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CJi'ocerics at Wholesale. The subscribir offers a very larp;c snd well selecled s'odt of heavy tawí bio ex.? ibeg :hel ar jü ?- -. At lowest poesible pnces, and un tho most (tccommoda tina terras. Alno, i large md full new stock of DYEWOÜDS and OYE STOFFS, and Woolcn Manufacturcr's Marliincry, Wiih a heüvy and carefully selected BMOrtment of Pailita, O i I s aud Giasi, Also thefollowing genuiuu DBÜQS & MEDICINES- 200 OUUCCB Qnhiino 200 Gum Opiun, (new 30 do Mrirphiue c!'"''i i n 25 do I.idine 50 do Calóme!, (ing.) 40 do Hyd. de Pot 2 bbls. Ciimplior 10 do Strycliüino 5 do Sulplmr 0 Cases Rliubarb 5 do Bpaorn Sults 1 do Jallnp 5 do Olauber do 2 do Magnenia 2 do Cream Taitar 2 do Bnni: 2 do Castor Cil 2 do Liquoricc 10 do Alcohol do tapt Carb. 1 balo Senna Soja 2 casKs Sal tioda 2 do Tártano Acid. 1 cass Sal Rouhclle. THEO. H. EATON, 80, Jell'ersnn Avenue, Detroit, aájoining F. & M. Bjnh. E" REMOVED SINCE THE FIRE. 8 Ó bel I Iáiac, consmaüy ? hand üarato at J. A P Jacobs S Cu'e , earrM sbop, Battle Creck. jO !,ST OF lETTIiKS ' REMAINING in tlie Post Office ut Battle Creok ; Calhouo county, Michigan, for tho quarter ', ding Juna ?1, 1848 Anderson Bashsheba Jönes Thornaa Anderson lliwry Jerman John Amsden Jered lt 3 K Allen John Kirk Thomas Adnms Mrs Betsy Knesicks Messra AiwihhI Mrs Mnry Kirklnnd Samuel Akerly Annins L B Lonl.f nliisi;i' .ioüc')h Baldwin David R y Lqvecraft Wm Berge Miss Mary Lnwlea Jitinoe Bailey Jntneá 0 Littlefield Dumin Bailoy Ci ■ b . Latnóroaüii ( W Brown Misi Marjr Lawfee Qeorgfl [lanuah Lainpsoa Orplm E 2 Bigalow John Laraway Matildia C Bates Mrs .Tano M Belmer Alexander Mayuurd Marvin Byington Rev Wm W Millspaugh Jacob JU Berdgell Caroline Marsh Henry C Mooie Riibeu V Cole Peter ü Moon B F Chase D S Mmoq Jumes 15 Ciiger Mips Mary Ann Mott Horas Conner Jlobert Mitchel Wm Cross Fnyette McKinney Catherine or Canfiell Albert II Loonard Chndwich T A Malone Wm Jr Cliftoo IMiss F Mowry Win C Chnsc James McAlistor Juhii II Elapp Mrs Susan Magown ICdward Crowther Mrs Azelia Morris Anianda Curlis Jainea Munspn Z O ur R V Copelnnds Mesra Tnicy D N Doanc Artomns 3 Newk'ulv C L Dodge Charles G 2 Newton Richard Demerast Jacob Norria Abram Dawley Geo or John Norton miss Helen Brirnmar O Dowo Marcua F Olney miss Nancy Densmore Calvin P Draper E A Panels Tsaac Dennis Gorge Pettiagill Cyrus Davis Jnmes Pratt Levi Davis William Pnitt miss Betsy Ann ' Dickenson Mrs Polly Power Abner Dickonson Nathan Packcr James Darrah Wilson It 3 Ptllhani miss Susan E Proctor A H Edmonds Miss Mary E R F Riley Joseph Fullt-r Oliver N Root Erastus FeHding Mary E S Fowler Jacob Sweet Orman S Foster Nathan Sweot mrs Susan Froeman Otis W Syms Churlos F rey Joseph Stephens George P Foot Roxey Sougal Alexander Fellovvs Mrs Laura A Soder miss ïüioda Ann G Smitli LeoDard Griawold Wm 2 Sraith Alinon Giiswold Mrs Betsy Smitli Ira Gi'odevant John Smith Elizabeth Gainby Jamos M SitnmonB Samuel Gilbeit Charles Shower John Grover Joib Spencer miss Martha Groggory C Myron Stiles Chester G1I3011 Ilugh Schutt Wm or Chestor 11 Swetlnnd Charles Hatliíiwny Jacob Stafford Elcanor Hughes Riclniid T Hoyt W C & II Tallmadge Josiah 2 Hoyt Cepbas V Eloug Robert Vedder Levi Hoag llirnm Van Wie Heriry A ílarned John L W x Hendorson Thomas Watters David Higgins A D Woiren Wm A Hodgis T D Weaver W D Hawláns Sinirli Woodworth Downer Hall Sarah Ann Whittle Thomas Harnian Vrm II Wilcox Watterman llanison Mr 2 Warriner Elizubeth F I Wilson Sarah IngersoU Orson - Y J Yates Benjamin Jones T.Z R Youmans John B lW Persons caüing for any of the above Letters will picase say they are advertised. ALOJsZO NOBLE, Postmaster. July I, 1848, 12-3v Apotliccaries Hall DOCTOR M (ILL having reeently purcbaaed this well knOWQ l)i 111 autl M','ilici)io Store woald respeclfully notify tlie cjtizens of Batlle Creek and viciaity that lie u now iillms,' up his store with a gooil assortmeot of Dniga .Medicines, Paints, Oils, Dye Stnffs, Groceries &.0 &e. fresh Irom the East. Doet. G. designs to despose of hisstock at the loweet possibla rates, und i.s determinad nt to bc uiKlersokl. No ixrticlet of Medicine eillier Mineral, Botanie, 01 Patcut will bc sold except tltose whieh can be warranteii pare and geuuine. AH tlio usual Patent Medicines ave kopt oonatantly , 0:1 band, ainongst which are the t'ollowing a formost of wliii-li Dr. G. is au agent. Wistar's Balsain of Wild Cherry Townaend'fl Coinp. Ext. Sar.