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Welcome back! Let's learn about more music on TV! From starting themes to musical scenes, music's always been a part of the show, but it's not every day that a show comes along that's almost ALL songs. But Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is that show! Since 2015, Rachel Bloom and a chorus of comedians have been taking to the screen to sing about the trials and tribulations of a high-powered lawyer who quits her job and moves to California! 

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Didn't have to do too much digging as I know this show very well! Thanks for highlight an under-appreciated show.

idk what to do for clue 2, dunno what it even means for yoga season 1. tried many different searches and got nowhere!

oh my god i think i like this badge. glad the summer game is back in action. i'm tapping these answers all over the place. I gotta go get myself a buttload of points.

omg this is the best badge EVER

I love TV, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is my all-time favorite. And I've been around since before Mary Tyler Moore. :)

I need help on the last clue. I searched the name of the episode in the catalog, but I didn't see anything. Please help. Thanks soo much!!!

For the 5th clue: I first searched for "songs by episodes" for the show, then I searched for "names of episodes" for the show. This worked for me.


★★★☆ 3 of out 4 difficulty

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