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The Piles. A CUBE FOR LIFE SECURED !- Dr. UPHAM'S , lateraal Remody l'or the cure of' Piles. The , table Pile Électuary, iuveuted by Dr. A. Upham, a . tingnished Physiciau of New-York city, is the only ( ally successful remedy for tliis dangerous and j ing complaint the Piles, ever ofix-red to the American ( public. _ l'lw. Électuary contains no Mineral Medicine, no Aloes, Colocynta, Gamboge, or otber powerful aad ( iíiil.' purgatáVe. Na fear ni' taking rold while uinlrr ' its ínfluence ; nq changa ui diet is uecessary. If taken according to directicms a cure for lif'e is guarantied. , Inflaiiimatory Piscases. Althou;;h the Ëlectuary was originaUy prepared for tho cure of Piles, yet it has preved itself to be a medicine far superior to all others, iu ull disenses of MI inBammatory chaiacter, with a di-terminatioii of blood to any partfcíilaf paitar digan, ín infl immationaod con gestión of the livor and spteen; nrlammation, und sore ness and ulcsration oí'tlie stomach, bowels, kiduey and bladder; in inflaiTimatory aud mercurial rlieumatiem, it is the best inedicine ever discovered. Imptiritiesof lle Blood For all impunües ol the plood, ariíing froni the nnpriuleut use of inercury, or utbcr causes; for all diseasesof !ie skin aud sciofulous affections; in all cases where the blood is powerfully determined to the head, prcHlucing dizziuess and distress, Dr. Upham's Electuary is entirely uni-ivallnl. TO MARRIED LADEIS. Married 1 adíes are almost invariably suojéct to that paiuful aud injuripus disease, the Viles, with .nsequent inflamtnátion of the etomach, bowelí aud spuie. wreakneaa of back, flow of blood to the head, &c. The Électuary is perfectly safe for pregnant lailies, and the most usfi'ul cathartic tliat can possibly be used as it will not only remove the Piles aud all inrlamniatory diseases, without pain or irritation, but will eusure all easy time, a safe delivery, and a sound coustitutiou m the otl'sprillg. Peculiar Cases and Effects In New Englad. Chrouic Piles. - A workmaii in the gas house at Carobrideport, who had the piles fifteeu years, very sc-verely, and was constautly eiposed to tbe intense beat ofafurnace and greküy toduCed by the disease, received graal reliefaad a final cure by the use of Dr. Upham's reniüdy. The case was a very obstinate one, owing to the nature of the oceupatiou and tbe deranged condition of the patiënt. Bleeding Piles.- A gentleman in Beilford. Mass., who had the bleeding piles for uiany jears, greatly exhaustinghis systcm, was entirely rebeved of this dis tressing and dangerous symptoms, by taking aha'i dose of tbe Électuary oaee or twice a montli. Falling of the Bowels.- A person afflicted with piles, and falling of the bowels, to such a degree that no evacuatiou could be had without hing flat iipou the floor, was entirely relieved and eured by this medicine. The case was a very extraordinary oue. Extreme Costiveuess. - Numeroua persons, and es pi' ially females, aftlicted with extreme costiveness and pileé, with all tbose diatressing syptoms attendaift apon such a state of the system, have been nble toemet au entire chünge in this condition by the use oi this medicine. It is a very mild cathartic, and an admirable remedy for costiveness, especially for married women. Fútalas, Ulcera, &.C,- In tho worst case of piles, where fistulaB, ulcers, and cavernous holes exist, the Électuary is alwavs salntary in ta effects, and il perseveringly asea, will produce a cure Two or three cases, where a surgical operation was thonght to benecessary by the doctors, have been cured by this medicine It is a perfect remedy for mercurial diseases in the intestiues. Prii'C $1 por box, of twelve doses with full directious and other iiifonnation respecting tbe treatment and cure of the dissnati, Sold wholesale and retail by Wyatt & Kf.tcham, 121 Fulton street, aud by A. T.' Havens, Battle Creek. public IVotice. YIIAREAS my wil'e Siisun has obtained articles ut different places iinknowa to me tbr which she has iiscd my credit and thereby involvedmeindebt tolarge aui unit. This, thcrefore, is to ibrbid all persons trusting on my account as I will pay no dobtsof her con tracting alter this date. his RICHARD [X] GCDSMARK. Bedford, June 5, 1848. mark. 3-3w To Pliysicians. Y OU CAN fnid at tlie