-iaparilla, Currie's. do Bristols. ló Osgoods Cholojroiiiic Sherman's or Folgera Olosaonian Vaughn's Vegetable Lilhoutriptic. Vaaghn'a ermifiige. Bauiay's Balsain oi Wahoo and ViId Cherry. Hasting's syrup of Napbtha. Jaqna's Expectorant. liirchau'i Hangariaü Balsam of Life. Ilays Liniment fbr Píleo. l [thani's File Eleatuary, together witli au endless vaï-iety of Linimrat, Piaster, l'ills, Cordials &c. &x.- Á few of the I'ills and Clicknen'a G B. Smith's and Win. M. Smith's Sttgai' coaled;'s l'liiun Brandreth's, Gregory'a, rersian, Oriental and Hoopera feinale jtills. N. B. Doet. G. still continúes to attend to the dutics of his proiession as Uis priinary business, all calis theesforc, wilh which hc may be favourcd by the afflicted, will as usual receive his atrictest atLuntion. Battle Creek, .luly C, 1818. liivaluable CompiuiionSIX Lccturos ou Cansos, Prevención aud Curo of Congaraption, Asthma, Diseasea of the Heart, and all Female Diseases. 'J34 pages, 28 eagr&viugs. Paper 50 , ets; bottnd 75cts. Muil toanypart - postnge '■) L-2 Shoaldaí Bracos and Cbeflt Expanders, $-J. Jlail to j any part. 50 ctn. poslage. Iulialiag Tabes, Bilvörj f3. ])y mail, letter pesliic. Aljdomiuill SuppO] I püifoct, f-[' i.) $li),f.iv,il! Riiptuues, Falliagof lue 15ow els aad Womb, and Weak uack, aud Chest; sent by Ex[)rossevery wlicro. For Bnices orSuppoW 6rs, or Ruj)ture Supporter, give height from head to foot, and airoamferf uce ol' person next the sarftce, jast abovetbt lii]s. lf Bupturo, meotioQ wliicli sidoa Agente wan ted for the sule of the aboye goods. Addros Or. S. S. FITCH, 707 Broadwny, Keiy York, post paid. Feb. 21, 1848. iVcw Tailoring Establishment. TUF: SUBSCKIBER having ooened a shop forbuiineus in the village o{ IUtüe Creek, oa JutVenson st., ïiffirly opposite the llüttle Creek House, would respect' liilly announce to thecitÍ2dHB oí' the piuco and Barroan(Jiug country, that lie is now preparad for opevations in the TaiUiring Business. Haviiiü: the. experience ot 111:1ny yean in the trode, iml hy the eubstantial manner and clegance of style in whicb li" may iln hi.-i work, hu trusts he yiiull bo ablo to sutisfy anti pleaae tliosc wbo may be disposcd to test liis skill lor theouelvei - and, therefore, soüeits a slwre of public potrooaae. l'articulïir attention wiil l)e psiu to the futfilincnt oí eugigementa as neavtlie time aa poutble. l'rices adapted to tbe timed, and the roeeipts for pay ment o thecommon curroiicy of the co'.uitrv. Cotttñg doue to order. .1. S. MEA.OHAM. Battle Creek, Juine 10, 1S43. J-3m IVIillínct.v. &v. MUS. PIKRSON has recenüy opeued a Milline&'ár 'v '■'s!'')''"';ml'ut ")l Mui u Street, at thedwelüiig fc house formerly occupiod by E. L. Stillson, Esa. Hor pronat stock wíis oarefaUj telected this spring in the city of New York, imd consists of Chinese Penrl, Eice Struw, Freach Gymp, l'ct;il Slravv, Ncopolitan and Florenoe Braid; a varicty of siltssfor bonnots embroidered rilbons, struw frino, irtfliciul border! boe triininings, büiid-buxcs, &c, uil of the vory hiteat styln. Dress making in all its varioua branches, and accordiue to the latest fashion. Plates of Fashions vvill be received rcfrularly from New York. Bonnet? all ered or I dressed over neatly and npeedily, at raodorale ratcö. Baltic Crcek, Juae 8, 1818. " 8 J . PlIíltSOíV, .; lias opcned a shop, one loor Easl of W. 5 5ÜJ Brooka' Hardware store, Main st., Baitle .