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I'm reading 'Molly's Game'. The true story of Molly Bloom, the 26-year old who ran the most exclusive, high-stakes, high-roller poker game in the country. Great read!

I read the magazine "How It Works - Issue 125" […] and found very interesting the notes from the publisher. "In this issue of How It Works, we’ve visited the Royal Air Force’s brand new High-G facility, where student pilots learn how to fly the latest fighter jets and cope with the enormous forces that press down on their bodies when maneuvering at breakneck speeds. We ask how dangerous Chernobyl is today over 30 years after the nuclear reactor blew up - how has the radiation affected life in the exclusion zone? We go from sky high to miles deep in underwater explorers. You can experience the world, but not as you know it, as we discover animal super senses. We’ve spoken to a real-life cyborg about the microchips in his body, find out how China is ramping up a mission to the Moon, and much more."

I have been reading books that I loved as a teen. Started with jungle book. On to The little women.

I have watched all 4 seasons of Brokenwood in anticipation for season 5. Highly recommend this series.

Loved another DiCamillo book 'Flora and Ulysses" - her storylines never fail to engage in such an endearing way.

Just read Nimona. One of the most emotional heart breaking book of the year for me. Especially the ending.

We are reading Land Of Stories, book 2 right now. We are in the sea witch's lair and hoping all goes well for Goldilocks and her friends.

In the past, I was able to log movies I watched on the AADL's movie catalog webpage. I don't see it there this year. Where do I log the movies I watched?

Just go to the "I read, listened to, or watched something!" button on your player page; you can log whatever you'd like. We no longer put the button on each catalog item as it was giving the impression you could only log things you got at AADL, which isn't the idea at all. Hope that helps; thanks for playing!

Didn’t know much about Mangolia until read by Ruth Bjorklund. I’ve gone on to more adult information about the country now.


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