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Rack In Action

NOTE: Art Fair Week is a super not good time to try to earn this badge. The racks are moving around and nobody has good info on where they're going or where they'll be next week. If you want to earn this badge, just chill, and we will update after Art Fair once we've determined where the racks wound up. Thanks for your patience!

Travel to 8 handy dandy A2 Downtown Development Authority bike racks across town, and collect a code at each one to earn this badge! 


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Hi there! I went to find the one at Blom today, but unfortunately, I didn't see a rack due to the construction on that block. Will the rack be put back, or is it somewhere else I could find it? Thanks!

Are the locations for the bike racks found on Seasonal On-Street Bike Parking (May – November)?

Please ignore my comment. I went out to the one listed at S. Forest and S. University., which does not exist.

The map at the top of the link is confusing. There is a better one at the bottom of the page.

We could not find the Bivouac bike rack yesterday. Has it been moved somewhere else to accommodate Art Fair?

Yes, it seems so. We added a note on this badge up at the top; this week is not a good time to try to find the Bike Racks. Nobody is certain where they went, or if they will return to the same spots. We will reconnoiter next week and update the badge if needed. Stay tuned, and sorry for the frustration!

Thanks, Eli! Comments like that let us know how special a place Ann Arbor is, and how hard you all work on this game. :) All hail the #BikeRackComeback


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