Apothecaries Hall qu'mine, Iodine, siil]ib. morphine, iodino irou, Acetato morph hyd. potass, pipcrino, oil volerian, strychnine, sesquioxi.l iron. salicine, (wrooynate iron, and all other vai'ietiesof medicine, chesper ihan at any other storei n western Michigan. TAYLOR. School Books. THEY DO SAY that Havens bas the best. fooUcap, letter and billet paper, and that he aells boolts lowér than at any other establishment ia towu. Cali and SL-e for yonrselves. ' To tlc Public. BEIFG obliged by ill-health to discontinue the abovn l:isiin-ss, all ansettled accounts must bo rranged without delay. I will bo f.mad at th shop of N -liban Dnilei'. wheieall my contraéis tbr w.ik wil1 be f„l!-,l],.d. 1 ' .lOHNÜXLDWELL. líMinv:il. THE Tailorhiz Establiahment of WUHara Boe is removed to McCamlv's Blocfc, the uortlsf itore, wli. re he will beglad to waiton liisold eiistoniersand all new ones who niay l'avor hhm witli a all. 3 School Book. aUII,LS, Steel l'.-ns. I'eu-Holders, Blark, Blue tin Red Ink, Waferi SealinyWaSt, Letter Stamps. &c lor sale oheap at tlie APOTHECVRIES H.TX, Eagle Block jê TOBLA0KSMITH8 - Anvils, vicos' Sledgeam áf hand hatnmeri, ierew plates, and n goed aaaort ïniintot'ironaiKlsieel.lbrmileby WiUiain Brooks Battle Crek. April 13 1848 Heal the Sick. TUF, proprieton, full of confidence in tbs o Dr. Nonle's Sovereign Ba!m Pilis, which havo gaitf ■il lur themselves such nu enviablo reputation iu thu Bhprt space of iive years tbey havo been before the iiihliu - the riianv cures of disease they lmvo perfora d - Bome of thepalieuts having been cenfined to their )fds tbr moiiths aml ywirs; are truly ustoiiialiing, nuw challenge the World lo produce their ecjual. For long Btanding Dyspepsy and habitual oostiv ne8s, they havo never fuiled, when taken oscurding iv divections, to effect a cure or givn permanent relirf. Old Liver complaints, Jaundice, &c. , cn be permanently cured by the use of these Pilis, aa they oper ate directly upon thn liver, and cause it tu perform a natural and healthy action. For sudden attacks in chiUlren - surh os colds fern-, worm, &c. - for gravel, rheiimatism npiual afloctioiia, headaclie, cougb and colds, they have proved ou iuvatuable remcdy. Fkver and Aoue A!r Chili. Fktkr. No medicine yet discovered lias proved so offectual in carine agüe and fever, chili fcver, &c, in the Western States, as the genuine sovereign Iialra l'ills. Wu have nevcr known a single case, when taxen aicording to directions, wlicre they have not effected a cur in from one to eight days. They cleanse and puiify the blood, and are, therefnre, au effeclual retoedy for Scrofula, Erysipelas, and all diseasi'S arislng froin an impure state of the blood. Iu nervous debility and feinale complnints, they llave wiiiKod wonders. They quiet the nérvea by reinoving the cause of nervous irritation, and gradually strengthen and bring up the whole system. By way ofadvice to females afflicted with the alxn-e diseasu, we would say that large doses of any kind of cathartics are always injurious. These pilla should be taken on at a dose, every night until a cure i eflected. (Seo Circulara. ) These l'ills were firet introducod iu a noisless msnncr. No gaudy show CBrdt; or long ujivertiscments IíIIliI with certificates from persona that nt-ver lived, were resórted to, but wore left to work their wuy into public favor on their own merits. Tlii-y are purely Vegetable, mild but miro in th!r op. ei'alidn, Land perfectly safe for yonnr and old ofdeliilitatfed constitutions. Thev never leave the bowílsccs tive, which cannot be said ofanyothnr píll now in use. Graat care has been taken in Belectíng and comptnvuding the medici ne which has always been suprinternled by Dr. Sonle in pereon. For further directions, certificaría &■:., soe the Nev York Botanie Institiue. pnbKsbed st Eurlid, i.y Dr. E. L. Suule & Co., which may Ije hntt of íü?riís ííist.iy. Beware of t'ouiKiiii il ! As lliere a spvrious jj i llt iri i irculation, callee! Orieual or Sovereign Balín, be stire to Beé befare yoit bur hat the name of " Dr. E. I,. SOULE & Oc." ii o th 'ace of the boxes. None otters can lo germine. Wc u'o not nware thnt iiuy oik; who ia makiúg a Efftilliotuf irticle has yet dareu to make use of our niimf; bht lome of theni havo had the imprndenre to imítate our oxes and copy our Circular, Certificates, irc. ünlert ;he jmblic are careful when they purchasei, they will bo iocelved. The genüine SovoreigH Balín Pilis can lie had wholelaleand retail of Dr. E. L. Soule & Co. Eaclid, Onouiaga Co. N: Y. J. Owen & Co., Wholesale and retail BgenM! Also, solé by agents in every town in the couutry, and by . T. Havens, Ageut, Battle Creek. 