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Fatal Railroad Accident

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- As tlie li-ain of cai-8 from Concord, N. H. ws approaching the depot n -Manchester, Saturday morning, ui the usual speed, a TOung woman at'empted to cross the track ia front of tho encino. She was knockod down, and run by the tmin, the upper part of her head being cut oflfas Wlth a knife. Slie died instantly. In New York, a ütlle son of Col. E. L. Show, formely a resident in tliis city, wos bitten about three weeks since by a dog, whicli at tliat time exhinited no symptoms of being rabid. On Wednsday last, however, the child was seized witli hydrophobia, of which dread'! !.!■ il died, The í'wí of New Orlpans, indig■ es are so clieap and so sell liquop without hu rumsellcrs who ■Ut ihe legal sanclion oftho city without. m