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Wool. Y00L GROVVER8, MERCIIANTS, and others are infurmeJ that the nibirrïhan have made arrangements to (jive special uttention to the Balo of all desciitiom of WOOL on coinmission. with a thorongh practical knowlcdge of the article, and the mat'ke&i at home ïnd abroad . CHOUTEAU, MERLE & SANFORD. Q%0. OAKLLï' :;-.v York EF In the town of Polenno, in the state nf New York, esides a gentleman by tlio of Gardner, i woU mown and highly respected minister. Eider Solom n Janliier's danghter, in the inonth ofOctober 1845, ( aken vrith dropsy and want through the monedive tages of thut diseaae and was ut last givau ui by the irst medical men of llie vir.inity, nt this stage, writes Vtr. Gardner, " we heard of yonr Lithoutripue - ent in ;reat baste for B larga 'joltle - slie took il in U days, viis better, sunl for 4 more, and at ihis date, May lOth, [846, ray daugliter is now al Wolk and free from that Ireadful disease - to all human appearance. as well as ver, ÖOLOMON GARDNER. The above ia correct regard ing my case. I am happy ;o add I am well. M KY AN GARDNER." Reader look at our columns, see Gre;it American Remedy, - Dr. G. C. Vaugbns Lith mtriptic, - cali upou gent and get a pamphlef Wulal'i BalKnm of Wild lirri y. Grkat Remkdy. - A very important disensea over which tliis Palsam exerts a very powerful influenne, is ihat of a Diseased Liver. In this complaint it has un. iloubledly proved more efficacious thaii any remedy liitherto employed, and in numerous instances when patients had endured long and severe suffering from the dweBXt, without receiving the least benefit from various remedies, and wheu Mercury haa been resorted to in vain, the use of this Balsam has restorud the liver to a healthy action, and in many instances effecled permanent cures, after every known remedy hadfailed to produce the deired efiect. Sec advertisemeut. 9 Pilla For .UichiK"A MEDICINE KOR THE SEASON.- Most all the prevailing complaints of this time of the year are easily cured if atteuded to in time, by the use of the proper medicine, and it is ndmitted by Physicians well known here, ihat Dr. G. B'njiimin Smith's ludían Vegetable Sucar Coated PilU are not only safe and pleasaut, but really the most efricacions family medicine in use. - Childrencan take these pills with eutiresafety.for Co kis Dysentery, Measles, Eruptions and other disorders ! and he aged lind tliem admirably adapted to their uso for a good general medicine. ïhey will purify the blood, and induce a healthy action ot'the Liver and all the vital functions. Aron V. Brown, Governor of Tennessee, buya these pills by the dozen boxes andis the best customer in Nashville. He says, " they are the best pilla liis family ever uaed," which ia also the opinión of all who make trial of them. A.T. HAVENS r.IST OF l.K TTEKS "DEMAINING in the Post Office at Battle Creek Dj Caliioun county, Michigan, for the quarter endiugJune 31, 1848 Andei-son Bashsheba Jones Thomas Anderson Harry Jerman John Amsden Jered R 3 K Allen John Kiik Thomas Adams Mrs Botsy Kassicks Messrs Atwood Mrs Mary Kirkland Samuel AkeHy Annias L B Loutzonhiser Joseph Baldwin David R 2 Lovecraft Wtn Berger Miss Mary Lawles James lia,:Jey James 2 Littlefield Darain Bailey C.'jleb Lamoroaux Geo W Brown Miss Mary Lowree George Bragg Hannah Lampson Orpha E 2 Bigalow Jolin Laraway Matildia C Bates Mis Jane M Belmer Alexandor Maynard Marvin Byington Rev Wr W Millspaugh Jacob M Berdgell Caroline Marsh Henry C Moore Rubeu W Cole Peter D Moon B F Chase D S Masoo James B Criger Miss Mary Ann Mort Horas Conner Robert Mitchel Vm Cross Fayette McKinney Catherine or Ciimpell Albert H Leonard Chadwieh T A Malone Wm .Ir Clifton Miss F ' - Mowry Wm C Chase James McAlister John H Clapp Mrs Susan Magown Edvvard Crowther Mrs Azelia Morris Amanda Curtís James Munson Z G or R F Cupelnnds Mesrs Tracy D N Doane Artemas 3 Newkirk C L Dodge Charles G 2 Newton Richard Demcrast Jacob Norria Abrain Dawley Geo or John Norton miss Helen Brimmer O Dowe Marcus F Olney miss Nancy Densmore Calvin P Drnper E A Parsels Isaac Dennis Gorge Pettiugill Cyrus Davis James Pratt Levi Davis Williiun Pratt miss Betsy Ann Dickenson Mrs Polly" Povvers Abtier Dickenson Natlian Packcr James Darrah Wilson R 3 Pellham miss Susan E Proctor A H Edinonds Miss Mary E R F Riley Joseph Fuller Oliver N Root Erastus Feilding Mary E S Fowler Jacob Sweet Orman S Foster Nathan Sweet mrs Susan Freeman Otis W Syms Charles F rey Joseph Stephens George P Foot Roxey Sougal Alexander Fellows Mrs Laura A Soder miss Rhoda Ann G Sinith Leonard Griswold Wm 2 Smith Almon Griswold Mrs Betsy Smith Ira Grodevant John Sraitli Elizabeth Gainby James M Simmons Samuel Gilbert Charles Shower John Grover Joab Spencer miss Martha Greggory C Myron Stiles Chester Gilson Hugh " Schutt Wm or Chester