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The Parlor Magazine For Nothing!

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O T A R T NOT, gentle rea3er nt this onnounce ment. uur set t ilown as the !ii hutnfaag of the (lny. It ina fact, hyw ever nstonisbing, thatthe pnbüsiu-r will lx' hsppy lo pxove tothose who nre akriícmI on th subject. Aiiy persoti w hing tbatmngnificent NATIONAL ENGBAVINQ of tlio signen i.f tho DECLARAT1ON of 1NDEPENDENCE, engraved on steel by Ormsby, and considerad fully equal to tho one formerly solJ nt twenly dollars, muy obtnin a yearly stibscription tüthe Parlor jNTníiJi.i iic free of charge, by reraitting 83, the lowest price of the engraving, to tho office, 135, Nnssun street. Tu those unacquainted with the Magazine, we wüuld say, it ib a uiontlily devotd to moráis, literatura, and the best interests ot' society, coataining 52 puges of original matter, from rho host writers, with two beautiful illustnitions, second to none, in ench numbnr, one a steel, and the othel oxpressly adapted to the Ladies, and colurod in the best style oí the art, witb other occasional illustnitions nnd musió. Price S2 per ycar. It is designed not simply to charo) away an idle hour. It is chaste and elegant in all respecte, free from nll injurious trnsh - pure and elevnted in the highest degree, and wortliy a place on the tables of the most relined and virtuous. The better portion of the ffublic and the press, have bestowed upon it tho most unqmilified commendntion. The volume cominoncos with May and malies over 4Ü0 pages, with at least '-'4 Ilustrations. Tlni Nos. niay be exchangad at tho end of the yenr for bound volumes, :it tho oflico nnd, nnd, with the engraving, will reiidily sell for an advance upon the cost- the subscribor thus obtainibg the í-etuling ót one of tlio best magazines for nothinc, nnd leaving a profit besides. The engraving is taken from TRUMBULL'S grent painting in the Rotunda at Washington, and contains tho portinits of nll tho distinguished sigBcrs. lts si.o is 21 by 31 inchcs ; is engraved in Ormsby's best style, nnd considered by good judges equnl to nny Ihing of th kind ni the country. - No American family should be destitnts of this work. Persons wishing to save TWO DOLLARS or obtain this sploiulid magazine for nothing, will pleaso forwurd three dolían post paid at once, nnd thus secure an eariy impression from the plate. Tho engraving cao be sent to any part of the U. States, at 8 postngo of 1G cents. fif. B. Agents Waated to obtain subscribers for this Magazine, and to sell tho Parlor 15ook. by J. T. Headley. Any paper to which theiibove is sent mnrked, on giving it three conspieuous insertions, and sending us tho numberscontaining the same will be e:ititled to B copy of this splehdid engraving. E. 'E. MILES, 135, Nassau street,