í : í'reek, fiw Ihfl manufacture and sale ol thc ?L J? i sfö varioua úescriptions ol' y BÍ'JS'S & SSSOES, H ■'■■';] Particular atlontion wiil be givento Ldien fu Morocco validas Hioes, Gaitcrs, Slippers ;. Q ■., auil 'í'ípk. Th nrt quality of sloch oiily " 'f ivill be UBCd and tlie best oi' workiiicn í'y 5 ployed in tía manufacture. Persons g 'j ■- ous ol'a lirst rale iit and a durnble articlo ■ pj wil! picase ffive hiin a cali. All of llieabove f4 'S íí kepi consiantly on liand and mide to order. gFs Sjy 1 1 i 'es wanted n excbauge Cor cash or ü"yt ' worlí. Recolieclthn nuinlicr. One door easl ftjji '; J ol'Baooks. Uallle Creck, Mav 13, fifí m ' m ClICKAíOK'S SÜGAB-COATED Purgativo Pilis. Curcd within the last year over 200,000 jrrnons who had been lahoring undcr the most aggravaled complaints, and given up a hopeless cases hy the most tminent physicians. érfï I I wp " IM F öTï-s rjH'I m MaiflHMiHIMzC v ilrFfc ÍKWBLEPÍüP ARE tho lirst aml only méUicme everdicovered tliat will l'usinvcly Cure Headache, GMdiness, Rheumutisin, l'ili's. Dispepsia, Scurvy, Smallpot, Jaundíce, Paine in the bsck,InWanJ WeaknosS) Palpitation ofthe Heart, Risingiu the tliroai, Dropsy, Astlimn, Kevers ol' all kiiíds,] Female oomplaint, Maarie, Salt Klieum, Ufaitlmín, Worms, Cholera Morbos, Cough, CousurItion, Fits, Liver Complaint, Erysipelaa, DeafaeaB, Itcnings ofthe Skin, Colas, Nerróus Complaints, and : variety of otlier diseases ariBmg from impiiritics of tlie Blood and obstructions in tlie organi of digestión. It lias beii clearly ]i'ovcl that ncavly every disease to wbich the human frame is .subject, originate from Impnrities ol' the blood or derangemeuts oí tlie Digestive Organs; and to Becsre healtfi, we mast remove the obstractions or reatore the blond to is natural state. - This fact is univermüy knowa; bat people have Btich m avofsion to medicine that, uuless tbecase is urgent, they prefer tlie disense U) tlie cure, tuilil an iinpaired Constitution, or a lil of sickiu'ss ribiikes tbem for the l'oüy of their comluct. Still tbey had sume excuse ; tor heretofore, medicine in ilmost nll its form was nearly ai dibgusting as it was beneficial. Now, bowpver, tlie ovil is most efl'ectuallv removed ; for Clickner'a egetablc Purgativo Pilis, being oompletely enveloped wíth i coating of pure wliite sugar (which ís asdistinct from ti,e interiHil ingrediënt ;is a nutsbell from tlie kernel.) Llave no taste of Medicine.- But are as eamly swallowed aa bits of candy. Moreover tbey neither nauseato or gripe in the süghtest degree, which is oacassipned by ihe fact that, tlicy are eompounded on scientrfic principies and opérate cqually on all the diseased parta ofthe aystem, instead ofeonfinina themeelvea to, and racking auy particular región, (which is the great and admitted evil of every otlier known purgative. ) Henee, they strike at the root of diseaae, remove all impure bumors from the body, open the porti extenially and internaily, promote the Insensible l'erspiration, obviate Flatulency, Headache, &c. - separate all foreiijn and obnoxious partióles from the chyle, so that tne blood, of whicb it is the origiu, must be thoroughly pure - secure a free and healtiiv action to the Heart, Langs and Liver, and thereby Restore Health, Even wlien ; otlier means liave failed. The entire truth ofthe abovi can be ascertained by the trial ol' a single liox ; and their virtues are so positive and certain in restoring Health, that. the proprietor binds himself to return tin money paid for thein in all cases where they do not give universal satisfaction. Cf All letters of iuqniry or for advice must be addrëssed (post paid) to Dr. C. V. CLICKBNER. No. 66 Vcsey st. New York, or his authorized agents througliout the country. N. H. Kemember Dr. C. V. Clicknener is the inventor of Silgar Coated Pilis, and that nothing of the BOTt was ever heard of until