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Kerrytown Constitutional

This week let’s explore the historic Kerrytown district in downtown Ann Arbor. Kerrytown’s brick streets, bustling businesses, restaurants, and The Ann Arbor Farmers Market are a distinctive, vibrant and beloved part of town. It’s now much more pedestrian friendly and the roads have been resurfaced after a big renovation last year. Before you start out on this exploration print out this map.  

This badge is 100% wheelchair and stroller accessible - it’s all on sidewalks. There is travel up and down hills on Fourth and Detroit streets.

We will start our journey at the SE corner of Detroit St. and Catherine. If you see carrot shaped bike racks and you are on the same side of the street as the Farmers Market you are in the correct spot! To locate your first game code walk a little and locate the “Market Place 303 Detroit Street” kiosk/directory.  There is only one business on the Third Floor. This two word business name is your first game code.

Now you want to walk down the market a bit until you get to a crosswalk so you can keep going down Detroit St. towards Zingermans’ Delicatessen.  Be sure to cross safely. Keep going towards the deli until you are directly in front of the brick/deli portion of Zingermans and locate their turquoise/orange/bright green directional sign (it has many ARROWS on it). Your next game code is the two word heading of the fourth listing on the sign.

Keep on walking down Detroit street - safely cross to the other side of the street so you can be on the look out for the light blue Treasure Mart resale shop! If you have never been to Treasure Mart you are missing out! Check out their website and make sure to visit during their open hours. To find your next game code look at the front of the Treasure Mart and on the far right front of the building locate the small brass plaque with a tree on it from the “Ann Arbor Historic Building.” The two words on the second line of the plaque (above the year) is your next game code.

Next keep on walking down the hill. When it starts to curve you will be near a business called HUMAN ELEMENT. At the front of their building they have decorative handrails made to look like something in nature. The one word, PLURAL name for the plant depicted is your next game code.

Keep walking around the curve until you get to the crosswalk (to the left around HUMAN ELEMENT) that will allow you to cross BEAKES street. Once you cross keep going to your right and then turn left down SUMMIT street. You will be walking towards Wheeler Park. Keep walking towards Wheeler Park and then enter the park. Go past the basketball court and look for the four wooden benches that all face a piece of roundish metal sculpture in the plaza. These benches were donated by the same organization. The three words after ANN ARBOR on the plaques is your next game code.

Now you want to leave the park and walk UP the hill on Fourth to go back towards where you came.  While on Fourth you will pass the Bethel A.M.E. Church. To find your next game code look at the church and write down everything after “REV.” All of these letters will be your next game code (ignore the periods).

Keep going up Fourth and then cross Beakes again (be safe- people drive very fast here). Keep going and then cross Kingsley street. Keep going down Fourth until you get to Catherine street again. Cross over so you are on the same side of the street as NO THAI! and the People’s Food Coop. The Coop has green signs with white writing on their windows advertising what is inside. Your next game code is the two words on the sign between the “local cheese” and “fresh meat” signs.

Keep walking until you arrive at the corner of Fourth and E. Ann. Cross Fourth street to where you see a green, freestanding historical plaque on the curb. The front of the marker commemorates the historical African-American businesses and churches that built the Kerrytown area. For your final code, find the business on the marker labeled "Sanford McKinney's Shoe Shine." Your final game code is the three words that make up the second part of that business. You have now reached the end of your journey! Now you have time to shop the stores and explore on your own!

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I enjoyed walking through Kerrytown. I hesitated to go since someone reported having so much trouble finding the last clue. I found it quite straightforward. Thanks for a fun time.


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