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Swede Queen

Get ready for a monarch who really stands out in history as a person who forged her own path, regardless of the social expectations of the time. Today, we introduce CHRISTINA, Queen of Sweden! But let’s start at the very beginning, in Sweden of 1626 when Christina was born a healthy child. So healthy and, apparently, hairy, that she was initially thought to be a boy until the attending court ladies took a closer look at the new baby. This didn’t bother the king one bit though, he was pretty excited about his hairy little daughter and made sure she got an education fitting a king, and a king specifically since the training for queens was quite different in those days. Find the name of this forward thinking father and search for his first name in the AADL catalog to find your first code.

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Fun badge (and badge series), and a real challenge! Can't rush through this one. Fascinating biography! Yay, I finally finished this badge after much sleuthing!

I found the last name [That starts with G] for second code but its not working. I searched it in catalogalso entered it as code but its not working.

I'm also stuck; AADL catalog searches for possible regents (one that starts with 'G' and one that starts 'O'), noted in the wikipedia article result in a few catalog items, but I'm not finding a code in any of them. I've tried most other surnames. I'm sure it's easier than I'm making it out to be...

someone please give a better clue for the second code. I've tried all the other suggestions and have not found anything yet.


★★★☆ 3 of out 4 difficulty

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