ne introduced them in June, (Mg. Parchasen ihonld, therefore, always ask for Clickner'a Sugar Coated Vegetable Pilis, and taKe no others, or they will be made the vjctim of a fraud. - A. T. HAVENS, Agent, Rattle Creek. Mortgugc Sale. DEI'AULT liaving been made in the payment of certnin mimies oured to bo paid by an indentinc of Mortgage hearing date tlio eleventli day of October, in the year of our Lord onc tliousand cight hundred and forty-five, exccuted by Ccmgdon Brown of Convis, Calliomi couuty and State of Michigan, to Benjamin F. Hinman and John F. Hinman, of Bellevne, Eaton comíty, and State afbresaid, wh'cli aaid mortgage was reoorded in the offico of the Register of Deede in and fot ;aid oounty of' CaHioun,.on the eigbteenth day of October, 1845,"in bpok I of Mortgages, on folios f7 and 178 - and on which there is dne at tlic daiu hereof the siun of three lmudred and eight dollars and tweiity-fivo cto, tbr therecovery ol'wliuli nu prooeedings at luw oreqttitv havi been mstituted. Notice is bereby gtven, tiiat by virtae of a [ïovver of'al" in aaid mortgage contaiued the premwea therein deacribed as follews, viz ; All tkat certain tract or parce) of land. lying and bi-iug in the towntbm of Convii albri said, viz : The cast Tiali () of soat Beaat quarter ( of section six ((,) the loath hal; (.) of the wost half [A] of the Boutheast quartor () of section gx [ti,] togotber with tlie appurtenances thereto belonging, wilt be aoid at public auction to the highest bidder., on the 18th day of September nezt, at ten o'clock in the foreuoou, at tlio Court House in the j village of Marshall punoant to the statutb in snch case made and provided. BENJAMIN F. HINMAN, vlo..t„.,,Tees JOHN F. BINMAN, ] Moltnd5ees Dtited .Tiuip 21. 184 ll-12vv STATE OF MICHIGAN, ) Comity of Calhoun, ss { SHERU'T'S SALE ON EX.ECUTION.- Tiy virttie of une executiou iuued out of tlie (,'ounty Court in aiul tur the comity ot' Calluum, to me dtrectou aiül delivered, ín favor ni' Richard H. Hall, and against tlie goods a;i.l ch ittels, (md for wan! ihereof then of the lands and tenements) of the dfcftmiRnt named in said exeeation, I have lavied upoothe following described real estáte, vi : TUe wost .lüilfof lot twenty-four of range of blocka Qumber one in thé village of B.ittle Creek. Algo, ;ill that certain piéoe or parcel if land, kpown and deacribed as followi, to wit : Beginning al a itake outh liíty oue (51) degreei west seventeen and twenty-eix hun dredths chafoi from the interaection of Main añd .Tertersou Btrocts, iu llic village of Battle Creek: tlifnce suutli fifty-one du"i'ee3 wc: aloog the centre of tlie Naliunul Road, so caliiíd, tvvu and liiiy-six hnudredths eliains - thenco north thirty-niiie aegrees wes-t six Riaina - t.henc-c iim-tU lifty-o'iie degrees et lwo mid Blty-ona hiur.lrciltlia eiiaiiu- tUoiiri: south thirty-nine degreea easl s:cliainsto tho place of begianing, containlngorte and Hfty .,nu huudrcdths acres, lío tlíe ame more orleal - togetlier witli tlie Gxtures and appurtenance betonging to eacli jiiece or parcel of lamí, whicli 1 shall i%vpoaefoi salo at poblie a'ic.iion orreudue at tlie diurl Honse i tliu villago of Marshall couiity and State aforesiiid, mi tho 7th day of uevt belween tlie liours of nine o'clock and the setting of the smi of'that day. C. D1CKBY, Bheriff. By E. CLARK, Deputy. Dated JuaeSSth, 1848. 