L1 Swetlaud Charles Hathaway Jaco!) Staílord Eleanor Hughes Richard T Hoyt W C & H Tallmadge Josiah 2 Hoyt Cephas V Hoag Robert Vedder Levi Hoag Hiram Van Wie Henry A Harned John L W Henderson Thomas Wntters David Higgins A D Worren Wm A Hodgis T D Weaver W D Hawkins Smith Woodworth Downer Hnll Sarali Ann Whittle Thomas Harman Win II Wilcox Watterman Harrison Mr 2 Warriner Elizabeth F I Wilson Sarah Ingersoll Orsen Y J Yates Benjamin Jones T Z R Youmans John B 13?" Persons calling for any of tho above Lettera will pleuse say they are advertised. ALONZO NOBLE, Postmaster. July 1, 1848, 12-3w Apotliecaries Hall. DOCTOR M. GILL having reeently pnrohatod this well knowu Drug and Medicine Storo woulel respectfully notify the citizens of Battle Creek and vicinity that lie is now tilling up his Btore with a good assortmfint uf Dnjgs Medicines, Paints, Oile, Dye Stnffs, Groceries &o &c. fresh Irom the East. Doet. G. designs to desposo of liisstock at the lowest. possible rates, and is deterrnlned nut to be uudersold. No articlet of Medicine either Mineral, Botanie, 01 Patent will bo sola except those vvhicli can be vvarranted puve and genuino. AH the usual Patent Medicines are kept ranstanlly on hand, amingst which aro the following a forraost of which Dr. G. is an agent. Wiatar's Balaam of Wild Cherry Tovvnoond'a Comp. Ext. Samparfita, Currie's. do Bristols. do Osgoods Chologogua Sherman's or Folgers Oloíaonka Vaughn's Vegetablo Lithontiiptic. Vaughn's Vermifuge. Banlay's Balsam of Wahoo and W ild Cherry. Hasting's syrup of Naphtlm. Jaiua's BxpectorantBuchan's Hungarian Bulsam of Life. Hays Linitnent íbr Piles. Upham's Pile Eleaiuary, together with an endless variety of Liniment, Piasteis, PÍIIm, Cordiala &c. &c- A few of the Pilis and Clickners's Q B. Snjith'l and Wm. M. Smith's Silgar poatodt Moflat's I'liinncy's Brandreth's, üregory's, Persian, Oriental and Hooper's female pills. N. B. Doct. G. still continúes to attend to the duties ijf his profession as hi primary business, all calis therofore, with which he miy be favoured hv ih" ífflicted, will as 'isual rec6ve hi. st rio-f e.-t: attention Burle Creek. I'ilr s. 1848 CliICJKNOR'S SUGAIt-COAfED Purgativo Pilis. lured williin, the last ycar over 200,000 persons who had heen laboring undcr the most aggravated complaints, and given up as hopeless cases hij the. mast eminent physicians. ' sSííJAoLEi 'il "ïfiüfis ARE üie first and only medicine ever discoverod that will l'nsitively Cure Heiulacho, Giddiness, Rheumatisni, l'iles. Dispepsia, Scnrvy, Smallpox, Jaundice, Pains in tlie back,fnward NValiness, Palpitation of the Haart, Rising in the throat, Dropsy, Asthma, Kevers of all kinds,} Femnle complaints, Measles, Salt Rheum, lleartburn, Worms, Cholera Morbos, Cough, Consumption, Fits, Liver Complaint, Erysipelas, Deafness, Itching8 of the Skin, Colds, Nervous Complaints, and a vaiety of other diseases ariting from impnrities of the Blood and obstructions in the organs of digestión. It has been clearly proved that nearly every disease o which tlie baman frame is subject, origínate from impuritie of the blood or derangemeuts of the Digestive Organs; and to secure health, we must remove the ibstrnctions or restore the Blood to lts natural state. - f his fa is uuiversally known; but people have such m aversión to medicine that, unless the case is urgent, they prefer the disease to the cure, unlil au impaired Constitution, or a fa of sickuess rébukes ihem for the blly of their conduct. Still they bad soine excuse ; for leivtofore, medicine in almost all its form was nearly aedisgusting as it was beneficinl. Now, however, tlio evil is most effectually removed ; for Clickuer's Vegetable Purgative Pilla, being complftely enveloped with a coating of pure white sugar (wliich íb asdistinct from t!.e internal ingredients as a nut shell from the kernel.) Have no taste of Medicine. - But are as easily swallowed as bits of candy. Moreover they neither nauseate or gripe in the süghtest degree, which is oncassioned ly the fat that, tliey are compounded on scientilic principies and opérate equally on all tlie diseased parts of the aystem, instead ofconiining themselves to, and racking any particular región, (which is the great and admitted evil of every other known purgative.) Henee, they strike at the root of disease, remove all impure humors from the body, open the ports externally and internally, proinote the Insensible Perspiration, obvíate Flatulency, Ileadache, Ac. - separate all foroign and obnoxious particles from the chyle, so that tne blood, of which it is the origin, must be thoroughly pure - secure a free and healthy action to the Heart, Lungs and Liver, and thereby Restore Health, Even when all other means havefailed. The entire truthof the abov can be ascertained by the trial of a single box ; and their virtues are so positive and certain in restoring Health, that the proprietor binds himself to return thp money paid for thein in all cases where they do not give universal satisfaction. C All letters of inqniry or for advice must be addressed (post paid) to Dr. C. V. CLICKENER. No. G6 Vcsey st. New York, or his authorized agents throughout the country. N. B. Remember Dr. C. V. Clickaeuer is the inventor of Sugar Coated Pilis, and that nothing of the sort wrisevel' beard of until he iutroduced them in June, 1843. Turchasers should, tttni'efbrO) always ask for Clkkner's Sugar Coated Vegetable Pilis, and taue no others, or they will be made the victima of a fraud. - A. T. HAVENS', Agent, RattleCreek. Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT haring been made in the payment of certnin monies secured to bo paid by an iudenture of Mortgage bearing date tlie cleventh day of October, in the ven of our Lord oue thousand eight himdred and executed by Congdon Browu of Convis, Calhoun county and Slate of Michigan, to Benjamiu F. Human and Joh,; -'Ijnman, of Uellevue, Eaton countv. and State whjoh snid mortgage was recorded in the office of the 8rgtw of Deed m and for said county of Calhoan, on the eighteenth day of October, 1815, in book I of Mortgages, Oú folios 177 and 178 -and on whidh Aere is duc at the dato hei-eof the sum of three hundred and eight dollars and tweiiíj-ñve cl?. lor therecovery of which no proceedings at law Oi'e([nity have been instituted. Notice is hereby given, u:: by vjrtue of a power of salo in said mortgage contained the premises therein de;ribed as follows, viz ; All that certatD tract or parecí of land. lyiiig and bcing in the township of Convis aloresaid, viz : The east half (4) of the southeast quarter () of section six (6,) the south half (i) of the west half[4] of the southeast quarter (J) of section bx [6,] together with the appurtenauces thereto belonging, will be sold at public auction to the higliest bidder, on the 18th day of September next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, at tlie Court House in the village of Marshall pursuant to the statute in such case inado and provided. BENJAMIN F. HINMAN, ? ,, . JOHNF.HINMAN, ' Mortgagees D.ited June 24, 1848. ll-12v STATE OF MICHIGAN, ) County of Calhouu, as ) SlIEKIFF'S SALE ON EXECUTION.- By virtueof one execution issued out of the County Court in and for the county of Calhoun, to mo clirocted and delivered, in favor of Richard H. Hall, and against the goods and chattels, (and for want thereof then of the lands and tenements) of the defcndaut nami-d in said execution, I htive levied upon the followiug described real estáte, viz: The west iuilf of lot tweuty-four of rango of blocks number one in the village of Battle Creek. Also, all that certain piece or parcel of land, known and described as follows, to wit : Beginning at a stake south fifty one (51) degrees west soventeen and twenty-six hundredths chama froin the intersection of Main and JeffersoQ strects, in the village of Battle Creek: thence south fifty-one degrees west along the centre of the National Road, so calied, two and fifty-six bnndredths chains - thence north thirty-nine egreeu west six chains - thence north fifty-ouc degrees e6t two and fiity-one hundredths chains - thence south thiily-nine degrees east six chains to the place of beginning, containing one and fifty une hundredths acres, ue the samo more or less - together with the üxtures and appurtonaucea belonging to each piece or parcel of land , which I shall expose for sale at public auction or vendue at the Court Honse in the village of Marshall county and Stilte aforesaid, on the 7th day of Aug. noxt between tlio hours of nine o'clock aud the setting of the ana of that day. C. DICKEY, Sheriff. By E. CLAKK, Deputy. Dated June 23th, 1848. 10-fiw Kcady IVIade Clolhing, AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL.' HAI.LOCK & RAYMOND have now on hand a very large stock of Fashiohable Ready made clothing, reeently manufactured, and n the best manner, and which they aro prepared to sell, at wholcsalo or retail, at tlie lowest cash prices. Among their heavy stock may be band a general assortment of all descriptiims of Garments, suitable for Spring and Slimmer wear, such as fine Cashmerette, Tweed, Drap de Ta, Slimmer Cloth, Linen, and other Sack and Tweed Coats. Casshnere, Twoed, Tlain and fancy Linen, and variOU8 other styles of Pantaloona. Super Satin, Silk, Bombazine, Fancy Merino, Maraeilles, &c. &c., Vests. Together with a very large assortinent of cheap, durable clothing, ofÜoati, Pantaloons, Jackets, Vests, Overalls, &c, &c, lor Spring and Slimmer wear. AU in want of ready made clothing, of any descriptiun, are respecifully iuvited to cali and examine their stock at the wcll known " Clothing Emporium," corner of Joffersou and