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Visit all 5 AADL locations and collect all of the codes from the banners hanging on the buildings!

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It's not that big of a town! Even if you take the bus you can easily visit all 5 locations in a day.

Is the banner for the downtown library inside. I cant see it on the outside

I live kind of far from the westgate library and the traverwood library. I also have never been there so can someone tell me the codes for them? or at least give me a hint? you can also email them to me. ( [email removed] )

Hi there, this isn't how Summer Game works, sorry! You've got all Summer to visit the libraries, there's no rush. Half the reason we do these codes is to encourage patrons to visit branches they haven't been to before! If you've never been to Traverwood or Westgate, you're missing out!

Will AADL add the branch explorer badges? They were my favorite, and they always motivated me. Can you add the branch explorer badges?

No worries, the branch explorer badges are coming in July! Some players like to explore the branches for codes without the "pressure" of a badge, so we split the difference. Stay tuned!

Thanks for that information, i was wondering the same thing about the branch explorer badge. I was scared for a moment that there wasnt goimg to be a badge. I love that badge

Are there going to be badges for finding ALL the codes at each individual branch, like previous years?

Hey how do I put in the codes from the banner, On this badge? Cuz there's no place to write it!

Hi there, we're so glad you're playing the Summer Game! You enter all codes from your player page by clicking the "I have a game code" button, that goes here:

You can also set your phone number if you want to text codes in. Let us know if you have any other questions, and thanks for playing!


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