10-w lieady Made ClothiUff, AT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL! HALLOCK & RAYMOND llave now 011 haud o rer) large stock nf Fashiohablo Ready made clothing, recently manufacturad, unl in the bort marnier, and wliicli thcy are preparad to si-ll, 1 wholesaleor retail, at tlie Iowest cash prices. Arnoug their heavy stock niay le Ibiind a general tosortmeut of all dewrlptioM of Oaraeat, iuitaGle Spring and Sornmer wear, web as linu CaahtaereMe. Twceil, Drap du Ta, Bummer Oloth, Imcn, and other Back md l'weed Coats. Cauimer i, Toa d, l'l.iia and Fancy Linem.and various other aty lea i!' Puntaluons. Super Satiu, Bilk, Bombaïine, Fancy Merino, Mar■eilleS) &c. &c, Vests. Together witli a vtrv larg aaaortment of cheap. lnrable olothing, oiOoats, Pantaloons, .lac.kels, Vests, Ovcralls, Sao., &.r,., tor Spring and Snmmsr wear. All in want of raady made clothing, rf y descriptioii. are roipeoifully juvited to cali and examine their stock at the well knowu " Clothing Eniporiimi," cornor oi JeSenou and Woodward Ave .,Det 11 Carpeiiter's Tools. AGOOD iss'n-tmcnt will be fnund at the hardware Btore in Battle Creek, consisting of broad, adz'a o. c and coniinon augurs, long and" sliort iointen. jack planes, ímooth ditto, hollows and roanda, skevv and rabbit planas, brads, match pknes, base ditto, greoian o valoa. 6osh planes, ploughn. saw sets, (a nvv arncU-) braoe and bits, augur bits, steel square, raarked to Uths, slicks new magog, scotch gvay aud hindostau oil alones, all ot which wül be sold cheap. TORIVALLED ATTRACTIONÜ AID'ëEËAT BARftAINS! C . WAKELEK & C O , Aro now receiving at their Store, in Ihe ÏVick Block. neaily opposite tho Ainerioan Hotel', Hu ■ tirely now and general ussortninnt of MERCHANDIZE, CODBisting in part of the folluwing artic!" Rroad ClotliR, Lawn, Dreg Mails, Hat Cup, Kaucy Camineros, Shawls, Bouncts, . Halm and Leghorn IUt, KaliiiRtts. Slioctiags. Groa UuihJ Assurlinenl Of 8umaer Hlue auj iirown Drills, Ten. Cortee, Goixls, Baggiu", Sapr.Mol Printflofall Pi Kentucky Jeans, Ttib.wco Cigais, Gmgbama, - Scotch, American, Cotton ïarn and Warj, Crqckery, and Enelish. Boots and Slioes. Nails, Muil Ginglioms, Ladies' Slips & Ties, Glase. Sec., &c, l'rimolla Boots, &c, Cotton Batting IVadding, Sas., &c, &c, IIAHDWARE, PAINTS, OILS, DYE-STUFFS. Tlio stock U entirely now and wel! selcctei], and bought at sucli rates as vvill enaljlo the snberibers !o Bell very chesp, defyiog competition. Those who want any uticlo in their 1hi; will do well to cali, ns the ioduoementa offered aru unusuai. Any quantitij of Wool and Country Produce icantcdfor whick the Highcst Trice will bc paJ. Buttle Creek, Calhoun county, Michigan, June, 1818. 7-fm JAMES A. BA1LEY, Él SHOE AKD LEATHER DEALER. ;r H BATTLE CREKK, M., $"Q Keep cotntantly onhandand for salean ",. lortment rf articles iuliU line, consisting ol i'..S BOOT, snOES, LEATHEB, íOj TrimmingB, &c, &c, and for sale chenp. rgij Tlie snbsoríbet wimld repectfully say i" P)S ?í S lliosi; wh di-sire a GOüD HT, and a tasty i': Fashionablc Boot, or Shoc, Q Aiul a tlie Bame.time durable, thai lie is pre. :■ v'.ï pnred to executí orders in such n manner8 0 TO DIII COJIPETITipiV, S;M Iliiviiif.' the lcst ol" material and every %i y'y itv uercss:irv to gratlff the particular taste ol iS' erery individual - in short tosuit tlie mosl fastidióos. Bbop, Min st., o]iiosiie Brick ;íy-: ÍS Block. Hides wouted, and the highést price gS paid. py Í.Sx:. N}y ■;■■■ ■ - ■ .-..,- W I S T Alt'S BALSAn OF WIL CHERRT. The Grcat Remedí for Lung isomplaints and all Affcctions of the Rcspiraiory Organs. YE WISH tobedistinctlyunderslood that e very èerlili.-ate and statement of cures perfórmed by lai's Balsoro ol'Wild Chery, which we publih,i strictly truc. We give naraes aml dates, and invite the clo■est scrutiny, and challenge the most rigid iuqmry asto the authenticity oi' our statements - kuowing full well that a knowledge of facts. as to the great saperiority of the medicine, is alone neccssary to insure its use, In prelerence to any otherremedy, orai-y physician's Drescription. This is strong langnage. For a prooi' of its tnith examine what followsi Mr. Joaeph I. Younglove; - Sir - As a dnty I owe to the coinmunity, and particularly the afflicted, I wuuld state that 1 have been for a nunibcr of years laboring ander disease and weakneas of tin; lungs, which caused me to cough a great deal, and producid a consequent debility of my system generally to