WoodvvariV Ave .,Det 1 1 THE CANTÓN TEA COMI'ANY lias been popularly known for many years. This is the largest nncl oljes Tea Establishment in America. The public have had full proof of their intcgnty rndresponsibility. Their scrupulos regard to all principies that temí to elévate the character of a largc house, is ve!l undrrstoodi and has already iecureu thema cuunection, probably, larger than all other Tea Establishments united, and they conseíjuenllyare deterinined to sellTeas purer, more fragraut and perfect for the prices, in the aggregate, than any house in the world Évcry package, (in addition to its containing FULL VVEKiHT, independant of the wrapper,) boars thc stamp ofneatness and elegance, nnd the Teas therein ure so tlioroughly üeourod from lighland air, that their 'jiiality and })ower will rcmain unimpaired inanyclimate. A. T. HAVENS, Agent, Battle Creek. 4 "Y PIEltSON has oponed a sliep, one (loor East ol' ti , Brooks' Hardware store, Main st., Batlle Creek, fur the manufacture and sale oí' tho various descrip. üons ol' Boofs and Shoes. Particular attention will be given (o Ladiei' Morocoo.wa!kin;5 Shoes, Gaitera, Slippers ad Ties. Tí'9 Ml qiiality of stoch only will be uscd and the best oí' vorkmcn employed in its manufacture. Pereons desirous Df a lirst rate lit and a durable articlc will please give liiui a cali. All of the above Uept uonstantly oii iiand and msde to ordcr. Hid"é wantíd in excliange íor cub 01 WOTK. Re c"llect thr nnmber. On! door East of Bf" ' c' Battlí Ci-pck, May 13, ISi-t. h ' UNRIVALLED ATTRACTIONÜ AND GREAT BABGA1NS! C. WAKE[iËË & Co., Are now receiving at their Store, in the Brick Block, nearly opposite the American Hotel, an enirely new and general assortment of MERCHANDIZE, couaisting in part of the following articles- Broad Cloths, I,;uvns, Dresw Mulls, HatS Caps, Funcy Cassimeres, Shawls, Bonnets, l'ülm and Legliorn Hat, Satinetts. Sheetings, Qrooi, Good Assortment Of Slimmer Blue and Brown Drills, T, Coftee, Goods, Bagghw, Sugar, Molasses, Prints of all Frices, Kentucky Jeans, Tobacco Cigurs, Ginghams, - Scotch, American, Cotton Yarn and Warp, Crockery, and Eiiglish. Boot and Shoen, Nails, Muil Ginghams, Ladies' Slips & Ties, Glass, &c., &c, rrunella Boots, &c, Cotton Batting Wadding, &c, &c., &c, HARDWARE, PAINTS, OILS, DYE-STUFFS. Tlie stock is entirely new and wcll selected, and bought nt such rates as will ennblo the subcribers to sell very chenp, defying competition. Thoae who want any aiticlo in their line, will do well to cali, as tlie inducements offered are unusual. Any quantity of Wool and Country Produce wantedfor wlách tlie Highcst Prive will be paid. Buttle Creek, Calhoun county, Michigan, June, 1848. 7-6m fi JAMES A. BA1LEY, H SIIOE AND LEAT1IER DEALER, BATTLE CREEK, M., WÊ S Keeps constantly m hand and fur salean fS XjM: assortmentof articlos iuhisline, consistingol f W% BOOTS, SIIOES, LE1THER. %M W?, Trimmings, &c., &c, aud tbr sale cheap. pfe S The subscrilx.r wonld respect fully s-,iy to #Sg Si those who desire a GOOD FIT, and a tusty S Fashionable Boot, or Shoe, $È$ And at the same time durable, that he is pre. pS pared to execute orders in such a marnier a3 'f- i?Ü TO EFV COIIFETITION, 01 Having the best of material and every Í(K y ity uecessary to gratify the particular taste of gg x'íñ cvery individual - in short to suit the most S aM fastidious. Shop, Main st., opposite Brick p Kp Block. Hides wanted, and the highest price Fg W I S T A R ' S BALSAIV1 OF WILD CHERRY. The Greal Remedy for Lung vomplaints and all Affections of the Rcspiratonj Organs. ■I7"B WISH to be distinctly understood thatevery cerVV tificate and statement of cures perfovmed by Wistar's Balsam of Wild Chery, which we stnct]y true. We give names and dates, and invite the doBest Borutiny, and challenge the most rigidinqniry asto the authenticity of our statements - knowmg full well that a knowledge of facts, as to tlie great superiority of the medicine, is alone necessary to insure ita use, i'i prelerence to any other remedy, orany physiciun's prcscription. ïhis is stroiig lauguage. For a proof'of lts truth examine whiit follows: Mr. Joseph I. Yonnglove ;- Sir- As a duty I owe to the cominunity, and particularly the afflicted, I would state that I have been for a nmnber of years Inbonng under diaease aud weakness of the lungs, vvhich caused me to cough a great deal, and producid a consequent debility oi my system generally to such a degree that it was with difficidty I could walk, to do which, even for a short distance, I experienced great fatigue. I had various medicines recommended to me, which I used without any beneiicial eíFects whatever, until 1 iirociired a bottle of Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry. tht, na of oue bottle afforded relief, entirely relieviug me of a;."gfc, and restonng ray Kng" to