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I watched Charlie and the Chocolate factory with Johnny Depp, i have to say it is dark.

Please stop genre-fying the non-fiction collection. It's a bit useful for fiction, but for non-fiction, it's a terrible idea. I understand that making a change is always important, but make it an improvement. If the card catalog suffers a disruption, Dewey has been making books accessible for over 100 years. Some things last because they work.


Why don't memoirs by non-celebrities have their own section titled "memoir" or "creative nonfiction"?

I would give the book "This is a Ball" 4.5 stars. The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it answers its own questions. It is still a funny book.

The "Japan Week | Sushi Demo & Workshop" at the Downtown Library, eventful and packed with people. It was interesting to learn about the history of sushi that "began around the 8th century in Japan. The original type of sushi was first developed in Southeast Asia as a means of preserving fish in fermented rice. In the Muromachi period, people began to eat the rice as well as the fish." Here is a sample sushi chef's demonstration of the techniques used:

I've been writing reviews on GoodReads for years. It never quite occurred to me to put my reviews on the library site until the SummerGame started. Now every year I save all my GR reviews and load them over here when summer comes. Thanks for this great idea, and a great way to earn points!

Hi there, you can search the catalog right at the top of this (or any other) page. Or click collections in the menu to go to the collections page and search from there! Same results either way. Thanks for playing!


Hello AADL, Its really encouraging and enjoyable way to learn 'n' explore in the systematic way through SUMMER GAMES.


I highly recommend “American Princess” by Stephanie Thornton. An historical fiction, “American Princess” is written from the perspective of and based on true-life events of Alice Roosevelt, first daughter of President Theodore Roosevelt.
A “wild child”, Alice’s smoked cigarettes on the roof of the White House, drove too fast and never hesitated to speak her mind.
She was a childhood friend of Franklin Roosevelt (TR’s fifth cousin) and, at times, hated Franklin’s wife, Eleanor.
The book describes Alice’s high points (meeting with the Dowager Empress Cixi on her father’s behalf) and lows (the loss of her mother, father, brothers and daughter) and may spur you on to research more about the extended Roosevelt family.

I meant for these to be part of my public comment last night, so I figured I'd add them here:

- It's so cool that the library has sewing machines available to check out. And such solid, quality models! I'm really excited to pick some patterns now.
- I'm so pleased that the Lego Contest is on a Sunday this year! That means I'll be able to see everyone's entry. So excited!

Playing the game and interacting with library staff and the other patrons is so fun. It really makes Ann Arbor feel more like a community to me. Shout out to everyone I've talked with on the street (or in a park, etc.) working on a badge so far this summer.

I love the baby story times. I am on grandchild number four and we have had so much fun. The youngest is now 3 but we can still stay in the background and listen. The oldest, now 9, can still sing “Bell Horses”!

I read "Me Before You" and compared it to the movie and the book was definitely better by far!!!!

I love whatever after book 9, Genie in a Bottle, because it is about Aladdin and a girl and her brother.

The Summer Game is a lot of fun. It really tests your ability to notice things as you look for the signs in the library.



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