sucha degree that it was with difficulty I could walk, to do which, even j for a short distance, I experienced great fatigue. I had various medicines recommonded to me, which I used without any beneficia! effccts whatever, until I procurad n bottle of Wistor's Balsam of Wild Cherry. the useofone bottle affinrded relief, cntirely relieving me of cough, and restoring my lungs to healthy actiun. Tlie uso of it for a short timo iuereased my general tb and stzength to sucli an extent tbat I was stronger and move bealthy than I liad been for inany years j fore. From the trial I have made of the medicine I can oonfidently lecoinmend it as a powerful tonic, and and a certain cure for affections of the lungs untas it riav bc in cases of cousumplion, obstinate and ot long standing. -MES A. LEW1S. March7, 1846. BowlmgGreen, Ky. CONSUMl'TIVE l'AÏIENÏS! Will please raad the following statement from the Harrison Gazette. The incredalooa are ihvited to read tlie following i.ote from Rev. Mr. Coldron, whose character for truthand veracity stands above suspieion, and have theirdoubudispelledas to the uperianty oi Wistars 13alsam i' Wild Cherry, over all o'.her remedies no-.v fore the public of the same character : OoRTDON, Ind., Jan 28, 1S4S. It is no leas a dnty than a pleasnre to state, for tlie benefit of the afflieled, tint Iconsider Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry, a graat blessing to the lnuman race - Having tried il in a caseof Sövere affliction of the lungs, I iiuhesitatingly recommend it to ihose similarly afflreted.os the best remsdy I have ever tried, and one which cured me when Physioians suid I must die, and vheu I thou"ht nivsell' that my time to deiirt wad Bear at band. " WTLLIAM COLDRON. Tbere is s difference betweea "Wiatar'í Balsamo! Wild Cherry" and all other preparations of Wild ; ry. The tnie and geimiue Balsam, as sold by Ui, conidea tlie extim-t of wild cherry bark. other medical iments ofgreitt character and efflcacy in the cure of coughs, colds, and general'diseases of the cbesi and lunas. Butthe all important difference between tliis medicine and all otliers of the kind is that Wistars j snin cures, whilo olher remedies give only teniporary relief to the sufferer. SoldbyJ. D. PAKK, (successor to SA.N'DFORD & l'AliK.) Fourth and streets. Cincinuati, ühio. General Agent for the South and West, to whoin all orders nmst adreïsed. A. T HAVENS, Buttle; Comstock, Hulsey Marshall; D. A. McNair, Kalamazoo ; II. A. Goodyear llastinga .1. Owen a Co. Oelr.iit. 9 1848. JEaSMHPteM 1848. HU NT & BOBY, STOR YCE, FORWARDIXC & COMMISSIO1V MERCHANTS, Wnrchotise, Fooi of Bates Streel, Detroit. Agonts Troy umi Western Line. No tranthipment at Albauy or Troy VKuruiETous.- Rice. Cinpp & Co., ffe. 31, Coenties Slip, New Vork; 1'. S. Sternberv & Co., corner Front ukI Doek rtreete, Bufltd,o. J. ■) [Seyfcomb. L. Whurf. Boston , R. Robiuson, Pu-r, Albany,1 Agent. Also, Agent for the Wafhington Line. pROPRiïTors.-rJames Qrflley & Co, 49 Quay st., Albany, [mac Jerome, 125 Brood st.,Ncw Yui-k, Ooata as Folger, No. 10 Centra] Whorf, Buffalo, Ageuta, Liberal Cashodranoes made at all times upon property (lestincd Basteru Mtrfcet, or lor sale here. 2-tf Firt Again. JUST RECEIVBD from New York, a splendid as sortment of ladies and cliildrens Suaw Bon-iets, oonsUlinit in part ol'Tuscan, Pedal BraidLtoc, Fancy Braiil and Split Slraw. ALSO- A lot ot' beanliful new etyle Riobons, nol forgetting a eboic asiurtmeut of prinled Lawns, Oieandy Muslin and Suolch Ginghain ol'tlie lincst (,uality-cl.oHp lor cash. 5 BROWN & BREWSTER. fiV_TAKEN VP by the sabscriber On the 7th dav af Aryy Tune, une sorrel liore, witli liiiul tset white, white stripe in tho Ebrehead, Also one li'lit b;iy nvn-c, mane nul lail black, star in the forebead.with i spavin on one liind les, sunnosed to be lVom eight to t:'i years old. 0 VM. II. HAllMON. Emmelt. June 24, 1848. U"9" INDIANCDEB KOHTOOTH-ACHK- uairanli.