healthy action. The use ot' i fi a 8nort timo "creasefl my general haalth and stren",1' W 6Uch an extent that I was strongfore. From the trial I hare ZJfe of the I can confidently recom.nend it as P P"werful tome, anc andacertaincure for aflections of Af !uiS ' ' may be in cases oi' consumption, obstinate !i" ' lünn standing. ' JAMES A. IB ;yiS._ March 7, 1846. Bowling Green, K CONSUMPTIVE l'ATIENTS ! Will please read the following statement from the j rison Gazette. The incrednlous are invitad to read the ■ following note from Bev. Mr. Coldron, whoso character fur truth and veracity stands above suspicion, and have tlieir doubts dispelled as to the superiority of Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry, over all other remedies uow before the public of the same character : Corydon, lncl., Jan y, mía. It is no less a duty than a pleasure to state, for the beuent of the afflicted, that I consider Wist ar' 8 Balsam of Wild Cherry, a great blessing to the human rare - flavina tried it in a case of severe affliction of the lungs, I unhesitatingly recommeud it to ihose similarly aiHicted, as the best rernsdy I have ever tried, aud one whicli cured me when Phyilcians said I must die, aud vheu [ thoiiirht myself that my time to depart was, near at hand. D ' WILLIA.M COLDRON. Thero is a difference betweeu " Wistar's Balsnm of Wild Clierry" and all other preparationa of Wild Cherry. The true and geuuiue Balsam, as sold by us, contaiiis, besides the extract of wild cherry bark, other medical ageuts of great charactw and efficacy in the cure of coughs, colds, and general diseases of the chest and luiifrs. Butthe all important difference between this medicine and all others of the kind is that Wistars Balsam cures, wliile other remedies give only temporai-y relief to the sufferer. Sold by .1. D. PARK, (successor to SANDFORD & PARK,) Fourthand Walnat streets, Cincinnati, ühio. General Agent for the South and West, to whom all orders must oe adressed. A. ï HAVENS, Battle; Comstock, & Halsey Marshall; D. A. McNair, Kalamaïoo H. A. Goodyear Hastiugs J. O wen a Co. Detroit. 9 1848. JII lawmBis 1848. IIUIVT & BOBY, STORAGE, F0RWARDI1VG & COMMISSIOX MERCHANTS, Warehonsc, Foot of Bates Slrecl, Detroit. Agents for Troy imd Western Line. No transhipment at Albany or Troy 1'ropbietors.- Rice, Ciapp & Co., No. 31, Coenties Slip, New York; P. S. Sternbery & Co., comer YroM añ Dx!: sírcela, BsfSdö. J. -1. Newcomb. L. Wharl', Boston , R. Robinson, Pier, Albany, Agents. Also, Agents forthe Washington Line. pkopiuetoi-s. - James Grilley & Co, 49 Quay st., Albany, f&aac Jerome, 125 Broad st., New Yorfc, Coats & l''olger, No. 10 Central Whaif, Buffalo, Agents. Liberal Cash advances made at nll times upon property destined for Easteru Markets, or for sale here. 2-tf First Agiiín. JUST RECEIVED from New York, a splendid assortment of ladies and childrens Straw Bonnets, consisling in part ol Tuscan, Pedal Braid Lace, Fancy Braid and Split Straw. ALSO - A lot of beantiful nevv slyle Ribbons, nol forgetting a choice assortmeut of printed Lawns, Organdy Muslin and Scotch Gingham of' the finest quality- chcap for cash. 5 BROWN & BRBWSTER. LV_TAKEN UP by the subscriber on the 7th day of fO. June, une surrel llore, with hind feet white, white slripe in the fureliead, Also one light bny maro, mane and tait black, star in the forehead, with a spavin on one bind leg, supposed to be froni eight to ten years old. WM. H. HARMON. Emmett, June 24, 1848. H-9w TNDIAN CÜUE l''ORTOOTH-ACHE- warranted free J_ IVoni all pnisrtM, and to be a sure and lasling curt; tor toith-ac;ln', and fbr the preservation ofdecayed teeth. - For salo at lbo Drug Store of A. ï. HAVENS. STOVËS!! STOVB8! : ! NEW ESTABLISHMENT. THE UNDERSIGNED having opened a store one door East of W. H. Coloman's, respectfully invite the attoution ol the Slove buying comiminity to an ex ainiiüition ol' their Stock befure pnrehasing elsewbere. Stovesi Stove pipe and a general assortment of Tin and Japponed ware kept constantly on hund. A, &D. D. BCNNELL. Batlle Cicek, May 16, 1848. i_ .1 EWELR Y and fency good's at thecheap A.T. IIAVJS.NS. DR. II. F. PKERY'S VERMIFUGE OR "DEAD SHOT." EOR WORMS A Higkhj Valuable Preparation, Capable, from Iht Promptitude of its Actiorij ofCUansing the Systemina few hours of tvcry wurm. THE cxceeding small quantity of ihis Medicine requircd lo test llie exisence of worms, or to remove every one from tlie system, its operating in a few hours," together with lts great cerluinty of effect, ccnsti tuto it oue of the most brillianl disco verics of the age. It seldom nee ds to be repeated and never to bc folio wed by any otlier purge. Tiierefore Ín urgent cases, as those ofFiTS, srASMS,,or convulsions, caused by worms, unrivalcd taperiority is nmnifest. Few medicines are beller calciilated to impruvft the hcultki of cliildren, even whare no worms exist; as it removes those masses of cruditics line and closely adhere to the stomach and bowels, giving rise to syniptoms taiit counterfeit every variety of worm-disease. Although prompt and certain in its operalion, aud iiot unpleaaantto the taste, it is porfectly sufe, and ndnptedto the tenderest age. 