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The official state motto of Michigan, which is found in Latin on the state flag, is "if you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you." Much of Michigan truly is pleasant, but parts of it are also WEIRD! This week we're taking a look at the quirkier side of our home state and focusing on all of Michigan's bizarre oddities.

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When I searched for charlevoix in the catolog nothing came up. I tried it multiple times and it still didn't work.

When I searched for mirror of heaven in the catalog I went through all the books that came up. there's no code.

We love the Cherry Bowl! Easy drive from Traverse City, Sleeping Bear Dunes or Interlochen. Very nostalgic.

I searched mirror of heaven and big spring, I went through all of the books, I still can't find the code

Hi @v_library, You're looking for the name of the Michigan town where the mushroom houses are located. That's the word you'll search in the catalog to find a catalog item containing your first code. Once you get that code, you'll be able to see the next clue for this badge. Hope that helps! -Elizabeth, AADL staff

@tingzhaowb You’re looking for the name of the drive in theater in Honor, Michigan. It’s a two word name, the first word being the name of a fruit. Those two words are what you’ll look up in the catalog! -Elizabeth, AADL staff

heyyy i just wanted to point out a typo- In Honor, Michigan there is a drive-in theater that's been operating since July 4, 1953!, shouldve been In michigan,


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