-a tree from ill poisou, miel to be a sar and teatiaa for tonih-achr. and for the preservatíon of decayed '"'- For sale at the Drug Store of A. 'f. HAVENS. HTOVCül!! TOVKS ! ! ! NEW E S T A I? L I S H M E N T . THE DNDBB8IG5ÍBD hving dpened a store ono door Batt of W. II. Coleman's, reBpectfaUy mvitc llie atlentiou ot the Stovo bnying coinmiiinlv t ui ex ainination of tlmir Stock before purobamng elsewhere. Stovea. Stove pipe and a general Bísortment ol lin and Jappuned ware kept eoMtanÜon hgNBtL Battle Creek, May 16, 1848. Marshal House, by L. KINGSBURY, Marr.hall, Michigan. Stagoloa-csthis h ■■■ and S"uth. '■,'_-■' i DR. H. F. PEERY'S VERMIFUGE OR "DEAD SHOT." EOR WORMS A Highhj ValuabU Preparation, Capahle., from hc Pruniptitudcofits Aetion, ofCieansin the System in a ftic haurs of 'evenj crtii ■ THE excfifirting smult quantity of ibis Medicine requircd t tor-t Lite exïseuce ofworms, or to rnmovp rvery o ik from tli systcm, its opeTating Ín a lew lioiirs, together hs great cr;riainty of effect, ccusiituto it one oftbo most brilliuut diLQverics of tlio age. It sel dom needs to be repeatefl .md m le followed by au v othcr [jutl; i'. Tireroíbra in urgent ca thotfl ofriTS, srAS.iis, or con vur.s IONS, ciius'i Iy worm-, unnViiled i-uperioriiy is manifest! IVu medicioei areboLterjcalculated to iiHprovc ihc lienlth of cliildmi, 8ve wliarp Do cit; as it removes tliose m-is?t'.s of crsdttJea lliat urn] closcly adhere to the stvmach uud boweU, gtving rif o to syraptonia that eofluiterfeit evry variety ofvonn-diiteuso. Aliiiouli prompt and ccrtüin in iis operation, wíd not i)Di)leataut to tlic tato, it s perfect ly sufe, fttid idaptcdto tlio ttüiil'-rcst nye. The foliowing is au exlrart frona h letter addressed to A, I!. & D. Öands from the Agent ut tlio Dorbv 1. Derby LiK,Vt., Mav Tili, lüiê. GsKTLSinEK ; - I reccivcd tiie boje of Daad Shot" V rmifugc about iiftern daya liacé, and liava úow o ui y n Pw dozrn iBfl o hand which wili bc jfone i )-ss tiimi ten days. Ie teemt to cï tlic work to the perfect tatisJÍKtioa of all ubo uu ie. I hear áomc l' reat accounts of it, whsre it baa protiucetl the expulaiou o i fron 15 or 20 to 115 woritih fVom one peraofi, and ucarly iho süiije numbr.-r from Mimo cliildren. Of coursc you will iliink u'orins o n o of the prévotling dise&soa in C ail&da and Vermunt - Pii1 i#a ,-ond in e aiiotliei' BUppfv as soon aa cotivcnir.iit. R fully, T.C. lïUïbtlt. Tkefalloieing is from an eminrxt Pkfsician, JOXESBOROUGU, T-'iii!., De&3(I. ISJ4. Dr. lï. F. Peeby- 1 take gn-M pïoasöre in recomiaandin; to tlie public your v.iluabli vrntfuge, (propcrly called Dead Shot.) [ have been vendinsf it ibr two yes ra. Xnthmg oi tlm kind linvc I evi;r solil that ítas giren such univeisal .-utTliere was one caso in my ramediate itaïtfhborhpod iWat I now rcollect of in wliich one doae caused expulsión of 150 womus from a i-mal 1 child, u the pareotinformed me afïorwHrd. Vrry rcspectfully, JOIIX YANCEY, M. I). Price 25 ceñís per vial. Prfpurctl by Or. lï. F. Peekv, and rptailby A. B. & D. SAND8, Druggiats, lo Ftillon si. comer of VVilliam, Sold alo by A. T. HAVEN 5. J. O WEN & Co. Detroit, and by Dmggistá generally Ihronghoet ilie Vnitcd States. 1 WESTKBJI NfcW VORK COLLEGE OF HEALTH, 207, ilniji streel, Bvffalo Xtm.York DR. G. C. VAUGHN'S Vegetable Liihontriptic Mixture. T1HIS celebmted rensedy ii oonstatitly inoreasfcig it J_ famc by the many cures it is makiug all over tho vorld. It lias now become tlie only medicine kou AM1LY ijk, and is particularly recnmmtmded for )EOPEfy-i tül stage of this camp mint immediataty reieved, nu inaltrru! 