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Treasure at Your Leisure

Wouldn't it be nice if we could hunt for a treasure at our leisure, without having to get up off the couch? Oh wait a minute! That's a THING! It's called an Armchair Treasure Hunt! And It's for homebodies and quiet puzzle solvers with cups of tea. Grab a cuppa, pull up your coziest armchair, and find your best pair of crossword spectacles for the spectacle that is the Armchair Treasure Hunt! But, what IS an armchair treasure hunt???? It's a treasure hunt for the rest of us - no PhDs in bravery or scuba diving required! Someone hides a treasure, then writes/paints/designs a riddle that marks the spot, and solvers get comfy in their armchairs and solve it! Of course, if you actually want to FIND the treasure, you do have to get off the couch and dig it up. Get going, couchpotato!

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I had the book Masquerade as a child. I had no idea that it was an actual riddle/puzzle/treasure hunt! I thought it was just the weirdest book ever written. I think about this book every once in a while and wish I still owned it so I could look at it's bizarre illustrations. Thanks for reminding me of this terrifically strange bit of my past.


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