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Fri, 06/14/2019 - 6:08pm by eli

Welcome back, players! Here's two of those BIG POINT BADGES you certainly don't want to miss! One you can get any weekday, but the other you can only get on MONDAY JUNE 17th and MONDAY JULY 15th... by coming to the monthly meeting of the AADL BOARD OF TRUSTEES and making a public comment!

Above BoardJosie's Kids

Don't miss your chance to tell YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS what you think about the LIBRARY and the SUMMER GAME! Come to the Multipurpose Room in the basement of the Downtown Library just before 7 PM on 6/17 or 7/15 to make your public comment (3 minutes max, but you can say whatever you want!) and earn this VALUABLE BADGE!

But, THAT'S NOT ALL! This year, we've got something special for you COLLECTIBLE ENAMEL PIN FANS! Yes, several special events throughout the summer will have their very own enamel pins being given out, and you can get the first two of the season, NO POINTS REQUIRED, while supplies last, by making a public comment at the Board Meeting and by visiting Josie in her office! Plus more COOL RARE PINS coming throughout the summer at special events while supplies last!

Hardcore Summer Gamers know that you can usually find the code for Josie's Office even outside of business hours, but to get her special JOSIEBOT enamel pin, you'll need to meet her in person! So PLAN YOUR SUMMER AROUND IT.... we knew you were going to anyway.



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