'huw long standing. See l'uuiphlet or testimouy. G KAVEL, and uil diseaEPs oftlie urinary organei for hese distresaiug complaints it stands aluhe; uo other irticle can relieve yon ; and the cnres teslifieU to will ■onvince the most ceptical ; Liver Complaini, Billioua liseases, Fever and A.gua. Tu the Greal West especialy, and wherever these comla:: ts pcevail tliia medicine isoflered. No material agent, no deleteriou lound is a pari of this mixture, it cares ihi ,vith certainty and colerity, and does uot leave i! ent 'orpid. See l'ainuhlet. PILES, a complaint of a most painful charactor, is mniediiUelv ï'elieved. and a cure ibllows by :i few days i9e of this article: it ia fat before ttnj other pveparatio or tliis diseasr, or lor any otber disease originating 'rom impura blood. - See pnm DEB1LITY Oï" THE SYSTEM, vveak back, weak ïessofthe Kidneys, &cM or nflnmatioi] of same, i. it: nediately relii'ved by a few days nse of iliis medicine, nul a cure is ilways tli" resalí of i ts use. It Btao :; certiiin remedy lor such complaiuts, and aí.-o tur deraDgemeñt of th fennde frame, irregnlar'itie su lions, painful menstruatiüns. No article hns ever been ttVered exeept this wbicfa won!.! touch ibis kind of derangements. It may foe relied apon asa snrtf and elfeetive remedy, and djd we foei permilted to loso. uohUI give a thousaud aaines as jroof of cares in lliis ilistressing elass of complaints. All breken down. debilitateil constitutione trom the sffeci óf mercary, will f'md the bracin power of the article t act immediately, and the poisotious mineral cradicak-d I'ioin tiio system. ERUPTIVE DISKASES wil! find the proporties of this articte to pui-tfy theblood, and drive raen diseases from Ü system. Bee pampblet for tes'itnony of eines in all diseases, whichthe limits of an adrertueannl will not permit to be nametl ben, '. give tliem away ; they eontain :j-.' pages of certil ■f hiuh eharactei-, and a strohjje'r array of pruofnf the virtues o f a medicine, neverappcared. It is oue ot' the peculiar features of this article that it liever fails tu benefit in any case, and f bone and másele ate lef) tu build apon "let the emociated and linjteriug invalid UOl'E OX, and keep taking the medicine as long as th'ere is au mprovsment. The proprietor wonld caution the public againsl a nuniber of articlea which come oui andrr tbe lieuj i 8 irsaparillas, Syrups, &c, as entes for Dropay, Gravel, &c: They are good for nothing, and uoncockted !o goll the uuwary; toitcli tliem not. Their inventora neverthoughtof curing snch diseases till this article bad done it. A particular study of the pampblet i.i earnestly solicited. Altijs mul ;ill whó icll lltr nrtkli' nn' pl:i.l lo c irculate ïniluItously. Pul lip in 30 oz.botilcí, al $-J lSoz. dual$t .--ïc-lt - Iho larger faoldiag 6 oz. mora tlt.ui two mail boules. Lm.k uut avd mot gei mpottd vpvn. Every boule ltis " tfegetsblu Litlioiitripl'c Mixture," blowo upou tho flut, iho wtitten mnatureof'O. C. Vmcliii" nu th diiwstion, :ni "O. CA Ruffalo," stumpcil on tht i-ark. No otiirr are yeHU by Dr. G. O. Vsufha, J 'oii al tito principal olHco, 'JUT, Main slreet, Bu(Tulo,t Wholesale uid retoil. No attenllbn givn loleliit. tin 1. u post paiil- or'li-rs from regulnrlj omtHuwd ' excepled: pust paid letter uliciting udvicc, promplly altaiuii il kvnled xclllsily lo thf salf oi'tltis arli Ie- 139 Xüsausi.Ncw York ctiv; 385 Bmu s. Salem Masi ; and bj ih principal Dnuïists througboiH Ihe Uiimd Statu umi Caaida bs Arrats. Por alo by 7io,'d:i A. T. HAVBN8, Creel . G Sc J. G HUI mul J. o.v,:t t Co., Det.i MayDard, Aan Arbut; !■:. .Vainpsnn VpiilaDIlj Í. BrMkford Balluo, Mioli.i f. Siti ■ Concord ; Hall, Sinilh S Duohsai, Gnus I.akn 1. C.W Dlr; T. Wheelork, Albion; W.Jackson.L i ; A. C.üüoiIrkh. PuwPaw; J. T. Claphatn, Kulmiiuzciu : BrOWD & Stutl. Schooleraft) J. C. bnonors, Niles( .1. L. Toby it Co., Jackaon i andO.H.Ujda, Maralwll. J.VV.OWEN, Travelling Ajf't. Woo3. WOOL GïtOWERS, MBBCHANTS, and othersare informeel tliat thf subscribors havo made arrangement! to pive special attent ion to the salo 01' uil descriptious of W OL on oommiasion, with a thoronh rnl knowledge of !he articV, and tho nu'. ahr ' HOÜTE v: , MERI :