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We're makin' like CORN and POPPIN'!

AADL will be appearing all over town this summer--see if you can find us and snag a special pop-up game code! 

Follow us on Instagram (@aadlgram) and Twitter (@aadl) to know when we will be "popping up"! 


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It doesn't actually say anything about Facebook, peeps. Just Instagram and Twitter. I don't use them either, but I know someone who does, so I'm asking her to tell me.

For anyone who doesn't have Twitter or Instagram: to check to see if there are any pop-up events you can just Google, "AADL Instagram" or "AADL Twitter" I don't have a Twitter or Instagram account, and doing this is a good way to get around that. Hope that helps!

some strict parents won't have the child has social media so there has to be a way if you don't have one.

You don't need to have an account to see our posts on twitter and instagram. That's why we're not focusing this on facebook. Just use the links above and you can see our posts without needing an account. Thanks for asking!

Was the most recent pop-up Thursday, June 27th? Also, does the twitter announcement for the pop-up get posted at a consistent time? If so, around what time of day is the announcement posted?
Thanks for working to make the summer game awesome!!

Just saw on Twitter that they cancelled the pop-up this morning. Oh well, enjoyed the music anyway!


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