woodlands. They ding to the tree, climb it to a certain height, and then letting their tops fall to the earth, again take root - again shoot up - push from branch to branch - from tree to tree, in every direction - until tangled, tvvisted, and knotted in every possible form, they festoon the whole forest with drapery, in which a ground work of the richest verdure is diversiiled with garlands of the most varied and many colored flowers. In ascending the Columbia, we meet, from time to time, witli bays of considerable extent, interspersed with handome little Islands, which, thrown as it were, like groups of flowers and verdure, presentía charming spectacle. Here the painter should go to study his art - l)ere would lie find the most lovely scenery, the most varied and brilliant coloring. At eveiy step die scène becomes more ravishing, the perspective more noble and majestic. In no otlier part of the world is nature so great a coquette as here.