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Shawarm Up

We're serving up more sandwiches! Mmmmm, lunch. Or dinner! Or breakfast, if you're really thinking. This week's sandwich isn't sweet like a PB&J, no way! It's time to get savory! And saucy! And slightly pickle-ish! It's time to roll all of those things into a toasty warm pita and make ourselves a sandwich! But not just any sandwich--a shawarma sandwich! Phew. Are you as hungry as we are? Then lettuce get started!

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how not?

Usually, if the code is going to be available from your search words, then it will most likely be in the first page of your results.

Anyone having trouble with the final code - you type Pita into the search, but the item with the code DOESN'T say "pita" - it says something very close to "pita." It probably directs you there because it's only one letter off, so someone looking for it might make a typo. Pay attention to the directions in the last clue, and that gives you another clue for which item to click on.

For people struggling with the last clue: search up pita. then you will find the code on the first page from one of the Legend Of Zita books.

its one of the zita spacegirl books! in the first paage! U GUYS R RIGHT!

While completing this badge I ran across an air fryer cookbook that I became the eighth hold on. Please consider picking up another copy or more air fryer books - I love our air fryer and am looking for more recipes!

(Also looking for an easier way to clean the basket, but I don’t think AADL can help with that :)


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