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Song Of The Sea-nymph

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I havk come frora the darkness of ocenn's deep caves, Where I sport with the billowg and dance on the wave8 ; Will yo fist to my sona? O ye piTgrirüfl of enrth, And ï'll aiiig of ' my liorna and_, tho place of my bii-th. Where the wild ocenn God lulls the blue wave to . . And in beauty ond joy sport tho nymplis ot tlio deep, I have built my nright'cell of the coin! so fair, And ricli gema in tlieir brightness are glittering the 10. 0 ! niortnls more fuir than the poet cun dream, Are these realms faintly lit by the sun's misty beam ; And no tale that he sings of war, cnrnnge and blood. Is more jire than the scènes tlwt have darkened tho flood. 1 have seen theproud bark as in gladness she flew, Like a beautiful bird, o'er tho fiice of the blue. In an instant go down inid tho wild surge's ruar. And her crew and her treasures were heard of no inore. The loud trumpet of war has been heard on the mnin. And Old Neptune has drank tho red blood of the slain : Far down 'nenth the dark wave I saw tbem nt rest - Silent, dreamless, and cold were ihe pillows they preajed. F rom the sceno of his faino the bravo chioftain snnk low, And I twined a bright wreath for his fair, youthful brow ; Sang üie requiem 'sad o'er his cold dreamlesa sloep, Tlien lefl him to sluinber inid pearhs of the deep. When the shndows of night like abanner unfurled, I Wns shrouJing in rJnrkné.BS the watery world. i Wliei) the sailor his hammock had qaietly prossed, And the sea boy was dreaining of home, joy and rest. I llave seen the tall flamea rouud his bark madly íave : Oh ! dire'Jwns her funn as slie danced o'er the wiive, As though a drena cornet had stooped from on high, To bat'he his red brow and return to the sky. The loud wail of dspair then roso high o'er the wave, In its recosses diuk siuk the fitir and tho brave ; O! cok! is her toinb but more banutiful fir, Thaii the artist can paiyt, or proud mortal can ! O lay rnot tlie dcad 'mid rarth's verdura and flowers, Where the birds cardl joy 'mid the glud sunny bíiwers, And lliink not with gladnr8s, and suushine, and bloom, To gild the dark pall that enveloj)es the toinb. Bring tbc gifted and brave to the dnrk sullen sea, Where the wave may sweep over them, boundleas and freo ; Bring the beautiful dead and tUe Perii shall weep, As o'er them their vigil nnwearied they keep. Raisin, Mny 20th, 1848.