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Hip hip hooray! Cheers for 50 years! Head to the AAATA website, and find their News page celebrating their 50th anniversary. Look for the Summer Game code on that page--and be sure to ride The Ride for FREE with your library card, Saturdays and Sundays from June 14 through August 31!


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is there a link to the 50th anniversary stuff on the home page of I had to use the search feature to find it, but I do have a tendency to overlook the obvious at times...

Is the game code still up? I'm using Safari with flash turned on, and I don't see it on the news page. I see the article only. Thanks


wow a lot of people got this badge

Hmmm... the site is showing 'an internal server error' and not displaying a thing - I hope they get it fixed soon!

Thank'ee's as ever for a fantastic Summer Game!

-B! :>O<:


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