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Spot TheRide

Look for an AAATA bus bearing a Summer Game code! Ride TheRide free with your library card Saturdays and Sundays from June 14 through August 31st!

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Please don't put code spoilers in the comments. Codes should be found in the wild--if you're posting them here, you're cheating! Thanks for playing!


There's a code inside every bus, and there are 10 buses that have a Summer Game ad, including a code, on the side. Keep your eyes open; you've got all summer to see one!

The code is " " There 's a code that gives 2000 points. It is " " :) :) :)
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Just ride the bus! They're everywhere! It's free on weekends during Summer Game with your library card. Don't share codes online, it's no fun. We will see it and we will be very disappointed. ;)

Yo, 2 more free codes " " and " " :) :) :) :) they both are worth 1000 points!!!!! You better thank me!!! :) :)
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Seriously, what is wrong with you people putting codes in the comments? You ruin the integrity of the game. I think people who post codes should be banned from the game.

can everyone in your group ride along with you or do your parents have to be linked with your account

are the codes on the 10 buses the same because I've seen 4 buses with a code but it was the same code


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