'f lie foHowinjí is ari extract from n letter addressed to A. D. & D, Sands from the Agent at the Derby Line. Derby Line, Vt., Mnv 7th, 1846. Gentlkmen : - I received the box of "Dead Shot" Vermífugo about filleen days sílice, and have aoiv only a few dozen left on hnnd whichwili he gonein less than ten days. It seems to lo theworktothe perfe.ct satisfaction of all who usc it. I hear some'rcat accounts of it, where it has produced the expulsión of from IT) or 20 to 115 worins from one person, and nearly the same nuinber from ome chiklren. Of courae you will think worms ouc oftlie prcvailing diseases in Canuda and Vermont - Please send me another supply as soon asconvenient. Respectfully, T. C. bUTLEK. The following ia from an eminent PAjsician, JoNESBOJiouGH.Tenn., Dec,3d, 1844. Dr. II. F. Peert - 1 take great pleasure in recommeudiiiff to the public your vuliiablc Vermifuge, (properlv called Dead Shot.) I have been vending it for two years. Nothing of the kind have 1 ever sold tuut has given such uuiveisal satisfaction. There was one case ia my iinmedi:te itoishborhood tlint I uow recollcct of in which one dosc caused expulsión of 150 worms from a smallchild, a? theparentinfonned me aftcrwards. Very respectfully, JOHN YANCEY, M. D. Price 25 cents per via!. Prepared by Dr. H. F. Peeby, and retail by A. B. & D. SANDS, Druggists, 100 Fulton st. cortierof WilUam, New-York. Suld also by A.T. HAVENS, i. OWEN &, Co. Detroit, anl by Druggiêts generally throughout tlie United States. 1 Cheap Drug Store. THE SÜBSCRIBBR lms been eularging hls store, atnl receiving large addüions to bis stock of goodö, and is novv preparcd to wait upou all his cld customers, ainl as many ew ones as please to give liim a caliYou will fmd every article usually kept in a Drug Store, including Paints, Oils, Dye Woods, Tatent Medicines, and a graat vuriety of'ai'ticles in this department, together with a large stock of School Books. booK3 for town librarles, Blonksand Blank Booes., Letter, Foolscap aud Wrapping Papar, faney Stationery, Jewelry' JVIujical Instruments. &r-, &c. Ttils 'k6 agency of the Cantón Tea Company and families Cï." 'j" supplied with a choice article, and at a low nrice." AÍ' ki.'J3 of Groceries eau be found here, and the just ïiglit to suit those who wish to bay clwp. i'hy.Mcians, Merchante, PeJleM; Farmers, and in short all can make money b) I amdetermincd not to be UNDERSOLD, either at whoicsale or retail, by any similar establishment this side of New York, A. T. HAVENS Battle Creek, April, 13, 1848. Iffillincry. ftakn MRS. PTF.RSON has recently opened a MillineHB ry Establishment on Main street, at the dwelling BL house formerly occupiod by E. L. Stillson, Esq. Her present stock was carefully selected this spring in the city of New York, and consistí of Chinese Pearl, Rice Straw, Frenen Gymp, Petal Straw, Neopolitnn and Florence Braid; a variety of silks for bonnets embroidered ribbons, straw fringe, artificial borders, face trimmings, band-boxes, &c, all of the very latest style. Dress making in all its various branches, and according to the latest fashion. Pintes of Fashions will be received regularly frmn New York. Bonnets altered or dressed over neatly and speedily, at moderate rates. Battle Creek, June 8, 1848. 8 " II o! tl Your Horse?' THE SUBSCRIBER would inform nddle and and Harneas bnying public, ■ l on hand, & is Constantly manufactoiing.Saddles, Harness, Bridles, Halters, Trunks, Trunksc-a, Vaheces, Carpet Bags, Whips, &c., &c, which willbehereafterSold for Cash - aml Caahonly - at prioes down, down, dowu so low you will think he stole the stock, or that their is somo mistake about it. Cali and see. Dont forget your Pocket Book,Shop on Maiu St, oppositethe " B. Creek House" - Sign of the inammoth Collor. Batlle Creek, April, 1848. R. R. OSGOOD. Carpentcr's Tools. AGOOH nsaortinent will be found at the hardware store in Battle Cieek, cóiisistingof Ih-oitd Mes, tz'a c. s. and comraon augure, long and short jointers, jack planes, smooth ditto, holló ws and rounds, skew and rabliit plañe, brads, match planes, base ditto, grecian ovaIos.sasli planea, ploughs, sawsels, (a new article) brace and bits, augur bits, steel squares, marked to 12ths, slicks uew magos, scotch gray and hindostan oil stones, all of which will be sold cheap. Invaluable Compauion. SIX Lectureson Causes, Prevention and Cure of Consumption, Asthma, Diseases of the Heart, and all Female Diseases. 