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United Way Conquer

Are you ready to conquer the world??! Or at least make it a better place??! By VOLUNTEERING????! Well then...VOLUNTEERS UNITE!!!! Earn this badge by finding codes at United Way of Washtenaw County's online Volunteer Center:! The Volunteer Center is the largest local listing of volunteer opportunities! From animals to the arts or from seniors to students, we make it easy for you to find ways to get involved at more than 200 local nonprofit organizations! Simply search by your Interest, your Age, your Zip Code, key Phrase, view our Calendar, and more! For nearly 100 years, United Way of Washtenaw County has connected people, resources, and organizations together to create a thriving community for EVERYONE. Our focus areas of Health, Education and Financial Stability provide the building blocks to strengthen the community and create opportunities for individuals and families. Our Volunteer Center provides an easy online way for people to connect with nonprofits in the community and our 2-1-1 helpline serves more than 8,000 people annually with critically needed services. To learn more, visit

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This badge was a great idea to let everyone know about the many ways and places to volunteer. Thank you for the badge and the community information.

Agreed! I had know idea there was such a helpful, sort-able, searchable list all in one place. Great badge.

This was a great way to find volunteer opportunities. This is ehy i love the summer games. I am learning so much

Thanks for including this badge. I actually found a couple of places to volunteer. Before this, I was not aware of the opportunities.

Mi got the first clue, but my second clue won’t unlock. Are all points located in the volunteer opportunities?

I love how the partner badges introduce us to places in the community! I never knew this volunteer clearinghouse existed! I will be back with my kids to find something we can do.


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