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Ride TheRide and while inside look up above for the ad with a Summer Game code! Ride TheRide free with your library card Saturdays and Sundays from June 14 through August 31st!

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Does the free ride include kids who don't have library cards yet but who are with their parents who do?

Kids 5 and under ride for free all the time.
Kids 6-18 ride for half fare ($ .75) all the time. (the driver is allowed to ask to see a school ID)

Is there a specific bus route which has code or all AATA bus routes has Ride the Ride badge code?

My daughter and I rode the number 28 bus to and from the library this afternoon 6/28 and there was no code! I asked the front desk when we got there and they said that it should be on every bus toward the back. Bus driver didn’t know anything about it. I can tell you it definitely was not on that particular bus. :( Could you check on it? Thx

I'm riding on bus #470 and there seems to be no code displayed. There are a lot of gaps in the overhead signage.

totally embarrassed myself by running in to check out the inside of two different buses that I did not plan to ride, looking for the codes. The drivers had no idea, although one knew about the outside code. I couldn't see them on either bus, but maybe they look so different I couldn't find them?


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