234 pages, 28 engravings. Paper 50 ets; bound 75cts. Mail toany part - postage 9 1-2 ets. Shouldet Braces and Chest Expanders, %i. Mail to aoy part. 50 ets. postage. Ianafing Tubes, Silver, $3. by mail, letter poatage. Abdominal Supporters, parfect, $3 to $10,forall Ruptures, Falling of the Bow els and Womb, aud Weak Back, and Chest ; sent by Rxpresseverywhere. For Braces or Supporters, or Rupture Supporters, give height from head to foot, and circumferenco of person next the surface, just above the hipa. If Raptare, mention which side. Agents wanted for the sale of the above goods. Address Dr. S. S. FITCH, 707 Broadway, New York, post paid. Feb. 24, 1848. Family Biblcs SO ARRANGED that the books, clmpters, &c„ m-.xy be read as oue connectcd history. Also, commercial andfancy envelcpes, tissae, perforated nnd billet paper, Napoleon and uis Marshal, and Washington and his Generala, &c., Sa., juut rocoived at the drug stcre of April 12, 1848. A, T. HAVENS. Lstray. STRAYBD or stolen, frora the Town of Battle Cfeek, one Erench Horse, one two year old Colt, brown color. The Horso is a sorrel, niño years old, with a roñe head, heavy mano and tai!, heavy limba and a faat racker. Auy one giviug i'iformation throngh the Post Office whero said nonea may be found. ehall recoive a liberal roward. DANIEL DEAL. Marshal Honto, by L. KINGSBÜRY, MarshnU, Michigan. Staselesvo-ithis liouse for the Pfortb and South. ' ni:ri:iH vu 'tv VOiik COLLEGE OF HEALTH, 207, Main Street, Buffalo Hev Yurk DR. G, C, VAUGHN'S Vegetable Lithontriplic Mixture. rTIHlS celobrateil remedy is constnntly increasing t. _L famc by the matiy cures it is mnkiiig all over the world. It lias now become the only medicine for famii.y use, and is parricularly recoramonded for DROPSY: all stages of this corrtplaint immediately rolieved, no matter of how long standing. See Pamphle for testimony. GRAVEL, and all diaeases of the urinary organs; 6 these distressing complaints it stands alone; no other article can relieve you ; and the cures testified to will convince the most ceptical ; Liver Complaint, Billious diseases, Kever and Ague. To the Great West especially, and wherever these cnmplaints prevail this medicine is offered. No material agent, no deleterious componnd is a part of this mixture, it cures these disea3es with certainty and celerity, and tloes not leave the system torpid. See l'amphlet. PILES, a complaiut of a most painful character, is immediately relieved, and a cure follows by a few days ase of this article : it is far before any other pneparation for this disease, or for any other disease originnling from impure blood. - See pamplilil. DEBILITY OF THB SYSTEM, wrak back, wonk ness of the Kidneys, &c., or tnfomftion if sume, ia i.ui mediately relieved by a few ilnys ilie of this medicinr. and a curéis alvvaythe rcsull of ifs use. It stands as a certain remedy for sufch complaíittá, and also lur dnrangement of th frtnale l'ramè, irregnlarities, suppressious, painful menstruations. No arücle bas ever been offered except this which woulcl touch this kind'nf dterangements. It may be relied upon as a sure and ctfective remedy, and did we feel pennitled to do so, could give a thousand namesas proof of euros in thiü distressing class of complaints. All brokeu down. debilitated constitutions from the effect of mercury. will fmd the bracing power of the article to art immediately, and the poisonous mineral eradicated from the system. ERUPTIVE DISEASES will fina the alternativo proporties of this article to puiify the blood, and drivn such diseases from the system. See pamphlet fnr testimony of cures in all diseases, which the limits of au au vertisement will not permit to be named here, Ajontsgive them away ; they contain 32 pages of certificates of high character, and a stronger array 01 the proof of the virtues of a medicine, never appeared. It is one of the peculiar features of this article that it never fuils to' ' benefit in any case, and if bon e and mulf" are left to build upon let the emaciated and liuering (valij HOPE ON, and keep taking the medicine ;i6 long as there is au improvement. The proprietor won ld caution the public agiiiwl i number of articles which come out under th; head ot Sarsaparillas, Syrups, &c, as cures for Dropsy, Gi-nvel, &e.: They are good for nothing. and concockted t gull tiieunwary; touch them not. Tlieir iii.Teirtiir ne-s - er thought of curiug such diseases till lli is article bad done it. A particular study of the pampidet is earnestly solicited. AecLts oot! all win) scil Ihc artkle are glml (o circuíate grntutously. Plitupin 30 oz. boules, nt$2; Mal. cloat$t nacli- tlm larer lioldinit 6 oz. more Ihim I n small bottlu. Lonk out and notgtt imposedupon. Every botlle h Vaufbll' Vcgctblo Lithontript'c Mixture," hlown upon the plass, ihc wriurn 8ipnaturcof'G. C. Vru?!in" on thn ilirpclions, and ■' G. C. Vaiighn. Buffalo," stamped