1 THE GREAT ENGLISH REMEDY FOR COUGHS, OoliU, Asthinn, aud Comumption ! The lime lias come when Consuiiiption muy bc ■lii-scil with the curable diseaaes. The most fearful n;i!adv of our country has been conimered ! The raost 'atal of all diseases has yielded at last to the skill of nan. Buchan's Hungaiian Balsam of Ufe, will spcedilv nnd ;crtainly cure Consumption, even in its most hopele 'onii-;. and n all ordinury diseases of the chest and Liiings, itis the most perfect aud admirable remody to :he civilized world. The Hungaiian Balsam was fint discoverd by Dr. Buchan. of London, Englaud, and has been tested lor six years by the most eminent PbysiciaiM iu Great Britain, ard on the continent of Europa, wliere ithaj [trovcd the Great aud only Remedy. It has receutly been introduccd into the United States, under the iminediate suprentendence of the inventor, and ip now litteriy iweepÏQg Consuujption from the land. What Innocnlation is' to Small l'ox., tho Hungarian Balsain is toCoiumnjition - an insuiinouutablrebarrier ! Chemisls, 1'liNiciuus, Medical Societies, and th great body of Consumptive patients, every where adniit that the most important work of the age has bee accomplished - Consumption Can be cured. Wherever it has been introduced, all FanaccaF, Expectorants, Syrups and Drops have been discarded h useless - all systems of Iuhalation, Vapor Batbs, TarSmoke, Chauges of Climate, &c., llave been rejected aud the wonderful proluot of the Hungaiian Gum, obtained from the " Jlelsonga," or Tree of Life, is now universally received by Consumiitives, aa the Ouly ource of Hope. Let no person afflictod with a severo and obstinate Cough, IuHamation of tke Liiugs, Asthma, or miy of tb ymptoms of Consumption lose a moment of time ii seeking relief from this GREAT ENGLISH REMEDY. )elays are dangerous, and all other pietended remudies are not only useless, bat fatally delusive. Every family in the United States shonld be suppliad with Bnchan's Hungaiian Balsain of Life, not only tocounteract the consumptives of the climate, but to be ised asa preventive medicine in all cases of Colds, Joughs, Spitting of Blood, Pain in the side and Chet, Lnitation nnd 6orcne9s of the Lungs, Brouehitis, Difficulty of Breathing, Hectic] Fever, Nigbt Twents, Eniaciation aud General Debility Asthma, Influenza, Whoopuig Cough, aud Croup. The great u;erit of Dr. Buchan's Balsam is this - that in all casea of J'ulmony Consumption is gives Immediate Relief. A aingle bottle will reveal itsastonishinc yirtnes, and roen ut once the foundation of Health na Strength to the afflicted. CI'iice oftheBiilsam only olie dollar per bottlè, with full directions, Dissertation oi Consuinptiuu, No tices, ind crelificates of Remarkable cures. &c. 1-6 in Kor Sale by A. T. HAVENS. New Arranginent ! S i. MORE STOVES ELSL. V LATER VATTERNSÜ! F ' rpHB UNDERSIGNED tal in ffeHfig to _L tlie ilublic a more complete stock of new and beauti f 11 1 atyles of CoaJuag ahd Párlor Stovesthan h&ve ever bcl'nre been offered in market, togetiier with a gcuerá] assortment of Hall w Ware, Copper, Tin Sheet Iron. Stove Iipc, &c. Su ■., &c. Tlie attenton of tho stove buyiüg coinmunitv is roa peotlully Bolicitad toan examinatiou of our stock befoie purchíising. SAMUEL 8. 15URTES. Marshall Octolier 8. 1848. Paper. THE uudergïgned will bö supplied from the Ann Ar bor Paper Mili, witli t lic vnnous desciiptions ofths above naincd article, maniifacturetl al thut piare, conBÍsting'of Frinting, VVrbprring au 1 Wrfting, totrether with Blank Books. Tlfabovu articles svill betoldfor cash or cxcluiiigod for rags, The above may be fonnil nt the slioi1 Store of J. Picrsuu, ouc ast of the Hardware Store of William Brooks. E. DORRANCE, Agent. Battle Greck, November 29, 184T. 1 1 THOSE INDEBTED tQ tho subscribrr, will plpnw not wnto fnr the bell to rin , before calling to the Captains Ollier toScttle, Cattlr ('reek. April, 1311). B. OSGOOD. Shell LiDlC, eonstaiuly on hand for salo at .1. AJacobs & Do's., i;vnïg" iloj, !attl CtA. 'i