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Zingerman's Baked

To find this game code you must head on out to Zingermans Bakehouse and locate our game code in their window! The game code will be visible 24/7, but the hours for the Bakehouse 7am-7pm in case you want to buy something delicious! The Bakehouse is located at 3711 Plaza Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48108 and their # is 734-761-2095 While you are there make sure to find the game code at the Creamery too. 

Fans of Zingermans mark your calendar for the return of the Zingermans Tasting Event at the Downtown Library on Wednesday, July 10 from 2-4PM. 

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When the Tasting Passports are ready we will release a badge pointing you to it with specific instructions on how to earn it - but note: the passports will not be at the library they will be at Zingermans. Stay tuned to our badge drops on Fridays at and you will get all the details! Thanks for playing!


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