on the cork. No other are frciiuiiir. rreparocr by Dr. G. C. Vaughn, an.l soidnt the principal offlc,2trí, om strcct,BulTalo,atwhoIesii!enn.I n-tail. Noatlentiongiven tolelters unlesspost piiid- orders from regnlurly toustituled Ajenia excepted: post paid letters solicitingadvice, promnlly attelidcct to, gratis. . Ofliccs ilevotcd exclustvdi-to the sale nflhis artiule- 132 Nassau st. New York city; 295 Enex st. Salera Han.) miil y tho principal Druggists t'hroughout tlü United States and CauaJa s Agcnts. For sale by rto.dcl A. T. HAVENS, BattleCreek. G. & J. GHill and J. O.ven & Co., Dc't.; Maviiimls, Ann Arh.n ; E. Sompson Ypsilnnti ; J. Brecklbrd Salini-, Iir!i.; F. unn Coocord ; Hall, Smith & Dunham, Grass Lake ; 1). C. Whitivooil Dexter; T. Whcelock, Albiou; V. Jackson.Leoui ; A. CGood-" rich, PawPaw; J. T. Clapham. Kalamuzoo; Brown & Scotl, Schoolcraft; J. C. Lunmore, Niles; J. I,. Tobv & Co., Jacksou andO.H.Hyde, Marshall. J, W.OWEiV. TravelllMS Ag't. Groceries at Wholesalc. Tlie subscriber offers a vcry large and well selected s'ock of heavy At lowest possible priccs, aud on the most occonanocbp ting terms. Also, a lare and (V.ll ucvv stock of DVEWOODS and DYE STUFFS, and Woolen Manufacturer's Slaehinnry, Wilh a heavy and careftilly selected assotrtmeut ot Palnti) O i I s and Giaii, Also the following genuino DRUGS & MEDICINES- 200 ounces Quinino 200 fbs. Gum Opiun, (ncw 30 do Morphtné erop.) 25 do Iodine 50 do Culomel, (Eng.) 40 do Hyd. de Pot 2 bbls. Camphor 10 do Strychnme 5 do Sulphur 2 Cases Rhtibarb 5 do Ëpaooi Salt 1 do Jallup 5 do Gteuber do 2 do Magnesia 'J do Cream TtirUr 2 do Borax 2 do Castor CU 2 do Liquorice 10 do Alcohol 2 do Sup"i. Carb. 1 bsle Benna Soda 2oasxs8a3 Soda 2 do Tartaric Acid. 1 case Sal Rochelle. THEO. H. EATON, 80, Jafienwa Avenue, Detroit, adjoiotns F. & M. Baiih. t" REMOVED SINCE THE WEE. 8 300,000 Cash Capital, With a Perpetual Charter. The Kliin Fire lumiraiice Co., of llnrlford, Cl. THIS Company has been in successful openrtibñ fat more t han a quarter of a century, and f'rom it.s prom[)t and honorable mode ei" adimting losses, hua never been dishonored at home or abro ad. It has paid, withiu the last two years, $4,560 for losses snstained by fire in this county. Policies issued, insuring against the losa or damage by Fire, on DWEWLLING HOUSE, M ASt F ACTORIES STORKS, MILLS, FL'RNITURE, WA1IE HOC8SS, PRODUCE IS STOItK. CHURCHKS, and upon all kinds of Insurable l'ropeity, at LOW RATES. Any loss which this comp;iny may snstain on risk taken at his agency, will be liborally adjnsted by tlrè agent liere, according to the usages of the best l'irr componies in the country, and wilh promtoess, in nioney curreut in the city of New Vork. Tliis coiijiki ny bas never contested a loss in the fAtf of New Vorlc. In case diñerences shoiild arise touching any loss or damage, the company is pledged, by a resolulioii of tho Board of Directors, to submit the same to arbitrntor. indifferently chosen, oratthe opinión of the Iumréd. TIIOS. K. BRACE, l'resident S. L. Loomij, Suorelary. IW Application for Insurance, or tkerenewalof polices, and all business connected with the otlice, may be made to thesubscribor, duly appointcd agent, with full power to receive propossls and iscue pólices nn ■ terms as favorable as any office in the state. JOSEPH C. FHINK, Agent, Office, No. 2 Court Hoas. Marshall, Dec. 7, 1847 New Tailoriiig LtabliInncut. THE SUBSCRIBEN bavrng opened 'a shop for bunnen in the villano of Battio Creek, on JerffcraOD It, nearly O[iposite the ïiattle Creek House, would respectfully annouuce to the citizens of the place and surrounding country, that liu is now prBpairM lor operatiir the Tailoring Business. Having ÜM enjierionos ;f pm ny years in the trede, and by lh Bubstautial marttcr Bod elegance of style iu which he may do liis woi!;, !■ trusts he sliall be able to satisfy and picase thOM whn may be disposed to test his skil! tbr tlirnwhrs - and, thcrefore, soücits a sharo it public patronage. Particular attention will be paid to the fulfilmenl of engogements us near the time U possible. Prices adap!ed to the times, and thereceiutsibr payment in thecommou currenoy of the coun.ry. Cufting done lo ordeV. J. S. MEACHAM. Battle Creek, June 10. 1848. 9-3m Tnb Factory. miIE SUBSCRIBER takrs pleasuro in informin_L public that he has resuined tho busituss ot' 'l'ili making and is ready to supply the public with artiolea of his manufacture on as reasonable teni'.s as any otoer estabtlghment iu the State. He proposes to tnauunMtal'u aothias bul Wash-Tubs, uid he wil! guavanttfe liiar all workshall be of the best ipiaüry. The patronage oTtho publio is solicited. E. DAiLEV. BatllcCreck May, 19 18-16. Tonu Iiilrarie.s'. HVilNSbasjusi rektive In largc assörtmciit oí sr.tabU' tor lown Ubmrira, aml iheyarwin I at low pricee.