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Kilty as Charged

Are you ready for another CONFIDENCE MAN? Except we’re going back in time, so this man is more of a confidence trickster. Meet Gregor MacGregor, a simple Scottish man who would prove to be one of history’s most brazen swindlers when he sent some 250 emigrants to a FAKE COUNTRY. That’s right, this man convinced a large group of people to get on a boat and sail to a fake Central American country. Oh, and they gave him all sorts of money for the privilege of being sent on a wild goose chase. But don’t worry, we’ll get to all the details. First, let’s start with MacGregor’s humble beginnings. Find the clan that MacGregor hails from and search for it in the catalog to find your first clue.  

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I can't figure out clue number two... I'm not even sure that I have the right coast, does anybody have any hints on how to find it? Thanks!

Right now, Venezuelan is misspelled as "Venezaulan" in one spot, and mosquito is misspelled as "mostiqo." Otherwise interesting badge! Thanks.

Been working on Clue 2 for 2 days now, and I tried the hint, too, and searched all over the place. Just want to be sure the catalog didn't drop the thing, I see it, but clicking on it says item cannot be found. 306 players got this, so I must be doing something wrong. Just tell me that the item is still in the catalog, and didn't fall out, then I'll keep trying to find it.

Hi! The record is still in the catalog, it sounds like you've got the wrong record. I'd suggest you start by finding Gregor's military rank, which is listed on his Wikipedia page. You can then search for his rank in the catalog, which should lead you to your code. Good luck!

Thanks, Audrey, and is it the most mysterious thing! When I looked again today at the same place I looked at yesterday (without luck), yes, there is the code attached to what I looked up yesterday, but it wasn't there yesterday. Anyway, the 3rd day is the charm, and there's the code, and I finished the Badge, yay! Yesterday was a New Moon, so when I looked yesterday, it's very possible strange things happened. I'm all set now, thanks!

This one was tricky, but very rewarding! Such a fascinating story worthy of a Wikipedia dive!


★★★☆ 3 of out 4 difficulty

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