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Badge Drop #1: Look! A Badge-illion Badges!

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 12:00pm by nicole

It's FRIDAY, and that means it's time for a Summer Game BADGE DROP! 

If you've played before, you're probably shouting, "At NOON?? So SOON!" We know. It's wild. This Summer we'll be doing our darnedest to bring you badges by 12PM SHARP--or at least SHARP-ISH. Like a butter knife trying its hardest!

These badges we're rolling out have traveled the globe, so they're pretty WELL-ROUNDED and all oh-so-different--just the way we like it! They're WORLDLY and WORDY and full of clues and hints to help you pick a destination and ARRIVE IN POINTS TOWN!

And since we can't help ourselves, we're making things BIGGER and BETTER than ever! In fact, this may be our BIGGEST BADGE DROP POST EVER!

Like, of all time.

(Seriously. It's so many.)

Badge Drop #1

Fine Feathered FriendMI MichiganTodd's Travels! PB&YAYWatson Up, Doc?Fortune and GloryLet's Rock, Woodstock!C'est No MoreWhat A WreckBand CampPants On FyreZingerman's BakedZingermans Creamed Spot TheRideRide TheRideRack In ActionTheRide StuffSweet Spot SweetwatersKerrytown ConstitutionalA2CAF Megafan 2019A2CAF Alley Catcher 2019Pop On OverHappy CamperTop PlayerFan Of JapanMusic MakerSuper FoodieMixer UpperSew GoodBar HopperArt StarterStorytellerLittle GemFree Tinker


WOW. That's a lotta badges.

Each one is a MINIATURE MAP to some kind of fun! Travel to A2 Comic Arts Festival this Saturday and Sunday, and collect codes while you chat about comics! Learn about sandwiches or treasure hunters or your lovable Mitten State! Find codes in restaurants! Or on bike racks! Or spot them as you "achoo!" your way through a park!

All that fun will earn you POINTS! And starting July 12th, your totally-pretend points can be exchanged for TOTALLY REAL PRIZES from the Summer Game Shop--where points are CURRENCY and all sales are FINAL!

We know! It's a lot to take in. You can play the Summer Game from anywhere, and with the WHOLE WIDE WORLD as your playground, where on earth do you START? Well, why not get started with our GETTING STARTED badge series! 

So, are you absolutely itching to see what's out there? Are you ready for adventure? YES, YOU ARE! Grab a compass, pick a direction, and get GOING! 

Thanks for playing!!


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