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Sweet Spot Sweetwaters

Are you a (caf)FIEND for beverages and snacks?! Do you enjoy ROASTing in the blazing summer heat while searching for codes around town, and then BLENDing into the air-conditioned crowd at Sweetwaters for a little quali-TEA time with your code-hunting brethren? Yes? Well then YOU'RE IN LUCK! Head out into the great world and visit five different Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea locations in Ann Arbor to find these codes and brew yourself a sweet sweet Sweetwaters badge!!

Stop by any Sweetwaters location on Sunday (June 30) from noon to 3pm for their Taste of Summer extravaganza! Try samples of summer drinks like Cold Brews, Ice Dragons, and Ginger Lemon Teas.

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To get this badge do you need to go to the tasting event on June 30th or is that just an extra bonus event?

You do not need to attend any events to find the codes needed to earn this badge. Each Sweetwaters location in the clues has one code posted in the window. Thanks for asking!

Hi there, generally, Sweetwaters at Westgate and Westgate Branch close at the same time. Often Sweetwaters opens earlier than library service hours begin. Thanks for asking!


I biked to our local Sweetwaters to find a code. Exercise+SG points=win-win!


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